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There’s a new champion in the world of unholy fast food mashups, and you’ll be able to find it at Burger King. In select Southern California locations that is.

Don’t worry though—something tells me that Mac n’ Cheetos is too amazingly preposterous to die in the testing phase. It should launch nationwide soon enough.

With that in mind, you’ll be happy to know that 5-pieces will only set you back $2.49 and each order will include ranch dipping sauce (because mac n’ cheese covered in Cheetos dust just isn’t a long enough trip to flavor country).

Live vicariously through the YouTuber below as he taste tests these new treats. [click to continue…]


As part of a new promotion, KFC has introduced a phone charger built into a takeout box. The limited edition “Watt A Box” is the result of a partnership with the Mumbai-based digital agency Blink Digital and is currently available only in Delhi and Mumbai, India.

If you don’t happen to live in either of those locations, don’t get too upset because the charger is reportedly terrible. A BGR writer tested the Watt A Box and was said to net 17% power over a half hour period before the charger’s battery went kaput. Plugging it in to refresh it only resulted in 7%.

Safe to say that KFC should stick to chicken. But they can’t help themselves apparently.

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Despite the recent move to offer all-day breakfast, McDonald’s still isn’t selling items like the Sausage McGriddle and Bacon Egg & Cheese Biscuits in the afternoon. If you’re someone who can’t make it out of bed in time, HellthyJunkFood has a solution.

The channel’s latest video teaches how to make 10 favorites from the menu at home, including the Sausage Biscuit, Sausage McMuffin, Sausage Burrito, Sausage Egg McMuffin, Hash Browns, Egg McMuffin, Big Breakfast with Hot Cakes, McGriddles, Steak Egg and Cheese Bagel and the Bacon Egg and Cheese Bagel. As if that’s not enough, side by side nutrition comparisons are also provided, as is a price comparison.

Indeed, these recipes are actually cheaper and healthier than they are at McDondald’s.

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mcdonalds juice

It’s as gross as you would expect.

Granted, you could put any assortment of burgers and fries in there and the results would look the same. I would have preferred and In-N-Out smoothie though.

But only barely.

And yes, the drink is consumed at the end (*shudder*). Watch the video below if you think you can handle it. [click to continue…]


Writer Julien Therrien has made the world a better place. Upon realizing that his cat Jackie bore “a glaring resemblance to the popular emoticon Pusheen The Cat” because of her “grayish color, lack of energy and morbid obesity”, Julien decided he had to recreate Pusheen Facebook stickers using his tubby Tabby. Thank you Julien.

The food-filled ones are especially good. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]


About 16-years ago, Burger King made Game Boy Color toys that played cute analog games. Fast forward to 2016 where a Raspberry Pi Zero can be employed to transform the toy into a working Game Boy Color emulator.

Apparently, ChaseLambeth was trying to create one of these modernized Game Boy Color toys when he found an Instagram user who’d already created three functioning models. The Instagramer sold one to Chase for $250, and the Redditor showed off his new purchase online. In addition to the Raspberry Pi Zero, it was also upgraded with a two-inch LCD screen and a RetroPie emulator. And the best part? It plays Game Boy Color and Game Boy Advance games! [click to continue…]


In an impressive advertising move, Burger King Brazil has introduced a Whopper air freshener that will fill your car with an irresistible burger bouquet.

The product was recently tested by cab drivers, and apparently served its purpose of luring people to BK. Watch the video below. [click to continue…]

taco bell jake top

After being admitted to the hospital with bronchitis-induced pneumonia, 35-year-old Jake Booth of Bonita Springs, Florida had a heart attack and fell into a coma. As he was unconscious for 48 days, doctors were worried that he may have suffered brain damage.

Those fears were quickly put to rest when Booth came to and said “I want Taco Bell”.

Unfortunately, it would be another 22 days before Booth was able to eat solid food. But when he was finally cleared, he was presented with a bag of long-awaited deliciousness. According to his brother, Jason Schwartz:

“We’d all been waiting an entire month for him to eat those tacos. It was symbolic of the entire thing — more of a metaphor of him having woken up and being given a second chance at life.”

As we can see in the image above, Booth clearly enjoyed his reunion with Taco Bell. Based on his clear dedication to the chain, I’m sure many would join me in saying “Give this man an advertising deal” because he’s got some bills to pay.

Check out the full pic below.

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Finns love a sauna, and everyone knows that a Whopper tastes better when marinated in your own salty juices. With that in mind, Burger King had a eureka moment.

The Burger King spa includes a sauna that allows customers to relax with up to 14 other people while taking advantage of 48” LED screen TV (a 55″ TV with PlayStation 4 is available in the the adjacent lounge). Beyond that, they will be able to stare at walls that read “Home of the Whopper” while wiping down with towels emblazoned with the Burger King logo.

The spa is located on the ground floor of the Mannerheimintie branch of Burger King in Helsinki, Finland and is said to be “perfect for social gatherings”. Customers can even order while they sweat. More after the break…


KFC is taking it’s “finger lickin’ good” slogan to the absolute limit with a line of edible nail polish in Hong Kong.

They teamed up with ad agency Ogilvy & Mather and McCormick (the company that provides their 11 secret herbs and spices) to translate their Original Recipe and Hot & Spicy flavors for your fingernails.

At this point you might be asking “is there a weird video for this campaign?”.

You bet your ass their is…

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