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KFC Canada is celebrating their 60th anniversary by releasing a special version of their chicken bucket (dubbed “The Memories Bucket”) that is also a photo printer. Ordinarily, I would say that’s weird but:

Exhibit A

Exhibit B

It connects to your phone via Bluetooth so you can just beam the photos to the bucket and print out some very greasy memories of that time you ate at KFC and felt really gross and bloated.

Want one? Of course you do. Unfortunately, KFC notes that The Memories Bucket will be given away as a limited release.

Head on over to the KFC Canada Facebook page for more info and a video.

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wendy's lightning

Hollin Hoffman was taking a Snapchat of the weather in Florida when the heavens decided to send a strong message about Wendy’s.

Seriously though, it’s pretty scary to watch. Hopefully nobody was hurt.

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attack on titan hot dogs

The Titans might not have wieners, but you can still enjoy an Attack on Titan hot dog in the theater if you don’t think too much about it. The hot dogs will be on sale at Aeon cinemas in Japan ahead of the movie’s debut. Diners can choose from honey mustard which goes on sale this week or relish and ketchup which comes out in September. Both are ¥550 or about $4.48 and come in Attack on Titan boxes.

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McDonald’s is struggling financially, but their packaging design game is strong. Back in May they debuted a takeout bag that turns into a serving tray, and now they’ve developed a takeout container that’s designed specifically for cyclists.

Created by ad agency Tribal Buenos Aires in Argentina, the “McBike” container can be transported on the handlebars of a bike, and it can securely hold a burger, drink and fries.

The McBike debuted in Copenhagen, Denmark, and then it popped up in Medellin, Colombia. The next step, apparently, is to introduce the container to cities that are known for being bike friendly (like Amsterdam and Tokyo). While I haven’t actually seen a cyclist pop into a McDonalds drive-thru before, it seems as though McDonald’s is starting to encourage the idea. Maybe we’ll see it in Portland sometime soon.

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Cap'n Crunch Delights

On July 2, Taco Bell plans to release its Cap’n Crunch Delights donuts nationwide.

The Delights were originally tested in Bakersfield, California and, not surprisingly, they passed with flying colors. Now they’ll be popping up on the new, healthier, artificial ingredient-free Taco Bell menus throughout the entire country.

Ah, but you must be saying to yourself, “How are these Delights thingies not dripping with artificial flavors and ingredients?” Oh, but they are! See, back when Taco Bell made it known that they were planning on moving away from artificial ingredients and preservatives, they also announced that co-branded dishes (like the Doritos Locos Tacos) wouldn’t be affected by the changes. So, that’s good news if you’re a fan of giant sugar bombs slathered with preservative-rich icing. Hooray!

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Because you can never have too much meat on a burger, Carl’s Jr and Hardee’s are introducing the “Most American Thickburger” on May 20th. This behemoth will feature a beef patty topped with a split hot dog and a layer of Lay’s potato chips.

Forget about the diet because this thing packs 1,030 calories and 64 grams of fat.

You’ll be able to get one for $5.79 on its own or for $8.29 as a combo with fries and a drink, because you know you want fries with that.

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Domino’s is introducing a new ordering system on May 20th which will allow customers to order a pizza by tweeting an emoji to @Dominos on twitter. Their CEO told USA Today:

It’s the epitome of convenience…we’ve got this down to a five-second exchange.

Details on how they’ll know exactly what kind of pizza you want or where you live haven’t been announced. I just hope setting things up isn’t too complicated. After all, I’m way too lazy to order a pizza over the phone or through an app.

(USA Today via Gizmodo)


The problem with getting a bag of food from McDonald’s is finding a way to eat it without making a mess. Sometimes it involves hastily arranged napkins on your desk or balancing food in your lap, so McDonald’s Hungary and agency DDB Budapest have tackled the problem with a brilliant new bag design.

The bottom is made from reinforced cardboard with a tearaway strip so the whole thing can serve as a tray. It’s big enough and sturdy enough to hold a large-sized meal without collapsing. Clever!

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McDonald’s has introduced a Create Your Taste menu that allows you to make exactly the kind of burger that you want to eat. There’s kiosk where you make all of your selections, so of course someone had to see just how big a burger they could build. You start with an “artisanal bun” and two quarter pound patties, then add:

10 slices of sharp white cheese
10 slices of pepper jack cheese
10 pieces of bacon
10x pickles
10x red onions
10x guacamole
10x tortilla strips
10x lettuce
10x tomatoes
10x jalapenos
10x grilled onions
10x grilled mushrooms
with 10x mac special sauce, 10x mayo, 5x spicy mayo, 10x sweet BBQ sauce, 10x creamy garlic sauce, 10x mustard, 10x ketchup

Moshe Tamssot built this monster which he calls “The Big Max”. He also ordered fries and a Diet Coke. It all came to just under $25 and weighed almost 4 pounds.

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The aptly named Sticky’s Finger Joint, a chicken fingers chain eatery in NYC, recently unveiled their latest creation: cotton candy French fries. The dish blends delicious cotton candy with salty French fries, and special orders come with strawberry Pop Rocks and caramel sauce. God help us all.

(Foodiggity via Neatorama)