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Those thirsty for a drink in Japan can get a Jumbo size drink that’s so big that it comes with holes for two straws. You can share it with a friend or try and suck down the whole thing yourself. This special size, roughly the equivalent of two Medium US sodas, is only available for a limited time, and if you have a friend, then it’s a fun idea. Those without a friend will find it a sad reminder of just how lonely their life is.

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burger king

Apparently, Redditor thr111 found himself in line at Burger King in front of a truly obnoxious child. Mom was paying no attention and when he asked if she could quiet down her child, her reaction was predictably nasty. Here’s how thr111 got his revenge:

So a while ago I had decided to treat myself and go to Burger King. I hadn’t had the greatest of days and I had a headache coming on. It was a very long line and I was at the end of it waiting patiently. When behind me comes this woman yapping on her cellphone with a little monster of a child. This kid was out of control, screaming, punching his mother throwing around a gameboy whenever something didn’t go right in the game. The mother didn’t seem to pay any attention to him and his continued yelling of ‘I want a Fucking PIE’. After about 5 minutes of the line with these people behind me, I had gone from a headache to a full on migraine, but nothing was going to stop me from getting those burgers.

I calmly turn and ask her nicely if she can please calm or quiet her child down. Immediately she gets up in my face telling me I can’t tell her nothing about raising her child and to mind my own business. I nod and turn around, shes still yelling at the back of my head when the child cries out again how he wants a pie, the mother consoles him, calling him sweety and ensuring they’ll get pies for lunch because she loves him so much.

I then decide to ruin their day. I order every pie they have left in addition to my burgers. Turned out to be 23 pies in total, I take my order and walk towards the exit. Moments later I hear the woman yelling, what do you mean you don’t have any pies left, who bought them all? I turn around and see the cashier pointing me out with the woman shooting me a death glare. I stand there and pull out a pie and slowly start eating eat as I stare back at her. She starts running towards me but can’t get to me because of other lineups in the food court. I turn and slowly walk away.

Some might call this guy mean, some might call him a hero. Some might call this story complete b.s. What do you think?

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Congrats, Red Robin! It looks like you’re the creator of the unhealthiest meal in America, according to USA Today. The Center for Science in the Public Interest recently released a report that stated that the “Monster” double burger, the “bottomless” fries and a “Monster” milkshake add up to a whopping 3,450 calories. That, for the record, is a whole lotta calories. The Cheesecake Factory was also mentioned in the study, which isn’t surprising since they are perpetually at the top of these unhealthy food lists.

Denny Marie Post, Red Robin’s chief marketing officer, noted that the meal “combines some of our most indulgent items into one meal.” She also adds that the restaurant does serve healthier items, and that patrons can order “a lettuce-wrapped turkey burger, sans cheese and bun, with a side of broccoli and a light lemonade” that only has 540 calories. But we’re pretty sure that’s on the menu just so marketing officers can say “we serve healthier items too.”

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Redditor ablarga picked up a mini Bowser toy in his Happy Meal and… well, I think ablarga said it best when he described Bowser as looking a little “derpy.” So, he set out to give King Koopa a totally glitzy makeover. And you know what? The end result looks great!

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Behold, the Horn Dog. According to Porn Burger, it’s basically a cross between a burger and a corn dog with an added twist. It’s described thusly:

“a cut of pickled beef frank and a slice of crispy pork belly, sandwiched between two smash-cooked beef patties, dipped in a jalapeño, whole kernel corn batter, fried, and drizzled with honey.”

Now, if you read that, and you’re somehow not trying to devour your computer monitor… well, then you’re just a better human being than I am.

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If you have a taste for burgers and questionable taste in fashion, today is your lucky day. A line of hamburger Crocs are in the works. The shoes can even be accessorized with a special edition of Jibbitz charms in the form of plastic fries, burgers and soft drinks. But there is a catch: they’re only available in Japan.

(Akihabara News via Boing Boing)

kfcbuzz copy

Did you know that KFC is offered in over 115 countries and territories throughout the world? That’s a whole lot of fried chicken! Not surprisingly, KFC chains across the world have their own unique menus that cater to local tastes, which means that while most offer basic KFC staples, some chains offer dishes that you can’t find in the U.S. So, here’s a video (courtesy of Buzzfeed) that lists 26 KFC menu items from other countries that you’ve probably never tried. 

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fastfoodfacts1 copy

Did you know that Subway is the largest fast food chain in the world? Or that people in Japan like to have KFC on Christmas? Those factoids were new to me! Anyway, Buzzfeed came up with this pretty interesting video of little-known fast food acts, and it’s definitely worth watching. Enjoy the video–I’m off to go find me some space-Dominos!

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burgerreal copy

It’s a proven fact that fast food rarely looks as good as it does in the commercials. It’s kind of a bummer, but we all just accept it because, come on, would you actually send your food back so the cook making minimum wage could make your burger a bit more “TV ready?”

The folks at Mediocre Films would, and did. They shot a hidden camera video where they ordered grub from various fast food restaurants (McDonald’s, Wendy’s, Jack-in-the-Box). Then they sent back the inevitable disappointments to see if the staff could make the food look a bit… uh, prettier. Believe it or not, when the fast food staff took their time, they actually cranked out some pretty decent-looking burgers and tacos.

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Francesco’s Pizzeria has a reputation for delicious thin-crust pizza, but they’re now known more for their delivery than their food. The restaurant recently made a delivery by drone in order to avoid the city’s terrible traffic. It might make their customers happy, but the authorities have other thoughts on the matter. According to the BBC:

The city police now say they’re checking whether the restaurant asked permission from the civil aviation authorities. “As per norms, permission must be taken for flying any such object,” an air traffic control official says. A local police chief told the told the PTI news agency: “We are very sensitive towards anything that flies in the sky with the help of remote control.” Indian security forces are nervous about the possibility of terror attacks using paragliders or drones.

This was supposedly just a one-shot deal where a pizza was delivered to a friend of the CEO who lives about a mile away from the shop, but they’re not ruling out the possibility of delivering pizzas this way in the future.

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