Think people posting photos of their food on Instagram has gone too far? Carmel Winery a and restaurant in Tel Aviv called Catit thinks it hasn’t gone far enough.

Carmel Winery teamed up with Catit to launch a program called Foodography, which is a dinner experience that also teaches you how to take better pictures of your food. To that end, they’ve designed special plates. They even have professional food photographers come in and teach the classes.

You can take the Foodgraphy course for $155 an hour through June 2015. Apparently, Carmel Winery plans to take the concept to restaurants around the world in the near future.

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nachostick copy

There is a food war raging in ballparks across America, and the latest shot has been fired by the Milwaukee Brewers. Fans will have the chance to enjoy “Inside The Park Nachos” on a stick at their beloved Miller Park this season. The snack item will feature a stick of beef packed with refried beans, which is then rolled in Doritos and deep fried. The stick can then be served with sour cream, cheese and what little dignity you have left.

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Other food items that will be available at the park this upcoming season include the Miller Park Bratchos (meaty nachos) and the Down Wisconsin Avenue Brat, which is an 18-inch bratwurst that’s slathered in gravy, cheese curds, cheese sauce, fried sauerkraut, chives, sour cream, jalapeños and French fries. Wow.

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LEGO are all about invention and imagination, and Pley, a LEGO rental company, recently came up with a new way to celebrate creativity. The company has several food-themed LEGO sets that it sourced from designs that were submitted to its PleyWorld site.

Much like LEGO Ideas, users are encouraged to upload their designs to the PleyWorld site and vote on their favorites. If a design reaches 5,000 votes, Pley will create the set and users can rent the design for a monthly fee.

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You have Matthew Ramsey to blame for the fact that you just started drooling. It starts with two “cheeseburger waffles” for the buns which sandwich fried chicken, sriracha mustard, rocket salsa, smoked bacon, American cheese, and a dill pickle in between. Yes, please!

(Pornburger via Sploid)

food hat 1

No hat you own could be as ridiculous and awesome as these creations by ChiliPhilly. The accessories are crocheted to look like food – everything from hot dogs to donuts to burgers to sushi. They’ll keep you warm and keep you hungry.

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Thanksgiving is a time for getting together with family and filling our faces with turkey and stuffing. But how much can we actually eat? YouTuber Vsauce3 got to pondering that question while playing a lot of Smash Bros. and watching Kirby eat all sorts of stuff. Now he’s got a scientific explanation of how much we can eat, and how our bodies manage to digest all that delicious holiday food.

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There are some big differences between American and British tastes in food. One American Whovian and her friend decided to see just how different, so she tried out the distinctly British foods (including concoctions like fish fingers and custard of course) that have been mentioned or eaten on the show.

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bad wendigo

I’m sure Yelp used to be a super helpful service once upon a time, but more and more we’re hearing about all kinds of ways to game the system and make an establishment look better than it may actually be.

Or, in the case of Botto Italian Bistro, gaming the system to make it look as awful as possible.

Why would a restaurant want to have the worst Yelp rating in the Bay Area? Well, owner David Cerretini decided to show his disapproval with Yelp when, he claims, they tried to blackmail him.

Cerretini says that Yelp called hime 20 times a week to advertise, and he caved to the tune of $270 for six months. He decided not to continue, and that’s when his negative reviews went up and his positive reviews disappeared. Can Yelp do that? According to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, legally they can.

So, Cerretini’s turned his negatives into a positive by offering 25% discounts on pizza to customers who give the Botto Bistro 1-star Yelp reviews. The results have been hilarious, clever, and downright negative in the best way.

Apparently, Yelp sent him a threatening letter about the stunt, but Cerretini isn’t backing down. He claims that the campaign has attracted lots of loyal customers (not to mention great press).

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Following up on the success of Go The F*ck To Sleep, Akashic Books is releasing You Have to F*cking Eat which deals with the frustrations of getting a kid to eat. One day, they love pizza, but the next they hate it. And forget about anything green and healthy because that’s just not going to happen ever. You can preorder this ode to the joys of parenting ahead of its November 14th release, just in time for the Thanksgiving feast your kids won’t eat.

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This billboard made by Michelle Wibowo looks beautiful, but it tastes even better because it’s entirely edible. It advertises the UK’s largest cake manufacturer, Mr. Kipling, so naturally it’s made of cakes.

The whole thing measures 20 feet by 10 feet and is constructed of 13,360 Mr. Kipling cakes. It took Wibowo 6 hours to construct, and yes, once it was unveiled, they let everyone dig in.

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