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Did he not see this coming? One of the spectators did, yet she said nothing. Apparently, he was sober so that’s no excuse.


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Next time you’re trying to grasp just how big the planets are relative to each other, head to your fridge. This image was created by Avi Solomon using fruit to illustrate the size of each planet. It’s all based on data from an episode of the BBC’s Stargazing Live. We sort of wish this included Pluto (what fruit is small enough?). Planet or no, we miss Pluto.

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These incredible pentagon-shaped oranges are a type of Japanese orange called “iyokan” or “Japanese Summer Oranges” and they’re usually round. Creative farming has given rise to the “Gokakukei Iyokan” which is a pun in Japanese. It loosely translates as “to have a good premonition of exam success” which makes a lot more sense when you realize they’re coming up on university entrance exams about now. Giving a student these oranges would be a fruity symbol of encouragement.

The farmers have been working on creating the unique pentagon shape for years and now the fruit will be going on sale locally at a festival. There will only be 300 of them, so they’ll be quite difficult to purchase. The farmers put little forms around the growing the fruit to make the shape, so it’s very labor intensive, but if it’s a hit they’re likely to do it again next year.

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These pears, which are shaped like babies, were reportedly spotted at a Sam’s Club in Beijing. When a journalist from MIC went to investigate, the store’s staff apparently said they were sold out and didn’t know when they’d be getting more.

Strange as they are, there appears to be a point to molded baby pears:

Experts say the pears look like mythical ginseng fruits of Chinese folklore. In the classic Chinese novel Journey to the West, the fruit is shaped like a young human head, and it takes ten thousand years to ripen. The individual who takes a bite can then live for another 47,000 years.

So, is Sam’s Club the key to eternal life? I always suspected it was Costco.

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In an effort to keep Chuck Taylor All Stars fresh after nearly 100 years, Converse decided to introduce a fruit version that sports cherry, green apple, and pineapple fruit patterns. There aren’t a whole hell of a lot of details about the new kicks, but apparently they are only available at select retailers, including Converse Japan, where they retail for ¥6,900 (approximately $75).

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Netherlands-based artist and illustrator Nela Krzewniak visualized Star Wars characters as fruits & vegetables, then set to work creating a series of digital paintings that will surely be considered “fine art” by someone… somewhere.

Chewbanana is seen above. Hit the jump to meet Leia Orguanabana, Master Yotato and Leek Skywalker.

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It’s not so much about the actual gushing action, but the artificial fruit sugar high that motivated someone to create these super gushers using the following method:

Take a bunch of Gushers, wrap them in a layer of Fruit Roll-Ups, then wrap those in Fruit By The Foot. BOOM — SUPER GUSHERS.

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If this doesn’t get the kids to eat their fruit salad, then nothing will.

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Citrus Stewie [Image]

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