Now that’s a creepy cake!

Created by the Vegas-based bakery Mitchies Munchies, this zombie head cake was inspired by The Walking Dead. As you can see, the details are top-notch, and everything is edible!

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Mitchies made the cake for The Baking Dead, which is a fun collaboration of over 50 bakers, sugar and cake artists. However, the project does have a serious side. Because The Walking Dead often deals with themes regarding domestic violence, the Baking Dead is also focused on spreading the word about domestic violence prevention and awareness.

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What’s better than an ice cream cake? Well, how about a milkshake cake? Amy of Oh Bite It! figured out how to blend a milkshake with a tasty cake (hint: it requires a lot of Cool Whip) and the end result looks spectacularly delicious.

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If you owned this Beer Engine bike by the Hogs Back Brewery, you could take the pub with you wherever you go. The motorcycle was commissioned by the Surrey, UK-based brewery for a Discovery Channel competition, and it features an onboard bar and a sidecar that’s was made from an actual beer barrel.

Safe? No. Awesome? Yes.

Unfortunately, the bike was disqualified from the competition (apparently the sidecar was the issue), but the brewery still displays the bike proudly.

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unicorn bowl

If you’re looking to make your breakfast cereal a little more fabulous and magical, consider getting this Elwood The Unicorn Cereal Bowl. Good ol’ Elwood here was handmade in the mystical far-off land known as “Pennsylvania,” and the colorful details were actually painted by hand.

Note: Elwood’s diet consists entirely of Lucky Charms.

Product Page: ($38.00)


Some say that necessity is the mother of invention, but Amy over at Oh Bite It! notes that “laziness” often inspires her. Her latest culinary invention, a sandwich pull-apart, is extremely simple to make, and it looks pretty darn tasty. This one might be a great treat to make for a party, or a big get-together or… well, you could make this for one yourself if you want to experience the joys of a serious food coma.

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If you don’t understand the appeal of floating around on a pool toy that’s shaped like a giant slice of pizza, then I’m pretty sure you’re a robot. So, if you aren’t a robot, then consider picking up this nifty slice of pizza pool float which will be available for purchase some time this April.

Product Page ($29.99)

cotton candy oreo

The Instagram user that recently leaked photos of Red Velvet Oreo cookies and S’mores Oreo cookies is back to unveil pics of a cotton candy version. since “cookie0man” has been correct before, it’s fairly safe to say that you’ll see these limited edition cookies on your store shelves very soon.

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Xbox fans will probably be happy to hear that Triple-O’s, a fast food chain in Hong Kong, has partnered with Microsoft to create a “Xbox One” burger. This is a limited-time only offer, and it looks like the burger either comes with a beef patty and Triple “O” sauce or a grilled chicken patty with honey mustard mayo. Microsoft is also planning on including vouchers with the burger for consoles bundles as part of a broader celebration of the Lunar New Year.

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How do you improve upon a classic Twix bar? By making it friggin’ huge of course! Elise, the star of the the My Cupcake Addiction YouTube channel, came up with a recipe for a giant Twix bar that’s pretty simple to whip up. In fact, you don’t even need to use a oven.

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chocolate pen

This Candy Craft Chocolate Pen by Skyrocket Toys may be my new favorite cooking gadget. It’s exactly what you think it is –– a pen that lets you write in chocolate. Not chocolate syrup mind you, but chocolate.

The pen has an electric motor to heat and extrude real liquid chocolate, and the tubes can be switched out so you can use different colors. Once that chocolate cools, you’ve got chocolate in whatever design you can think of.

I have to figure that this pen, which will retail for $30 starting this Fall, is going to make cooking a lot more fun for a lot of the geeks I know.

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