Truly, a loaf of legend.

3D render by Zhang Chi based on a concept by Gop Gap.

Did he eat a radioactive pie with a radioactive spider in it? Maybe he was enjoying a piece of pie when he wandered into a spider web that was strung across a teleportation device. Either way, the three-year-old that created Pieder-Man is a genius.

Here’s what fans (of puns) had to say about the performance: [click to continue…]

I get the feeling that this isn’t the first time the Burger King lead around somebody who was blindfolded.

I can’t tell you how much I love Zebra Corner commercial parodies featuring “Mahk”. This time, he’s skewering Burger King’s blind taste test commercial for their new Crispy Chicken Sandwich. Needless to say, he wasn’t impressed. [click to continue…]

In fact, the CEO of the pizza company probably doesn’t get paid enough.

Mac Lethal’s super fast rap order is a blur of pepperoni, Mountain Dew, cheese…I think I heard something about Game of Thrones fried dragon meat in there at one point? The guy on the other end of the phone handles it well, though his attempt to inject a word or two into the unstoppable flow is highly amusing. [click to continue…]

Gordon Ramsay has a new show called The F Word, and he’s partnered with Omaze to give fans the opportunity to attend a taping of the show (among other perks) and help the Great Ormond Street Hospital in the process. As you’ll see in the video below, he’s also being charitable by teaching you some of the finer points of insulting someone else’s cooking by utilizing the word “shit” with the appropriate amount of intensity and flair. [click to continue…]

I should say that shooting your mom in the face with a Nerf gun is NOT the best way to tell her that you love her on Mother’s Day. The only exception is if you are accurate enough to hit the gum in her mouth. Then you can both bond over a laugh. [click to continue…]

After years of commercials showing M&M’s as sentient beings, the internet couldn’t help but take notice of what appears to be a horrific act occurring on the label of the new caramel offering. [click to continue…]

I am not fully caught up on Silicon Valley, but I’ve learned that recent episodes involve a Shazam-esque app that can correctly distinguish random objects from a hot dog. This is a mistake I’ve made many times in the past (I mean, the difference between a hot dog and a wiener dog are nearly imperceptible. It wasn’t my fault!), so I can’t tell you how happy I am that HBO has released this as an actual iPhone app. There’s even a page for the app on Product Hunt. Check out an “interview” with creator Jian-Yang below.
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Reddit user OxygenPremium discovered this beer bottle embedded (intact!) high up on a wall of a building at his university campus. Who (or what) put it there? How did they do it? What would happen if you pulled the bottle out? You can can put this mystery right up there with Stonehenge and DB Cooper. Either that, or the university management is lining its pockets by building their campus out of paper mache. Check out the full pic below. [click to continue…]