birthday pancake dog

While we’ll never know why this dog reacted the way it did to the birthday pancake, you can’t help but add your own comment.

“I said I wanted waffles”

“Fire bad!”

“I don’t eat GLUTEN.”

“I wanted a pony!”

and so on.

Feel free to add your own caption in the comments.

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drunkescapades copy

Yes, that man extremely intoxicated. There’s also a fence in his way and it’s causing him a lot of trouble, but a charitable individual shows him the secret of the rusty green fence and everything ends on a happy note. Yay!

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anigif_enhanced-25561-1397425938-13-3 (dragged) 1 copy

This little boy does a perfect impression of every single person who’s ever enjoyed the magic deliciousness that is Chipotle. Gosh, it feels like it was only yesterday that I too declared that Chiptole is my life.

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Listen up, ya scurvy Internet scum. If ye be after sushi the size of a Spanish galleon, then you’ll be needin’ the assistance of Captain Peg Leg Pirate Chopsticks. He be 7 inches tall, and he can help ya snatch up any tasty sea treats of unusual sizes that ya might find. (Yarrr and other assorted pirate noises.) Oh, and remember to get plenty of vitamin C and stay away from anyone named Davy Jones too…yarr.

Product Page: ($5.99)

yoda can't believe it's not butter

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Whatever, Bitch

whatever, bitch

Made by Redditor caramelflahn. Pattern by SmallStitchShop.

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pizza salad

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i.chzbgr copy

The time for beer is approaching. Very, very soon.

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