dinosaur snack

That’s right. TWO snacks.

See what we mean in the highly amusing animated short after the break…

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You may have heard that Burger King released a variation of their black bun burger here in the U.S. called the “A.1. Halloween Whopper”. A black bun infused with A1 Steak Sauce and food coloring? What could possibly go wrong?

Two words: Green. Poop.

Next thing you know, the #GreenPoop hashtag is all over social media and swoops in with a DIY tutorial on making a “Sexy Green Poop” (so sexy) costume and the Halloween Whopper.

You can digest it after the break.

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frank discussion

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pooping unicorn

This might be one of the greatest GIFs ever.

When you’re trying to profit off of poop, your advertising can take the overly sanitized, vague high road, or go straight for the jugular by making it abundantly clear what your product is all about. That’s what the folks at Squatty Potty did, and they did it with a fairy tale setting, a well-spoken prince, a unicorn that defecates rainbow ice cream (that is then fed to children), and a complete lack of shame.

Put simply, it’s an ad you’ll probably want to watch. Check it out after the jump.

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surprised dog

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Redditor teddy-bear-the1st has a black cat who’s apparently sick of being a black cat for Halloween. This year it decided to get a costume rotation going and used the flour container to create a whole new demonic look to terrorize the gluten intolerant.

(via Bored Panda)

cats with beer

Have you ever thought about what craft beer pairs best with your cat? There’s an catsontap Instagram account for that.

There doesn’t seem to be any kind of advertising angle to the project – only “a visual adoration of all things cats and beer”. However, we assume that there are a number ad agencies out there who are kicking themselves right now for not coming up with this idea years ago.

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disney princesses as hot dogs

Deranged crafter Gabriella Paiella (her words, not mine) and Anna Hezel have created gloriousness with their “Disney Princesses as Hot Dogs” project.

All you need are hot dogs, hot dog buns, processed American Cheese (you know the kind), condiments, a decent vegetable drawer and a little imagination.

I think Rapunzel’s corn silk hair is my personal favorite, but I’d love to see what else people come up with.

You can learn to make your own at Lucky Peach.

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The Boxed Wine Backpack

boxed wine backpack

College has never been so classy.

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A squirrel in NYC recently raided a trashcan and got away with the remains of a Shake Shack milkshake, making quick work of the straw and immediately seeking refuge behind a fence.

See Also: Subway Pizza Rat Brings The Internet To A Screeching Halt

The squirrel’s all-out devouring of the shake was done without regard for stickiness, or the crowd who filmed the event like it was the greatest thing that ever occurred in the history of the world.

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