In Nosh of the Titans, Cookie Monster and his trusty…flying fish need to outsmart Moo-Dusa so Cookie Monster can meet his father at the Mount Olympus Diner.

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Can Cookie Monster focus on the task at hand, or will he be turned to stone forever?

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Lick It Up

puppy pb

Sam Tsang of snapped this adorable photo of his very determined pup attempting to lick every last bit of peanut butter from a jar.

It doesn’t look like his entire head will fit in there, but I’m guessing he’ll try.

(via GoA)

pressure cooker fail

(via Reddit)

hare pancakes

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iron man rice cooker

It looks like appliance manufacturers in Japan are taking design cues from Marvel. Either that or Tony Stark is branching out into home appliances.

Twitter user @00_yaduki noticed that his Toshiba RC-6XH-R IH rice cooker (in Grand Red, of course) bore an uncanny resemblance to Iron Man’s helmet.

Sadly, the product page doesn’t say anything about a built-in J.A.R.V.I.S rice cooking control system.

(via Rocket News)

tater tot thief

“Ralph? Did you eat my tater tots?”

Not exactly.

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Mao the cat was recently given the opportunity to eat a banana, a challenge that proved to be formidable, but resulted in the type of video that the internet “eats up”.

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force awakens coffee

This needs to be real.

(via @TheGrib3)

space jam

I don’t think this is what LeBron James had in mind.

(Denny’s via Boing Boing)


While the majority of people are probably sad to see Jon Stewart leave The Daily Show, you have to figure that some people are thrilled. Most notably, Fox News and Arby’s. If you’re a regular viewer, you know that Arby’s has been a running joke on TDS for years. Sure, we all laughed, but Arby’s had to be pissed.

Except, they’re not cheering his departure. In fact, Arby’s put together a tribute video of Jon’s best insults to their brand and it’s brilliant.

I’ve always been an Arby’s fan, IBS or not. This has made me like them even more.

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