Here’s a new one. This video game by Bossa Studios has you carefully moving a piece of bread around a room. It’s supposed to be all part of its quest to become toast, and from the trailer it looks rather perilous. It falls into a toilet, wields a giant knife, and goes for a spin on a ceiling fan—all while you control each of its four corners to move it along. Who needs zombie games when you can play as the walking bread?

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Aisle seven. It was actually really easy. Took forever to stack them though.

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Hey Look! A Uni-Corn!


Cosplay and terrible puns collide!

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john oliver pumpkin spice

We all love John Oliver. I mean, the guy’s hilarious and his new show Last Week With John Oliver has been a hit for HBO. There’s no denying he’s brilliant.

But John may have just pushed it a bit too far. He’s going after America’s love for pumpkin spice and he’s not pulling any punches.

That said, he does make some valid points. I mean, pumpkin spice lattes do taste a bit candle-y.

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Generally speaking, censorship isn’t a good thing…unless it’s clever and funny. A prime example is a new Attack on Titan exhibition that’s being held at the Ueno Royal Museum in Tokyo in late November.

According to Livedoor News, in order to promote the exhibit, the museum put up posters like the one above at the Roppongi Station in Tokyo. AoT is all about giants eating people (and yeah, it can get bloody). So the museum went with some funny self-censorship by making it appear as if the Titans in the posters are eating fast food items instead of people.

The exhibit starts on November 28 and will run until January 25, and it will feature unique art from Hajime Isayama, the creator of AoT, an Oculus Rift 3D movie, a “realistic” Titan (yikes!) a specialized “sound and light” presentation and much, much more.

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The theme for Game of Thrones is very dramatic as the world of Westeros comes to life on the screen, but Clickhole has reimagined it with a man eating soup. Eating soup has never been so intense (or hilarious).

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bad wendigo

I’m sure Yelp used to be a super helpful service once upon a time, but more and more we’re hearing about all kinds of ways to game the system and make an establishment look better than it may actually be.

Or, in the case of Botto Italian Bistro, gaming the system to make it look as awful as possible.

Why would a restaurant want to have the worst Yelp rating in the Bay Area? Well, owner David Cerretini decided to show his disapproval with Yelp when, he claims, they tried to blackmail him.

Cerretini says that Yelp called hime 20 times a week to advertise, and he caved to the tune of $270 for six months. He decided not to continue, and that’s when his negative reviews went up and his positive reviews disappeared. Can Yelp do that? According to the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in San Francisco, legally they can.

So, Cerretini’s turned his negatives into a positive by offering 25% discounts on pizza to customers who give the Botto Bistro 1-star Yelp reviews. The results have been hilarious, clever, and downright negative in the best way.

Apparently, Yelp sent him a threatening letter about the stunt, but Cerretini isn’t backing down. He claims that the campaign has attracted lots of loyal customers (not to mention great press).

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