What does Star-Lord eat? Well, the answer to that question can be found in Chris Pratt’s new segment “what’s my snack?”. Spoiler: It’s some weird (tiny) banana shake and sushi (also tiny). Star-Lord must be on a diet. [click to continue…]

When they make that blockbuster baked potato movie, this little guy should be the star.

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Bagel Blasphemy

How does this picture make you feel? Angry? Uncomfortable?

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Tara Strong—you may know her as the voice of pretty much every beloved animated female character in history. Well, many of them anyway—including My Little Pony‘s Twilight Sparkle. This is the highly disturbing cake Tara’s husband got for her birthday. Check out the entire cake in her tweet below. [click to continue…]

For his latest project, William Osman decided to tackle toast buttering to see if a machine could be produced that would remove human effort and butter knives from the equation while, at the same time, making the process potentially deadly. [click to continue…]

A Not So Fond Farewell Cake

When your co-workers care enough to make a cake like this then you know it’s coming from a place of love. I mean, they didn’t just hastily scribble “you’re dead to us” on the cake with icing. No, they took the time to mold the letters and create a fancy decorative ring telling you to go away. I’m sure there will be tears in their eyes as they have security escort you out of the building.

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Worried about the robot uprising? There are plenty of impressive and slightly terrifying developments on that front but sh*tty robot queen Simone Giertz is here to put your mind at ease. Her latest project is a beer serving robot, and I can tell you right now that you had better like the taste of glass shards and blood should you ever step up to her bar of the future. See it in action in the video below (NSFW language). [click to continue…]

Lucas Peterson of Lucky Peach has done us all a service by ranking Hostess snacks based not only on their taste, but how appropriate they would be as pet names.

The results are obviously subjective, but nonetheless they will surely serve as a vital resource for those who are wondering how their sweet tooth compares to that of others, or how accepting the public would be of a dog named “Ho Ho” or “Jumbo Honey Bun”.

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The former Subway worker behind the theodd1sout comic YouTube page is back with another peek inside the life of a fast food employee in “Sooubway Part 3”.

He explains that the moral of the video is that you should be nice to fast food and retail employees because sometimes they will go the extra mile to serve you despite hilariously low pay. Just don’t cross them, because they might withhold your turkey just because they can. [click to continue…]

Does that mean L.A. bakeries are technically arms dealers? This changes things… [click to continue…]