Futurama superfan LovelyLudwig created a one-of-a-kind fridge complete with Slurm decals. All it needs is some actual Slurm.

LovelyLudwig used custom graphics to modify a mini Red Bull-branded fridge into the Slurm cooler then posted the entire process. The original, downloadable image files are available in the gallery so you can make your own.

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benderbrau labels

Chris Wilcox made it his mission to “recreate the beer they brewed inside of Bender as faithfully as possible”, and set to work creating a recipe. Thankfully, he had a few clues to guide him:

Firstly we can tell its fairly dark but most importantly its a steam beer. Steam beers are a type of beer from california that are fairly hoppy and use lager yeasts at higher temperatures.

Plus he made some awesome beer labels for his creation.

Homebrewers can click here to check out the well-illustrated tutorial.

bender stove 1

When you’ve been thinking about making a wood stove and you add booze and Futurama to the mix, this Bender design is what happens. Well, it’s what happens if you’re Rob Halftroll. He planned out the design and tons of material and three weeks later, he had his very own robotic stove.

The unique cooker is 5.5′ tall, and Halftroll goes into details on how he constructed the behemoth on his blog and includes tons of pictures. It definitely was not a small undertaking, but I bet the satisfaction of creating a wacky stove the neighborhood will be talking about for a while is probably worth the trouble.

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Futuristic Futurama Cupcakes

Friendzoned via Cupcake

(via 9GAG)

Shut Up and Take My Candy!

Shut Up and Take My Candy

(via pricklylegs)

Blend his shiny metal ass. But only if you’re making margaritas.

Product Page ($19.50)

If you’re a Futurama fan who is still nursing some twisted desire to try Slurm even after discovering its secret ingredient, you may be in luck. Feast of Fiction’s Jimmy Wong and Ashley Adams have tackled the drink using less disgusting ingredients. They even show you how to make Bachelor Chow. Check it out after the break.

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Dr. Spudberg

Futurama may have wrapped for the season, but here’s a little pick-me-up in the form of a Dr. Zoiberg / Mr. Potato Head mashup.

(mrtruffle via Geek Crafts via Neatorama)

From Fashionably Geek: In some places, Zoidberg and Ackbar are considered delicacies. Of course, they always say that about really gross things.

Ian Leino, the man behind the shirt (and the Doctor Who shirt we posted earlier today) wrote us to inform readers that you can get 15% off your total order from his shop using the code “BLUEPLATE”. The code is valid today only.

Product Page ($9/Today Only)

A lucky guy named Glenn Fleishman had the honor of attending a recent Futurama script reading, and managed to snap a shot of the snack of the day—Brain Slug cupcakes.

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