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This picture was snapped by oonaghmclaugh who is a big Game of Thrones fan and managed to spot the cast at a convenience store in Belfast, Ireland. She looks very happy, but Petyr Baelish looks miserable. It’s like they didn’t have the ice cream he wanted, and he’s stuck holding some substandard treat while he pouts for the camera. Come on, that’s a chocolate coated ice cream. It’s going to be tasty, Petyr.

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This Game Of Thrones mug has the Stark motto and a direwolf that slowly reveals itself as you drink. Whether you’re a fan or just want to freak out with your friends, it’s perfect for a hot drink on a winter night.

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This 20 ounce ceramic Game of Thrones stein will hold plenty of your favorite beverage. It’s an officially licensed product embossed with a map of Westeros and is even heavy enough to serve as a weapon to bludgeon your foes should things turn sour halfway through the celebration.

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Breaking Bad GOT Cake

Tracey at Black Cherry Cake Company has sent us another awesome tip! Check out these magnificent cakes celebrating Breaking Bad and Game of Thrones. Your dessert now displays the Iron Throne in all its glory, inspiring you to plot your schemes of ambition. Or if that’s not epic enough, put the throne on a hat and have Walter White sit on it as he reflects on his slow descent into darkness.

Seriously, these are impressive cakes with lots of detail in the swords and in Walter White’s face. You can see the wrinkles and tired eyes. Astonishing.

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pedro pascal pouring beer

While we may not get to watch Pedro Pascal in season 5 of Game of Thrones, he was more than happy to tap the first keg of the one of the new Game Of Thrones beers by Ommegang Brewery during the #‎ValarHourSDCC party at the Omni.

I find it fitting that he was pouring Valar Morghulis.

Photo by Nicole Campos.


Needless to say, the only time you’ll ever see a wolf and a lion working together is when you use these Game of Thrones Map Marker Salt and Pepper shakers during dinner. These officially licensed shakers are modeled after the sigils of House Stark and House Lannister and are replicas of the map markers from the show. They’ll be available for purchase in October.

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So you’re planning a vacation to Dragonstone, are you? You’ll have fun. Of course, the weather isn’t great and it’s kind of remote. There’s also a certain Red Woman who likes to keep things a little too festive and fiery… but otherwise it’s fine.

If you visit Dragonstone, this Dragonclaw goblet makes a great souvenir. It’s absolutely perfect for raising a toast to the one true king (whoever that is) and it’ll be available for purchase in October.

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Photo Credit: David Ngo

got mugs top

These coffee mugs feature adorable 8-bit versions of the characters from Game of Thrones. You can choose from the Lannisters, Daenerys with her dragons, characters of the North, Daenerys with characters of Essos, or characters on the run. Wait, isn’t that last one pretty much everyone depending on the day?

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Dany's coffee cup

Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen has an impressive (read: ridiculous) number of titles. Whenever she or Missandei rattles them all off it takes a full 30 seconds. So, just imagine if she went to Starbucks. She’d have to order a venti just to have room to fit everything.

(Not Katniss via Cheezburger)