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Drink to House Stark or House Targaryen with two of the coolest looking Game Of Thrones steins released thus far. Both are available for pre-order with a release slated for May 2015.

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To mark the season four DVD release, HBO sponsored a Game of Thrones pop-up restaurant in London over the weekend. Complete with banners from the House of Lannister and Baratheon, a giant map of Westeros, and feast-sized dinning tables, it was the menu that sent fans into an epic adventure.

Chosen from 12,000 competition entrants, the winning fans were the special guests lucky enough dine on the 10 course meal. Based on the delicacies from the show, Chef Jamie Hazeel of the catering company The Wandering Chef created a menu fit for a king, or queen. The feast included outrageous dishes such as bone marrow Crème brulee and honey-fried locusts.

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This gingerbread version of the Iron Throne looks like the tastiest way to rule this Christmas. It was tweeted by amawestergren who’s set the goal pretty high for other aspiring gingerbread builders. This joins the likes of a gingerbread Downton Abbey, Barad-dûr, and Enterprise as one of the year’s best gingerbread creations.

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Poor Jon Snow. He knows nothing, but to be fair there is at least one thing he does know. He definitely knows that he loves Yrgitte. These 8-bit mugs are the latest Game of Thrones designs from Etsy seller FleaBottom and they’re the perfect gift for your true love. Just be careful of any stray arrows aiming for your hearts.

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The team at Brewery Ommegang has unveiled the latest in its line of Game of Thrones themed beers and this one is called Three-Eyed Raven. According to the press release:

Three-Eyed Raven is brewed with a carefully crafted mixture of specialty malts, including malted rye, midnight wheat (provides depth of color but not the roasty flavor of a dark beer), and dark candi sugar. It’s hopped with Hallertau Spalt Select, Tettnang, and Bravo hops, which give the beer a spicy, fruity character. A fair amount of late-addition hops are added for character. Three-Eyed Raven is fermented and bottle-conditioned with Ommegang’s signature house yeast.

This 7.2% ABV ale will be available in the Spring although no exact date has been set. You’ll be able to buy it on draft and in corked 25.4 ounce bottles for $9.50 each.

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game of thrones drinking

When people talk about Game of Thrones, they often mention the high number of deaths and lots of nudity. But what about all the drinking? The Movie Maniacs took it upon themselves to create a seven minute super cut that strings together all the times characters on the HBO series toss back any form of booze – wine, mead, ale – it all counts. They also keep a tally of drinks consumed by house. It will either make you thirsty or make you feel like running to the bathroom.

See which house drinks the most in the video after the break (though the answer is obvious). And yes, there are spoilers so stay away if you’re not caught up!

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The theme for Game of Thrones is very dramatic as the world of Westeros comes to life on the screen, but Clickhole has reimagined it with a man eating soup. Eating soup has never been so intense (or hilarious).

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Everyone dies in Game of Thrones so it’s always good to have a drink handy to drown your sorrows when George R.R. Martin breaks your heart. These slate coasters with the sigils of House Targaryen, Lannister, Stark, and Tyrell are the perfect way to protect your tables from damage. If only it was so easy to protect your heart.

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These custom designed Game of Thrones wines are the work of artist Oskunk who usually applies his talents to custom consoles. This time, he’s made wine bottles for the four main houses in the series, complete with matching case. They aren’t currently for sale, but he plans to have them available in the future.

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This picture was snapped by oonaghmclaugh who is a big Game of Thrones fan and managed to spot the cast at a convenience store in Belfast, Ireland. She looks very happy, but Petyr Baelish looks miserable. It’s like they didn’t have the ice cream he wanted, and he’s stuck holding some substandard treat while he pouts for the camera. Come on, that’s a chocolate coated ice cream. It’s going to be tasty, Petyr.

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