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Needless to say, the only time you’ll ever see a wolf and a lion working together is when you use these Game of Thrones Map Marker Salt and Pepper shakers during dinner. These officially licensed shakers are modeled after the sigils of House Stark and House Lannister and are replicas of the map markers from the show. They’ll be available for purchase in October.

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So you’re planning a vacation to Dragonstone, are you? You’ll have fun. Of course, the weather isn’t great and it’s kind of remote. There’s also a certain Red Woman who likes to keep things a little too festive and fiery… but otherwise it’s fine.

If you visit Dragonstone, this Dragonclaw goblet makes a great souvenir. It’s absolutely perfect for raising a toast to the one true king (whoever that is) and it’ll be available for purchase in October.

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got mugs top

These coffee mugs feature adorable 8-bit versions of the characters from Game of Thrones. You can choose from the Lannisters, Daenerys with her dragons, characters of the North, Daenerys with characters of Essos, or characters on the run. Wait, isn’t that last one pretty much everyone depending on the day?

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Dany's coffee cup

Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen has an impressive (read: ridiculous) number of titles. Whenever she or Missandei rattles them all off it takes a full 30 seconds. So, just imagine if she went to Starbucks. She’d have to order a venti just to have room to fit everything.

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The Wines of Westeros provide all the strength you’ll need to watch the next season of Game of Thrones and the many deaths that surely await. There are 12 different wines in this selection of reds and whites, each representing a different house with labels that feature a clean, minimalist design. You can sign up to be notified when your wines are ready to purchase.

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Wolf drinking horn 1

Drink like a Stark with this wolf head drinking horn from Chischilly Pottery. The Etsy shop came up with this design, and though it makes me instantly think of Game of Thrones theme parties, it would make a perfect accessory for renaissance faires. The shape means you could never set it down while you’re drinking it, but isn’t that kind of perfect?

The mug is made to order, and you can choose from different finishes. Turnaround time is approximately two weeks. There are also dragon versions for Targaryens.

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dragon egg cake 1

Oh hey, it’s your birthday and you’re a Game Of Thrones fan. So here’s a cake made up to look like Dany’s dragon egg bridal gift.

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The Viper and the Happy Meal

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