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If anyone is going to do gingerbread right, it’s Disney. A handful of Walt Disney World Resorts near Orlando, Florida, are currently playing host to some massive and detailed gingerbread buildings that will be on display through the first week of January. The builds include a Frozen-inspired gingerbread ice castle, a gingerbread life-size replica of a Jersey Shore Boardwalk concession stand, a life-size gingerbread spinning holiday carousel (seriously), and a life-size gingerbread house. Wow.

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These gingerbread cookie cutters are way more exciting than the standard ones with the little girl and boy. Now you can have Darth Vader, Chewbacca, C-3PO, Boba Fett, Yoda and a Stormtrooper as tasty gingerbread treats. Just think how cool these guys will look running around the yard of your gingerbread house. Each measures 4″ tall x 3 1/4″ wide and is an officially licensed Star Wars product.

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cookie cutter 1

Gingerbread people are cute, but they don’t have a big range of motion. The Jay Disco Biscuits Posable Cookie Cutter is willing and ready to help stiff gingerbread cookies find some life. The plastic and food safe cookie cutter comes with interchangeable arms and legs so you can make your treats dance (or Kung Fu fight) across the baking sheet.

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gingerbread tardis

Geeks do amazing things with gingerbread. I am floored every year by the creative designs and decorations people come up with, and this TARDIS decorated for Christmas is freaking delightful. Redditor Fortunekitty is actually a cake artist who works at a bakery and that helps to explain why this spaceship looks so beautiful. She wrote a handy tutorial in case you’d like to put your own TARDIS together; as far as I’m concerned, gingerbread is year-round fun and not just limited to the holidays. Happy baking!

(Reddit via Facebook)

gingerbread tie fighter 1

You don’t need fancy schmancy technology to fly into space – you just need gingerbread and imagination! Dace Campbell makes a delicious Star Wars creation every year for the holidays, and he modeled this year’s dessert on a Hasbro TIE Fighter. It looks menacing but also tasty. I spot licorice and dried fruit in the design, and I love that the cockpit actually opens to reveal a pilot. Look out Rebels! You don’t stand a chance against all this sugar.

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Grab yourself a deck of standard playing cards, download the PDF for Gingerbread Kaiju, and get ready for some tasty gaming fun. This game even comes with a recipe so you can make your own monsters that you’ll end up eating through the course of the game. The whole thing is themed like a classic monster movie and it’s your job to stomp your gingerbread kaiju through Tokyo, collecting resources and fighting each other along the way. The best part is that when you inflict damage, you get to eat off the affected bits. Omnomnom!

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Transform and omnomnom! This gingerbread Optimus Prime was made by a friend of redditor downvotedagain who clearly has more talented friends than the rest of us. My gingerbread house is a lopsided mess. This one is a fully-featured Autobot and it looks to stand a good 3′ tall with every little piece of armor represented in gingerbread style.

(via Geekologie)

death star ginger cookies

It certainly took buckets of sweat to build the second Death Star, but this gingerbread version was built with love. The space station recently took the prize in a gingerbread tournament at The Swedish Centre for Architecture. Twelve people worked on the Love Star, and they used about 1,200 heart-shaped gingerbread cookies to build up the layers and innards of the giant weapon. I’m impressed and also tempted to shove my face into the under construction side and start eating.

(Reddit via GoA)


This Adventure Time Candy Kingdom would make for a tasty treat next time you get the munchies. It’s made of gingerbread along with fondant and assorted candies like Airheads, some white chocolate grass, and cotton candy trees. It was created by redditor I Have a Fluffy Cat who does in fact have a cat that tried to sample the kingdom midway through the process.

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These gingerbread dice are the perfect thing for your next game night. They’re made from carefully arranged graham crackers into the shapes of a D20, D4 and D6. If you still keep rolling ones, just eat them and be done with them forever.

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