baking bad gingerbread

For some of us, sweets can be as bad an addiction as meth, so there’s something sort of poetic about a gingerbread version of this Breaking Bad RV and little accompanying Heisenberg & Jesse gingerbread men.

Instructable user thekites not only made this thing of beauty, but was kind enough to give us a tutorial so we can all try to cook one up in our own kitchens.

If you make it, I really hope you add some blue rock candy somewhere just for fun.

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Remember our previous post that highlighted how you can make a gingerbread version of the Millennium Falcon? While a gingerbread Falcon might work for all you rebels and nerf herders out there, I know there are plenty of pro-Empire folk who would love to snack on a holiday treat that packs an Imperial punch. Enter the gingerbread Star Destroyer. There’s no way your tastebuds can repel deliciousness of this magnitude!

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ginger beards 1

Gingerbread is everywhere you turn this time of year, but what about ginger beards? Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm has shared her clever idea about making cookies that look like beards over at Kitchen Overlords. The recipe is a straightforward ginger cookie recipe that you then cut into shape using your favorite beard template (you could draw your own pretty easily). You can make Santa beards, Riker beards, or Dumbledore beards. If you don’t cut the ginger cookies out just right, don’t worry, you’ll still have delicious treats to eat.

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gingerbread smaug

Behold, the fierce and imposing dragon from The Hobbit as a holiday dessert! Smaug was made by Caroline Erikkson (she’s also built Optimus Prime from gingerbread), and I’m stunned by all the details. Just look at the individual scales and all of the teeth!

Aftonbladet detailed the making of process and states Erikkson spent about two weeks creating gingerbread Smaug. I think it would take someone just as long to eat the entire thing.

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gingerbread falcon 2

I already knew that SDCC regular Tony Kim loves to cosplay and loves Star Wars, but I had no idea that he was a crafty cooking type until I saw his Gingerbread Millennium Falcon.

I wonder if we can get Tony to do a Star Destoyer next year.

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This gingerbread version of the Iron Throne looks like the tastiest way to rule this Christmas. It was tweeted by amawestergren who’s set the goal pretty high for other aspiring gingerbread builders. This joins the likes of a gingerbread Downton Abbey, Barad-dûr, and Enterprise as one of the year’s best gingerbread creations.

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gingerbread downton abbey

The only thing that matches the drama of the upstairs and downstairs on Downton Abbey is the magnificence of the estate. In real life, it’s Highclere Castle, and it is absolutely gorgeous. As it turns out, the manor looks quite lovely as gingerbread. Martha Stewart designed an edible version of the Grantham’s elegant home, and she did so to perfection (naturally). She recorded the process, and while I can’t imagine attempting such a build, it’s neat to watch it come together.

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gingerbread Barad-dûr 1

What happens when two Finnish engineers put their skills to use making a gingerbread home? They kick butt and make a 3-foot tall version of Barad-dûr from Lord of the Rings. The structure weighs 13.5 pounds and the Eye of Sauron portion of the tower lights up. If this is what awaits me in Mordor, I volunteer to take the ring there. Sign me up.

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gingerbread enterprise

It’s a suicide mission. Then again, part of me thinks that this gingerbread Enterprise by Blackmarket Bakery was created to intentionally torture hungry Star Trek fans because it’s too perfect to eat.

Yeah well, I’m onto you Blackmarket. I don’t care how pretty this awesomely made and delicious ship replica is – I’ll break myself off a nacelle and part of the saucer section and nom while making pew pew noises and pretending it’s under attack.

This is seriously well done. Head after the break to see more pictures.

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You’ll be happy to be assimilated by the Borg when they arrive in this gingerbread cube. It’s made by using a Borg cube cookie cutter to create all six sides and then gluing them with icing. It makes for a cute ornament or you can use it as a little container to hold more holiday treats.

Check out the full recipe on Nerdist.