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Hellen Die recently came across a silicone skull mold, and decided to use it as the basis of an elaborate cake project that is so detailed it looks like something you might trip over in a mysterious, ancient tomb. [click to continue…]


Even though Halloween is over, we would be remiss if we didn’t share this impossibly amazing Stranger Things Jack-o’-lantern. It’s the kind of pumpkin you might find at a legendary annual pumpkin carving contest held by a marketing agency (Jack Morton) where the contestants have won Emmys for set design work. The image above is just a taste though. A surprise awaits in the video below. [click to continue…]


Food Network has gifted the world with a Sushi Brain recipe that will continue to impress even long after the Halloween season has ended.

The dish is built around a cream cheese-stuffed avocado which is covered with rice and salmon and accented with tobiko. Take a peek inside with the pic below. [click to continue…]


The brother of imgur user TherOboticdan realizes that dressing up as the Little Caesars mascot for Halloween can only be done effectively when real (but not Little Caesars) pizzas are used, so he acted accordingly by complementing his toga with two actual pies mounted on a spear.

As awesome as this is, we expect that the experience was brought to a quick end either by an inability to resist the lure of the world’s best food, or an endless barrage of “can I have a slice?” Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


Once again, NASA has put us all to shame with the annual Jet Propulsion Lab pumpkin carving competition. Basically, it’s what happens when the smartest kids in every class get together for a Halloween-themed science fair.

Meanwhile, you stayed up all night at a party and brought this in at the last second.

Check out some of the entries below. [click to continue…]


When it comes to Halloween pumpkins, most people get creative with carving, not illumination. As you’ll see in the following video, a 5000-watt light bulb has a pretty eye catching effect—though looking directly at it will likely burn your retinas to a crisp. [click to continue…]


Imgur user “MymlanOhlin” fashioned this DIY “Alabuster” craft project that will give your wine bottles a skeletal Halloween vibe.

She also gave the world a step-by-step tutorial of the creative process, which involves printing or tracing an anatomically correct skeleton hand, modelling each individual bone with clay and assembling them on a paper backing for easy flexing around the bottle, while a clay skull is created directly on the container itself.

As you’ll see below, the process requires more time, tools and talent than most of us possess. [click to continue…]

TWINKies. Get It?


Get it? Hahaha…holy sh*t this is cute.

(Costume Works via Foodiggity)


If this Koffing Pokemon pumpkin (with a Meowth-y face) created for an office contest by a mother and daughter duo doesn’t win, Halloween should be canceled.

At the very least the threat of a powerful gunk shot should be enough to sway the judges.

(via imgur)


A Queens, NY Burger King reached a new level of Halloween-themed trolling glory by disguising its sign, and the restaurant itself, as a ghost named “McDonald’s”.

In addition to taking a shot at their biggest rival and their lack of flame-grilled beef, they also succeeded in gaining a ton of free advertising while bringing pleasure to all the BK purists.

Check out the hilarity in its full glory below. [click to continue…]