bobs burgers halloween

The Vandal, a Pittsburgh-based restaurant, decided to have a little fun this past Halloween by having the staff dress up as characters from Bob’s Burgers. The entire Belcher gang, from Bob to Tina, were all present and accounted for.

The restaurant also served up plenty of pun-packed dishes like the Curryous George and the I’m a Slav For You burger. Industry Public House, a restaurant across the street, was in on the fun too–they put up a sandwich board sign for Bob’s rival, Jimmy Pesto’s.

Check out some of The Vandal’s Instagram pics after the break…

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no thanks

Apparently, the promise of candy wasn’t enough for this little girl, who totally couldn’t handle the “freaky” animatronic monster in the driveway.

The way she handles it is priceless.

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minion pumpkins

(via Reddit)

thermite pumpkin

Burn down your house this Halloween with science!

Indeed, The Royal Institution combined science and an utter disregard for safety to bring you these thermite pumpkins. Check that video out after the break along with an additional video from TRI that will show you how to make a pumpkin levitate.

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pumpkin cooler

Looking for a way to make your upcoming Halloween party a little more interesting? Then you have to try making this Halloween Pumpkin Cooler from the Tipsy Bartender.

As the video will highlight after the break, all you need to do is to empty out a pumpkin, carve holes in the sides, fill said holes with beers (not Bud Light though…actual beer), and then fill up the interior of the pumpkin with dry ice. The end result is cool looking—and practical.

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candy map

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Supposedly, Influencer polled over 40,000 people in all 50 states for the data on this map. We have some concerns:

-Candy corn is the favorite in multiple states? That’s impossible.

-I grew up in upstate New York and I didn’t know a single person that was all about Sweet Tarts on Halloween.

-West Virginia is under the impression Oreos are candy.

At least there isn’t any Good & Plenty on the map. I’m pretty sure that would be grounds for revoking statehood.

(via Geekologie)

no face yakisoba

Food lovers know Halloween is a time to break out your best gross/scary/icky/macabre food creations. Forget peeled grapes as “eyeballs”, we’re talking about people who can take everyday ingredients and turn them into disgustingly delicious masterpieces.

Food blogger Yuki combined her love for Miyazaki’s Spirited Away and making “disgusting” look good with this Kaonashi (No-Face) Yakisoba. I especially love the placing of the noodles in the mouth so it looks like he’s nomming away.

Check out the entire recipe on Yukitchen.

zombie wedding cake

I’m guessing that the wedding DJ will play a macabre version of “White Wedding” and “Tainted Love”.

This towering, eviscerated cake and matching cupcakes are just some of the Halloween-inspired confections from Cakes Cove bakery that were created in celebration of their Zombie Horde event in Toronto, Ontario slated for October 24th.

Click below to check out more delightfully disgusting treats.

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Have you thought about how you’re going to hand out candy this Halloween? Most people just fill a regular bowl with goodies (we prefer bowls like this), but that ain’t festive at all!

If you want to truly get into the spirit of Halloween, try making Andrew Terranova’s animatronic skull candy jar. Andrew took a boring plastic skull and added a some electronics—including sound effects, LED lights and a motion sensor. When a trick-or-treater approaches the skull and trips the sensor, the skull’s eyes change from blue to red, and in a creepy, haunting voice it says, “Take one!” Then the top of the skull pops open, revealing a cranium packed with candy!

See the skull in action after the break..

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We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again—BB-8 pumpkins are going to be all the rage this year. If you’re looking to jump on the bandwagon, then you definitely need to check out this droid-inspired pumpkin design from Imgur user CaptCash. He recently carved a very cool BB-8 jack-o’-lantern, and if you’d like to make one yourself, check out the gallery after the break for a tutorial…

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