Back to school supplies started popping up in stores a few weeks ago. Halloween candy is on shelves in at least one Walgreens. The creep is out of control.

Jill Cataldo writes:

“I asked my husband to grab a newspaper so I could photograph this, thinking no one would possibly believe these photos were taken today without date proof,”

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cvs recpt

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zombie omelettes

I don’t usually feel the desire to make my food scary or gross, but I can see why it’s appealing to some. At least a handful of folks in Japan transformed their rice omelets (omurice) into zombie graveyards for kicks – complete with hot dog fingers. One such instance was for Halloween, but the other photos of zombie omelets were posted year-round. That’s right folks, zombies aren’t seasonal anymore.

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Yes, Halloween is now behind us and it’s time to think about turkey and stuffing, but these pumpkins made by the people at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California are just too cool to miss. You may think that your carving was cool, but these guys created stuff for their annual contest that’s simply insane. Thankfully, it was all captured by former NASA engineer Mark Rober.

Among the madness is a pumpkin helicopter, a Death Star with a working laser and a very green Mike from Monsters, Inc. It’s even more impressive when you consider that these pumpkins were all created in under an hour.

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pumpkin carving timelapse

GoPro recently took a closer look at pumpkin art by putting the spotlight on Marc Evan from Maniac Pumpkin Carvers. He created a beautiful carving based on the art of Tara McPherson, and a timelapse video shows the incredible amount of work that goes into making a pumpkin look this awesome.

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I award ten points for enthusiasm, but only two points for execution. But, hey, I’d still eat ’em.

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Cowabunga Pumpkin Dude!

tmnt pumpkin

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halloween r2-d2

I’ve seen some impressive pumpkin carvings and builds in my day, but Greg Aronowitz’s R2-D2 pumpkin just knocked me off my feet. Not only did he carve a pumpkin to look like the lovable droid and decorate it with candy, he built legs and rigged the pumpkin so that it has a spinning head and moves by remote control. Wow.

See this Halloween astromech come together and move in the video after the break.

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The kids may get free candy, but adults can get some free eats on Halloween, too. If you show up at Arby’s on Halloween, then you can get free bacon added to any order, even a milkshake. The only catch is that you must say “Trick or Meat” when you order.

Show up at Krispy Kreme in costume for a free donut or get $3 burritos, salads, or tacos when you arrive in costume at Chipotle after 5pm on Halloween. Baja fresh is also offering deals to kids who show up in costume when their parents place an order.

(via Consumerist / Ghostbusters donuts via Krispy Kreme)

Pumpkin - Walking Dead

My pumpkin carving and decorating skills are barely past the beginner’s stage so I’m always floored when I see others create masterpieces. Twitter user @Devil_Doll1101 shared some pictures of the beautiful pumpkins her husband carved for Halloween this year, including The Walking Dead version pictured above and the Frozen design pictured after the break. He did an incredible job designing, carving, and painting Elsa. I’d never let that pumpkin go.

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