If looking at a pig leg gets you all sleepy, then check out this ham pillow. Besides having a convincing appearance, it’s also full size – meaning your dog will likely devour it before it can feel your meat-loving embrace.

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The Hero Ham Needs

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Barro Jarpa [Dinner Time]

Chilean melted cheese and fried ham.

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We’ve featured “cupcakes” like this before, but these ham bowls with egg are simply beautiful.

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A little twist on the traditional French grilled ham and cheese with egg sandwich. With a little patience, it’s possible to fry an egg on a waffle iron to achieve that cool grid pattern.

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Or it could be the other guy, known as “Forever Horny”. Either way this is very, very disturbing.

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Meat Mona Lisa [Lunch Time]

That’s Nerdalicious reader Sergey sent us two interesting photos straight from Moscow—the meat Mona Lisa and a meat baby (pictured after the break).

From what I can gather, the meat Mona Lisa was created by artist Artist Aleksandr Solomko a few years ago as part of a centenary celebration for Tavr, a meat-processing factory in southern Russia. As for the meat baby, I have no idea what the hell that’s all about. All I know is that more than one meat baby has existed, and that’s pretty disturbing.

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As a reward for making a hole-in-one during his second round at the Madrid Masters, Scottish golfer Elliot Saltman was awarded his body weight in heavily cured and salted ham.

Saltman weighs approximately 235 pounds, which will result in a hearty portion of the Spanish delicacy. However, the only problem remains how the hell he would get that much meat back to his homeland, saying “I don’t think they’ll let me take that on the plane.”

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I’ve seen other versions of this around the web, so it’s probably a shop—but I would think that this project could easily take first prize. Just make sure to bring a juicy ham for samples.

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