Han Solo

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Han Solo frozen in Pop Tart is one of those things you’ve never imagined, but once you see it you immediately need one.

The limited edition Pop-Art: Frosted Han Solo is the brainchild of Falcontoys and is cast in hand-painted resin and packaged with faux nutritional info.

It’s part of a balanced fake breakfast!

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If carbonite is good enough to freeze Han Solo, than it has to be good enough to keep your drinks cold. This Star Wars Han Solo mini fridge is actually quite large given the fact that it can hold 18 cans of soda. It can also switch between settings to warm or cool food. If that wasn’t enough, it even has red LED lighting. There are two removable shelves and a top handle for easy carrying.

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han carbonite

Now you can cut the cheese on Han Solo’s frozen face. Really.

First a wall hanging, and now this glass cutting board. Will the indignities never end?

Product Page ($25)

This Is Jabba’s Fridge

carbonite fridge

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Yes, this squee-inducing Star Wars cake is just about the cutest darn thing I’ve seen since Muppet Babies was on TV (I think I’m dating myself with that reference). The You’ve Been Cupcaked Bakery crafted this fine cake, and it’s just too fracking adorable: I especially love that Yoda is Chewie’s little doll, and that Han’s blaster shoots bubbles.

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Han Solo Cup Cosplay


(via David Speakman)


Sweet Root Beer in ice cream forms an edible Han in carbonite sculpture. Of course, you’ll need one of these giant Han Solo silicone trays to get started.

Check out the recipe on justJENN.

Look who got into the Christmas spirit this year! These tiramisu cupcakes feature a chocolate Han Solo made from a silicone ice cube tray mold. Before turning him into a cupcake topper, a little red Santa’s hat was piped onto his head. Don’t you wish you had some of these waiting for you on Christmas morning?

Thanks to Heather Creegan for sharing her awesome cupcakes with That’s Nerdalicious!

This groom’s cake was created by The Butter End Cakery, and was complimented by this Millennium Falcon cake. Their combined force no doubt resulted in the nerdiest nuptials in town. Hit the jump for an additional pic.

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If you need a mug that spreads a message of confidence and affection in the nerdiest way possible, check out these handmade earthenware mugs from Etsy seller LennyMud. They’re the perfect wedding / anniversary gift for the Han/Leia in your life.

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