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Yuengling also added strawberry to their ice cream lineup, but that bit of news was buried DEEP under the crushing weight of the Butterbeer announcement. [click to continue…]

If your coffee was sorted, which Hogwarts house would it end up in? Is it bold like Gryffindor or mellow like Hufflepuff? If the coffee is something from Starbucks, your mug is a muggle. [click to continue…]

Etsy seller ArcadiaHomeCreations is selling sets of very awesome looking Harry Potter-inspired tile coasters for only $10.19. The versions above depict the ‘Tale of Three Brothers’ from ‘The Tales of Beedle the Bard’ while the versions below are based on the Marauder’s Map. [click to continue…]

Harry Potter and tea are a perfect pairing, and you can brew up your own potions with this tea set. [click to continue…]

This year is an important one for Harry Potter fans: it’s the 20th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone and the 10th anniversary of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. In commemoration of these milestones, Llety Cynin—a family operated bed and breakfast in South Wales—has recently created a fun Harry Potter-themed tea service. [click to continue…]

A new Harry Potter-inspired cafe called Platform 1094 has opened in Singapore and it serves a variety of themed food and drink amidst a bevy of fun props like wands and witch hats. But the literal Goblet of Fire is the star of the show. [click to continue…]


My own feelings on licorice can be summed up by this comic, so one wave of these Harry Potter licorice wands have the power to make me feel gross. You can wield this power thanks to Rosanna Pansino—her Nerdy Nummies tutorial is available below. I have to admit, they do look pretty fantastic as wands. Not as food—wands. [click to continue…]


The Manticore is one of the most feared creatures in the Harry Potter universe. It boasts a scorpion tail, a lion’s body, a human-like head and skin that is impervious to charms. However, if you can find a way to defeat the mighty Manticore, you will be rewarded with quite the feast as it is known to taste like cake. Surprising, I know.

This spectacular Manticore cake is the work of Elias Darkwater and Kyle Miller with The Cake Shop for the Birthday Mischief Managed edible art collaboration. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


A Harry Potter-inspired eatery called The Hogwarts Cafe recently opened up in Islamabad, Pakistan. As you will soon see from the pictures, it’s a Potter fan’s paradise. [click to continue…]


July 31st was a big day for Harry Potter fans, as the rehearsal script for the play Harry Potter and the Cursed Child, currently on in the West End, was finally released. It was also a big day for Potter author J.K. Rowling, and not just because of the book release – it was her 51st birthday.

To celebrate, she was presented with a birthday cake in the shape of King’s Cross Station in London – the location of both the fictional Platform 9¾ and its real-life counterpart – which she then tweeted about, because you would, wouldn’t you?

King’s Cross Station is much more significant for fans of J.K. Rowling than you might know. Her parents first met on a train at the station way back in 1964, while the idea for the Harry Potter series first came to her in 1990 as she was on a train. With connections like that, is it any wonder she chose to make it such a pivotal location within the Potterverse?

See the original tweet below. [click to continue…]