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hello kitty


Hello Kitty wine exists in the world thanks to a partnership between Sanrio and Torti Winery. I’m surprised it took this long to be honest.

The collaboration has created a number of adorable (and we hope delicious) vintages with names like Lady, Charmy, and Sweet Pink.

Unfortunately the wine has very limited distribution in the US; currently available only at Antonello Ristorante in Santa Ana, CA. That said, you can find it for sale internationally if Santa Ana isn’t too much of a trek.

I’ll admit, I’m tempted to drive down there. How can I not own a Hello Kitty wine called Cupido? So. Freakin’. Cute. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


According to Sanrio, this is the world’s first Hello Kitty restaurant. It is set to open this month in Hong Kong and features themed foods, most shaped like Hello Kitty.

I’m not so sure about that Hello Kitty meatloaf-esque dim sum though. That looks a little odd.

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Hello Kitty

California’s getting all the cat cafes. The first actual cat cafe opened in Oakland recently, and a Hello Kitty cafe is coming to Orange County in summer 2015. It will be the first such cafe in the continental United States (continental because Hawaii has a Sanrio cafe). The decor and food will be themed to prominently feature Hello Kitty, and they’ll serve cafe-style food alongside artistan pastries. Fingers crossed that they’ll offer Hello Kitty latte art.

(LAist via Eater)

egg art 1

When people pack bento boxes, they can get deadly serious about making the contents appealing. That dedication goes beyond shaping rice into fun forms and can extend into turning hard-boiled eggs into creatures and characters. All it takes is creativity and patience to cut up some seaweed, cheese, or carrots and build things like Pikachu, Hello Kitty, chickens, otters, and more. I love it when my food is cute.

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Hello Kitty Spam musubi

Roy Choi’s adorable Hello Kitty Spam musubi creation is in honor of the upcoming Hello Kitty Con and will be available on the room service menu at Los Angeles’ Line Hotel, which is the official hotel for the con. Spam is also an event sponsor. Additionally, Choi’s two restaurants in the hotel will be Hello Kitty themed and there’s lots of other Hello Kitty plans yet to be revealed.

Photo courtesy of Spam.



These little tools are designed to imprint Hello Kitty’s face onto the mini hot dogs found in Bento boxes. The set has one tool with just her face and another that is her face with a heart. You also get matching Hello Kitty toothpicks.

How we’ve all lived so long without this product is beyond me.

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Hello Kitty fans will love this Hello Kitty Cake by Love’em Sweet. It is, I’m a little ashamed to say, extremely cute. It’s decorated with hearts, butterflies, bows and roses… and they’re all so cute. Oh, no. The cuteness is spreading. Oh, God, now I want to start throwing glitter on everything. Help!

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screen-shot-2013-09-22-at-9-45-02-am copy

Halloween’s almost here, and if you happen to be in Japan during the spookiest time of the year, then you have to make sure to pick up a couple of Hello Kitty jack-o’-lantern doughnuts and other pumpkin-flavored treats at a Mister Donut shop (starting September 25).

Patrons can also purchase a Misdo Halloween Box, which comes with a limited-edition Hello Kitty stuffed animal and seven Halloween doughnuts. The boxes go for 1,000 yen (US$10) and are available starting October 1st. Check out a picture after the break…

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hello kitty beer
Just when you thought they couldn’t get Hello Kitty on one more piece of merchandise, here comes Hello Kitty beer by the Shanghai KT trading company and made by Taiwanese beer maker Long Chuan.

However, I’m thinking these may be closer to wine coolers than beer. They’re 2.3 percent alcohol by volume and come in tropical flavors like passion fruit, lemon lime and banana.

Either way, it’s sold exclusively in China. So you’ll need to travel or get a friend to send you some if you’d like a taste of the fruity beer amazement.

Just remember, kids. Don’t drink and drive 😉

(via Fox News)


When you’re a mom, sometimes you have to make food fun and interesting to get your kids to eat. Mom Samantha Lee decided to get artistic and create these fun meals.

She also blogs about how you can make them at home. Heck, I may start doing this for myself!

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