gundam cake 1

There’s no Gundam quite like one made out of sugar. Mike’s Amazing Cakes is responsible for this beautifully sculpted dessert; it’s modeled after Gundam F91. I’m impressed by both the form and the paint. He didn’t know what the cake would be when he started it, and it sort of just developed. It’s incredible.

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cookie helmet

Sons of Chips Ahoy perhaps?

(via Cheezburger)

Created by Mike’s Amazing Cakes.

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Beer helmets go way back; you might not remember seeing it in history books, but these helmets were a  regular sight at the jousting arena. It was much more popular than foam fingers.

Seriously though, this medieval style beer helmet would be a great accessory for a renaissance faire costume. Instructables user DucttapeNinja has the run down on how to make this awesome headwear at the link below.

(via  Instructables)

Redditor Liktwo loves bacon and Skyrim, so he did what any sensible person would do—make a helmet out of bacon.

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This year’s CodeBits conference saw the debut of altLab’s Nuclear Taco Sensor Helmet, a hat-mounted device which measures your tolerance to spicy foods.

The hat measures body temperature, perspiration, and the amount of a spice quenching yogurt-water mixture slurped by the helmet’s wearer. This information is crunched down via an Arduino board and then displayed in the form of a brightly colored chart complete with moving arrow. The more you heat up, sweat, and drink, the higher the arrow goes.

In addition, the team at altLab added a webcam which captures your spicy food reactions for posterity. Check out the device in action after the break courtesy of a fake Japanese game show.

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