This Hobbit cake by Tartas Imposibles is definitely among the best nerdy cakes I’ve ever seen. I love how they were able to incorporate the book into the cake.

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Also, all of the little details, like the cold coins and the torn pages, make this cake a winner.

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Hobbits take their mealtimes very, very seriously. So if you’re heading to the Shire, and you’re having a little trouble remembering when you’re supposed to sit down for Second Breakfast (um… 9 am, on the dot!), then this Hobbit Schedule T-shirt is perfect for you.

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The weather outside may be frightful but this fiery Smaug’s Breath cocktail from The Drunken Moogle will definitely keep you warm.

1 part Goldschlager
1 part Fireball Cinnamon Whisky
1 splash Grain alcohol

Yup, this one will warm you up right down to your toes.

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@TheHobbitMovie’s Hobbit Fan Of The Week, Tim, made these delightful cupcakes for his son’s birthday.

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Eye of Sauron Lollipops


Etsy user “designerlollipop” created these ball-shaped hard candy Eye of Sauron lollipops by encasing an image made from a proprietary blend of Isomalt, Sugar and Corn Syrup inside a candy shell. $13 will get you a pack of six – all of which will be cherry-flavored.

Product Page: ($13 via TH)

Desolation of Smaug Cake

Thanks to this cake from Regali Kitchen, Hobbit fans had the opportunity to eat the moment that Smaug was conquered. We’re sure defeat never tasted so sweet.

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Hobbit Pancakes

Nathan Shields of Saipancakes is continuing his mission to make pancakes nerdy with these Hobbit examples which were presented to his kids soon after their completion. Their scared and amused reactions can be seen in the pics after the jump.

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Created by North Carolina-based by Tiffany’s Baking Company and billed as a way of combining gnomes, fairies, hobbits, vikings, and love.

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The BS factory known as “The Onion” has latched onto Denny’s Middle Earth-inspired menu and turned it into a fascinating story about Peter Jackson’s quest to insert CGI breakfast foods into the film. According to America’s Finest News Source, Jackson sought to strike a balance which would stay true to Tolkien’s vision while tipping his cap to Denny’s awesome menu. Did it work? Listen to the completely legitimate interviews after the jump and see for yourself.

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White Hobbit Cake

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas. Not just on earth, but also in Middle Earth, as you can see from this whimsical cake baked by Cake Central Member meemawof10.

The cake features Bilbo Baggins by his door, Thorin Oakenshield by the tree, and Gandalf the White on the roof (although he’s still supposed to be Gandalf the Grey in The Hobbit). Hit the break for another look at the cake.

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