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Harry Potter-themed coasters are nothing new, but this set of four coasters is officially licensed and looks downright classy thanks to the fact that the house crests are embossed in metal. [click to continue…]


I’ve been living in the US now for almost a decade and I think it’s safe to say that American Harry Potter fans (or “Potterheads”, as they’ve elected to call themselves with, I hope, some degree of irony) are absolutely bloody bonkers.

I love it. I love the passion, the affection that Americans have for these books. It’s no surprise the country is home to two – two! – Potter theme parks.

But it looks like someone from my homeland might’ve snatched the crown back from America – the Kyriakou family in Bayston Hill, Shropshire (that’s in England, about 10 miles east of the Welsh border) decided to drop a small fortune converting their dining room into the Great Hall at Hogwarts.

A lot of care and, of course, money has gone into making the room look as authentic as possible. A suit of armor and that gorgeous wooden table act as the focal point of the room. Oh, and there are some actual film props in there, too. The wooden wall panelling completes the look of the room, and was custom-made by Mr. Kyriakou himself.

Its pretty bloody impressive. You can check out a video tour of the room in the video below. [click to continue…]


Geeks! We’re everywhere, even in the places you wouldn’t expect to find us. We’re not just providing you with tech support and critiquing your choice of reality TV shows anymore. Oh, no. We’re scoring your touchdowns, too.

Take, for example, Bucs player Mike Evans, who last week married Ashli Evans and rocked the event with this deliciously detailed Hogwarts-themed wedding cake.

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We’ve seen some impressive gingerbread Hogwarts creations over the years, and Reddit user louisesiuol has delivered another version that has blown us away. Definitely worthy of moving on to N.E.W.T.s

Take a closer look in the gallery below.

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gingerhogwarts copy

Actually, you can just eat your way through Hogwarts. No unlocking spell is necessary.

Ambitious Harry Potter fans have eschewed the traditional gingerbread house for something a little more magical. From quidditch pitches to Hagrid’s hut, these diehard Potter fans went all out with their Hogwarts designs.

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great hall

Warner Bros. London announced their first “Dinner in the Great Hall” where Harry Potter fans could pony up to have Christmas dinner at Hogwarts.

Not surprisingly, it sold out in the blink of an eye. But keep the following in mind for next year:

Dinner will take place on the iconic Great Hall set in the Hogwarts dining room. The Hall will be decorated with original Harry Potter props as guests enjoy a two-course meal that promises to include flaming puddings. The place settings even come complete with a wand.

After dinner, guests will take the Studio Tour, eat dessert on Platform 9 3/4, enjoy a mug of Butterbeer in the backlot café, shop in Diagon Alley, and more.

It’s not an inexpensive evening priced at £230 (approx. $349 USD), but a night like this sounds pretty magical to me.

You can visit the Warner Bros. Studio Tour website for more details.

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In honor of J.K. Rowling’s 50th birthday (and Harry Potter’s birthday)–which was on July 31st–food artists from around the world came together for a Harry Potter-inspired cake collaboration. This group, named Birthday Mischief Managed, was tasked with whipping up some wonderful Harry Potter cakes to commemorate the occasion.

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Emma of Richard’s Cakes was part of the group, and she submitted this magnificent Hogwarts’ Kitchen cake. As you can see, there are tons of excellent little details scattered throughout the kitchen–my favorite has to be the screenplay for “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” on the kitchen table.

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Tina at Sugar Bean Bakers has sent us another tip and it’s a fun follow up to her Hogwarts Acceptance Letter cookies.

This time around it’s Hogwarts Sorting Cupcakes. It’s a pretty easy recipe: any flavor cupcake filled with a tinted cream filling in the house colors. But the fun part is that, aside from the filling, they all look the same. Which means, you need to bite into the cupcake to know which house you’ll be in.

Eating a cupcake. So. Much. Work. I’m sure you’ll all hate the idea. It’s much better than a hat that’s for sure.

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HP Cake 1

Spending years at Hogwarts would be wonderful, but since that’s not possible, I’d be okay with simply eating it. made this detailed cake featuring the school and characters from Harry Potter. Everyone shows up on the dessert! I can spot Harry, Hermione, Ron, Hagrid, Dumbledore, and maybe Malfoy. The stones on the castle especially caught my attention – they must have taken forever to paint.

See how the castle lights up after the break.

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hogwarts christmas cake 1

Hogwarts has a long list of charms, and one of them is definitely the decorations in the Great Hall. The vast dining area especially comes alive around holidays; the Christmas touches are probably my favorite. Baker Mimicafe Union has come up with an edible version of the room for Bake a Christmas Wish. The structure appears to be made from gingerbread, and I can only imagine what all the interior details are constructed from – they look too lovely to eat!

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