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deep fried gingerbread men

It’s the most wonderful time of the year, and that means gingerbread flavored everything can be found in seasonal sections of stores. The spicy tang of ginger snaps and gingerbread cookies is synonymous with the holiday season, but if you’re looking for something different to do with gingerbread men this year, Amy of Oh Bite It has you covered. She took a package of already made gingerbread men cookies, dipped them into pancake batter and milk, and fried them. Yeah, I’m on board with this idea.

Learn more about the recipe at Oh Bite It.

nutella hamentashen

Growing up Jewish, I know all about the deliciousness of Hamantaschen, but Just Jenn has taken them to a level that has to be considered divine.

She wrote a recipe for Nutella Hamantaschen.

For those of you not familiar with what Hamantaschen is, Jenn explains:

“Hamantaschen is eaten at Purim, a holiday that celebrates the Jews deliverance from Haman’s evil plot. It’s a cookie that represents Haman’s three cornered hat. Perhaps you’ve heard of the idiom, ‘I’ll eat my hat!’ said when something surely won’t happen, since the plot was foiled we are in fact eating his hat and it’s delicious!”

Plus, Nutella is Kosher. Double yay!

You can get the full details at Just Jenn.


I’ve personally never been a huge fan of Christmas stockings. Not because I’m a Grinch, but because I tend to think of them as flimsy and I drop them and the fur gets dirty and mine never seem to last all that long.

Which is why I kinda love this Tactical Holiday Stocking from ThinkGeek.

It’s sturdy. It’ll hold up year after year. Even if it gets dirty, it’s black so you won’t notice.

It even has a carabiner on it so you can hang it pretty much anywhere and you likely have a much better weight tolerance than those loops on regular stockings.

Plus, it can be used all year ’round to carry MRE’s and candy stashes.

Product Page ($19)


Now you can drink, show your love for Star Trek, and inform people when you’ve gone from nice to naughty with the “Mirror, Mirror” episode-inspired Good Spock and Evil Spock Pint Glass!

It’s coming in December and you can pre-order order it in our Nerd Approved Store for holiday delivery.

Good Spock and Evil Spock Pint Glass ($8)


Now you can spend your holidays drinking with Jack Skellington. Whether you’re drinking something cool or something hot, the Nightmare Before Christmas Jack Skellington Mug & Goblet has you covered.

Both are coming in October and are now available for order in our Nerd Approved Store.

Check out the mug after the break.

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Interested in a little holiday prank? Check out these Wasabi and Gravy flavored candy canes.

Both come in a pack of six 5-1/4″ tall candy canes and they actually taste like gravy and wasabi, so you can pretty much have a ball dropping them in the middle of your candy cane stash and let the fun begin. Then again, you could crush the gravy version and sprinkle over mashed potatoes. Mmmm, MMMM!

See the gravy version after the break…

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Haven’t decided what to bring to that big 4th of July party next week? We have the perfect solution! The base is just three white cake mixes, two dyed red and blue, that are then cut into circles and stacked like little patriotic firecrackers. They look adorable and they’re filled with Pop Rocks for a crackling surprise.

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Some things are accepted as universal truths. Sure, there’s that whole “everyone has the right to pursue happiness” bit, but these facts are also permanent: there will always be people who love to eat and people who love to cook. Several of them will be on your holiday shopping list, and they will also be geeks (I’ve drawn a Venn diagram). We’ve picked out the best of nerdy food and cooking wares and gadgets to help make holiday shopping easier.

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These 22-cm wide pizza-sized hamburgers from BK Japan come in two flavors: Fresh Avocado and Cheese Nacho, and are available as a party set with sides and drinks for four. The meals can be ordered between November 11 and December 22 for delivery any time between December 8 and 25; they cost ¥2,680 (US$34) for the full “party set” or ¥1,680 (US$21) for the burger on its own.

(via Eater)