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chilled monkey brains

You can now own your very own monkey head serving bowl based on the dinner scene in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom that left most of us watching wanting to puke into our popcorn bowls.

Bonus points of you can get it to make that squelching sound when you take off the top of the head.

Product Page ($58.99 via Gizmodo)

indiana jones cake

Throw me the idol and then eat cake! Victoria, a.k.a. Scruffy Rebel, threw an epic shindig for her birthday and it included this spectacular Indiana Jones dessert. It’s no wonder that it looks amazing – Charm City Cakes West made it! The bottom of the cake is textured and painted so that it looks just like stone. I’d be so sad if I had to cut this cake into slices. Isn’t there a magical spray you can put on cakes to make them last forever?

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This right here may be one of the best Halloween desserts I’ve ever seen.

The brains are made of jello, the skull is cake, but there is so much more going on there that makes the magic. This takes a couple days and you’re going to want to know how to work with fondant, but if you do it, you’re gonna have one heck of a dessert—Indiana Jones style.

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Attention George Lucas—here’s your artifact idea for Indy 5.

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Half Star Wars, half Indiana Jones, all nerd. Check out an additional image after the break.

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