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You may not have thought that jalapeno, vanilla and syrup could come together in a delicious way, but the creator of this recipe would beg to differ:

I infused maple syrup with Jalapeños to give it a nice bite and added some tahitian vanilla beans which give the syrup a subtle hint of sweet tabacco. This breakfast syrup is very versatile and has many uses besides waffles. Try it on pancakes, waffles, ice cream, froyo and other desserts which need a little boost. You can also use it to candy bacon or even brighten up cocktails with a few drops for an added surprise.

If you’re sold, check out the link below for the recipe.

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For a limited time, White Castle is offering Crispy Jalapeño Cheese Sliders – chicken or burger sliders topped with crispy jalapeño strips and jalapeño cheese. If that’s not enough diarrhea producing power, you can also partake in the chain’s Crispy Jalapeño Cheese Fries. Bon appétit.

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Holeee crap. If you’re up to the challenge, you can catch this fried wonder at the San Diego County Fair.

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Thanks to our addiction to jalapeno poppers, science has come up with a new breed of jalapeno that is genetically engineered for the optimum cheesy, fried payload.

The NuMex Jalmundo, as it has been dubbed, is a cross between a bell pepper and a traditional jalapeno—so it is much larger than a traditional jalapeno with medium heat. This profile makes it perfect for making poppers.

The seeds will be available commercially next year, but you can buy them right now from NMSU’s Chile Pepper Institute for $4 a package.

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