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It’s the next best thing to jacuzzi.

YouTuber Hajime recently took it upon himself to cover his entire body in Mentos and then jump into a ridiculously small bathtub full of Coke Zero. The result, as you can probably guess, was rather fizzy. Also, I now know what a bathtub full of Coke looks like… and it’s definitely unappealing.

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tomato robot

Ok, I love tomatoes just as much as the next guy, but I don’t think I could stomach eating a tomato while I’m jogging around the block.

Kagome, a Japanese juice and ketchup company, designed this strange backpack/tomato dispenser for the Japan Marathon. The health benefits of tomatoes aside, the backpack is really just a PR stunt to help to promote tomatoes: since 2008, Dole Japan has sponsored the Japan Marathon, and they provide tons of bananas to help keep all those runners energized. It looks like Kagome is hoping to drive some attention away from bananas and over towards tomatoes.

Yeah, I think I’d rather snack on a banana while I’m running.

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cp-6 copy

If you and your S.O. are planning on pigging out on chocolate this Valentine’s Day, then a chocolate piggie from Tokyo-based candy manufacturers, tutto bene would be the perfect treat. Then again, it might send the wrooooooong message.

Though it’s a Japanese company, the candy makers’ name is derived from an Italian saying that means, “Everything is great.” In keeping with the whole Italian thing, the company makes a variety of chocolates that are pig-shaped, since Italy is (apparently) pretty well known for its pig-themed good luck charms, symbols and trinkets.

The company offers a few different piggie chocolates, but all of them are definitely tasty. The big guy pictured up top is the Gran Siesta, a 2.2-hunk of chocolate that’s made with 35 percent cocoa butter and it’s priced at $68, or 8,000 yen. There’s also the Juliette II, a smaller, tutu-wearing chocolate piggie that costs 600 yen, or roughly $5. Lastly, there’s the Figaro set, which features a mixture chocolate “cuts” that are arranged to look like a butcher’s pork diagram. That one runs for 1,800 yen or roughly $15.

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The Pokémon pop-up cafe is back and this time it’s in Tokyo’s Shibuya neighborhood. The Cafe opened on January 9th and will remain open until the end of February.

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Naturally, the cafe is hugely popular. It’s all-too-common to see people lined up outside for hours just waiting to get a table. The decor is, of course, Pokémon-themed, and the employees even wear little Pikachu tails. Menu items include speciality drinks that come with cool Pokémon gear, like Poké Ball mugs. Plus, if you can’t convince your friends to stand in line with you for hours, you can share your table with a cute stuffed Pikachu. Although, from what I’ve read, Mr. Pikachu is pretty cheap and won’t offer to split the bill.

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…because they can’t escape being devoured.

Then again, these hedgehog dumplings are almost too cute to eat. You can find them in Yokohama’s Chinatown at a place called Yoseigo which sells all sorts of dim sum. These little guys are first steamed and then deep-fried to give them a little crunch. The spikes on top are even a little sharp, so be careful as you make your way to the custard filling.

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Japanese bakery DONQ is celebrating the Year of the Sheep with the cutest little sheep-shaped breads and treats. The year officially kicks off in February and you’ll be able to find different varieties of sheep-shaped goodies at all their locations (in fact, sheep-themed foodstuffs are starting to pop up everywhere in Japan).

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sailor moon tortilla chips header

If you’re settling down and planning to watch a Sailor Moon marathon, then only one snack will do: Sailor Moon tortilla chips. The magical snacks are part of a partnership with Japanese snack food company Koikeya, and the Sailor Moon gang will begin appearing on bags of chips as of November 21. The avocado cream cheese, bagna cauda, and balsamico grilled pork flavored chips will feature Sailors Moon, Mercury, Mars, Jupiter, and Venus as well as Tuxedo Mask.

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The Tokyo Station Gundam Cafe is becoming McDaniel Hamburgers Gundam Cafe and it’s Gundam burgers for everyone.

Named after the restaurant in Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam, McDaniel will open in Tokyo on November 19.

Currently on the menu: a Sleggar Burger, which is their basic hamburger, Gundam burger with Gouda cheese, a Char Zaku burger with special tomato sauce, olive and capers, or a Zaku II burger with avocado, steak sauce and woven trio of special wasabi soy sauces.

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christmas doritos

Brands seem to be all about capitalizing on the holidays these days, and Frito-Lay is on point. Maybe. They’re offering special Christmas tree Doritos in Japan from late November to February. The tortilla chips are dyed green and shaped like trees, which is actually festive. It’s the flavor of the Doritos that’s bizarre. They taste like soup! The Rock ‘n’ White Doritos have a flavor of corn cream stew. Is it weird that I want to try them?

(Brand Eating via Consumerist)


While this isn’t exactly made by Apple, it is made with apples.

A sweet shop in Japan has a new a dessert that Apple fans (and yes, I do mean that with a capital “A”) should really dig. The shop, which is named Taroan and is located in the Japanese town of Aizubange, recently unveiled a new pie that’s a play on the new iPhone: the iPie 6 Plus. For the shop’s sake, I’m hoping that Apple doesn’t bring down the legal hammer and file and injunction against delicious pie.

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