shrimp sword

Isao Machii is a master swordsman, and he recently had the opportunity to show off his skills for mobile carrier Softbank. During the ad, Machii takes out a number of different foods (including fried shrimp) traveling towards him at high speed. Needless to say, never get into a food fight with a samurai.

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These beautiful, realistic candy animals are from Japanese confectioner Shinri Tezuka of Ameshin. The shop, found in the Asakusa district of Tokyo, uses a 1300-year-old art called Amezaiku that involves mixing sugar, water, cornstarch and organic coloring for sculpting candy. According to Tezuka:

(translated) Retention of candy crafted a traditional technology of Japan, and aims to further develop stand-up candy goldsmiths population, it is “candy crafted Ameshin”. And holding a workshop store in Tokyo’s Asakusa, manufacture and sale of candy craft, production demonstration, made-to-order production, we do hold, etc. of experience classroom. In addition, across the country of the event, also business trip production demonstrations and business trip experience classroom such as at a party, etc.

They’re really too pretty to eat!

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“Dam curry”, the new popular and fun food plating technique in Japan, brings playing with your food to a whole new level! Basically, curry rice is used to make a dam on the plate to hold black the delicious forces of curry sauce. Eateries across the country are joining in and creating awesome rice architecture. The plates are imaginative, but totally serves a purpose of keeping the rest of your food save from a soggy fate.

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According to Sanrio, this is the world’s first Hello Kitty restaurant. It is set to open this month in Hong Kong and features themed foods, most shaped like Hello Kitty.

I’m not so sure about that Hello Kitty meatloaf-esque dim sum though. That looks a little odd.

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To commemorate the debut of Sailor Moon Crystal on Japanese television, a special Sailor Moon-themed cafe will open at Anion Station for a limited time.

For one month, the Sailor Moon cafe will feature themed food, drinks, and even a live public viewing of the television broadcast. It will open on April 6th and stay open late every Monday since the show doesn’t air until 11PM.

This is a reservation only cafe and you’ll be charged not just for your food, but for your time there, too. There’s a service charge of 1000 yen (or $8.40) an hour from 11AM to 4PM and then it jumps to the double that from 4PM to close.

(via Rocket News 24)


Japan has all sorts of Kit Kat flavors that we don’t get in the United States and a lot of them seem like they would be delicious. This one looks questionable. Apple pie and carrot Kit Kats are a new flavor available in Japan for Easter. These limited edition flavors are collectible and even considered lucky so they are pretty sure to be a hit. This is one flavor that Japan can keep.

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kit kat sandwich

Japan’s already known for having the most unique flavors of Kit Kats and now they’re breaking ground again with a Kit Kat sandwich.

Fast food chain First Kitchen will is behind the cocoction. But, what is a Kit Kat sandwich? Imagine a Kit-Kat topped with whipped cream, sprinkled with orange peel on white bread. Yum.

It even uses a specially made Kit Kat called a “Kit-Kat for Cafe” which is made to be dipped in hot drinks and is a bit crunchier.

Show of hands: how many of you are going to try this at home?

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Japan will be getting a Burger King fragrance called “Flame-Grilled” in honor of Whopper Day on April 1st. Yes, even though that is also April Fools’ Day the product appears to be real—as is the unofficial holiday. Burger King Japan even registered it with the Japanese Anniversary Association.

According to Fashion Snap, the word “whopper” can also mean “lie” so making April 1st the official Whopper Day makes some sense. Again, it’s far too early to be celebrating April Fools’, and there’s nothing that indicates that this is a joke thus far.

So, assuming that this is the real deal, the limited edition scent will go on sale for 5,000 yen or about $42 and will come with a Whopper. It’ll be one to a customer when they go on sale at 10:30 in the morning.

And because smelling like a burger isn’t enough to celebrate Whopper Day, they’re also offering a Whopper Pass for 30 days of Whopper meals from April 1st through the 30th. They usually cost around $6.93 each and the pass will be $41 so that’ll be quite a steal, assuming you can manage 30 of them in a single month.

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Mochi is a rice cake dessert from Japan, and it’s an important part of Japanese culture. In fact, it’s traditional for Japanese families to gather together during the New Year’s holiday to make mochi. The process of making this dessert is called mochitsuki (which means “mochi pounding”).

Speaking of mochi pounding, there are a number of mochi shops throughout Japan that put their own spin on the art. There’s one shop in particular called Nakatanidou that truly stands out. First off, they specialize in yomogimochi (that’s basically mochi that’s mixed with mugwort, which gives the mochi pictured above that iconic green color), and secondly, the shop claims that its mochi makers are the fastest in all of Japan.

You’ll see in the following video that the shop’s mochi-making duo is extremely fast (nothing is sped up, by the way), and they make an excellent team–I mean, there timing is outstanding! Trust me, you’ll be impressed.

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pb-0 copy

Cat cafes are popping up all over Japan, so I definitely get the appeal behind this kitchen brand. When heated up, can be used to burn a little kitty paw onto your food as a fun decorative flourish. It’s certainly a lot better than the reality of your cat walking all over your food.

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