sakura pepsi

On March 8th, Pepsi will bring a taste of cherry blossoms to Japan with their new Pepsi Sakura.

The new offering continues a long line of unusual Pepsi flavors in the country and will reportedly offer a light pink hue and the smell of sweet sakura.

There’s no word on the actual taste, but since Japan is the land of weird flavors, it will likely be well received.

(NicoNico News via Kotaku)


The pastry virtuosos at Dominique Ansel Japan have cooked up this cute heart-eyes emoji melonpan just in time for Valentine’s Day.

As you’ll see in the image below, they also gave a nod to winter with a new hot chocolate marshmallow shaped like a penguin wearing a life preserver—naturally.

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sake kitkat

Nestlé Japan loves making unique and interesting varieties of Kit Kats. Take, for example, the recently released gold leaf Kit Kat. Or, even more interestingly, their upcoming sake version. RocketNews24 writes:

The new Kit Kats contain sake powder which has been kneaded into the white chocolate-encased wafers, giving the chocolates all the flavour and aroma of a top-quality rice wine, while providing a light and refreshing aftertaste.

They’ll be available at convenience stores in a 3-pack, or you can get them in a special collector’s 9-piece box shaped like a Sake bottle.

Seems to me, if you’re going to buy sake Kit Kats, you spring for the bottle.

Wait a sec. There are wasabi Kit Kats, edamame Kit Kats and sake Kit Kats now. Heck, at this point, I think Kit Kat only has to make a tuna roll flavor and you’d have an entire Kit Kat sushi dinner.

Check out more pics below.

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Do you like popcorn? Do you like Neon Genesis Evangelion? Well then today is your lucky day.

Universal Studios Japan is running a Cool Japan 2016 campaign, and one of the spiffy collectibles you can purchase is this Neon Genesis Evangelion Unit-01 popcorn bucket, complete with light-up eyes.

It doesn’t come cheap, though – this bucket sells for 3,980 Yen, or approximately $35. So you’d better really like Neon Genesis Evangelion… or have an unhealthy obsession with popcorn. Or buckets that are shaped like things other than buckets.

Some tweets from Universal Studios Japan visitors are available below, including photos and a video! Isn’t that nice?

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Beginning today, the Ginza Cozy Corner pastry chain will offer bite-sized cakes based on Disney character butts.

Oh, Japan!

Included in the collection are Chip as a strawberry-chocolate tart; Dale, as a banana-chocolate tart; Olaf, as a yogurt-flavored roll; Pluto, as a banana-flavored white chocolate tart; Mickey Mouse as a framboise jelly and white chocolate tart, Minnie Mouse as a white chocolate tart with framboise jam, Winnie the Pooh as a honey tart, Alien, as a mint-flavored white chocolate tart, and Tigger, as a pumpkin tart with caramel-chocolate ganache.

The offerings are available through February 14 at a cost of 2,268 yen (or about $19). However, they can only be found at Cozy Corner locations that sell fresh sweets.

Check out an additional image below.

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cy-1 copy

If combining instant noodles and chocolate sounds like a dream come true to you, we have some good news. Next month in Japan, Myojo Foods will be releasing a version of their Ippei-chan Yomise no Yakisoba instant noodles with chocolate sauce.

The new instant noodles will actually feature three helpings of chocolate. First off, the yakisoba sauce features coca powder and a cafe latte flavoring. There’s also a sweet chocolate sauce that you can pour over the noodles. Finally, the noodles come with chocolate chips and cinnamon toppings for a little extra sweetness.

If chocolate isn’t your thing, the company also offers noodles with a variety of different flavorings, including mayonnaise, spicy cod roe and pizza.

The price for the choco-noodles is only 195 yen (or $1.60 US). If you’re in Japan, the noodles are expected to hit store shelves on January 18.

(via RocketNews)


Japanese gaming company Namco has entered into the weird food business after teaming up with snack maker Calbee to create cola-flavored potato chips.

The product reportedly required eight months of development and will be available exclusively in Namco crane games as prizes.

According to the taste taste video below, the chips actually do taste like cola, which makes us wonder how consumers will choose to wash them down.

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7-Eleven in Japan recently partnered up with Ichiban-Kuji (Japanese lottery) to give customers a chance to win some cool and super unique Star Wars items.

When a customer purchases something at 7-Eleven, they can ask the cashier for an Ichiban-Kuji ticket (which runs about 620 yen or $5). Each ticket is a winner, but the Star Wars prizes you can get are random. These prizes range from cool R2-D2-themed hot pots to canned coffee containers to portable lightsaber towel holders.

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nn-2 copy

Starting on Dec. 1st, McDonald’s chains in Niigata Prefecture will be offering a 48-piece bucket of McNuggets for 1,800 yen ($15). If you’re counting, that’s eight more than the 40 piece McNugget bucket that’s available in the US.

The deal is part of a promotional tie-in for a idol pop group called NGT48, which is an off-shoot of the super popular idol group, AKB48.

NGT48 sounds a lot like “Nugget 48” after all.

When you purchase a 48-nugget set, you’ll receive a promotional container that’s decorated with images of NGT48 members. Chains in the area will also offer paper tray covers and limited-edition, collectible commemorative cards with each order.

The promotional sale will continue until those Niigata chains run out of the special packages.

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Nestle Japan is offering cat lovers the opportunity to take their relationship to the next level with a fancy meal prepared so you and your feline friend can dine together.


A chef will come to a customer’s house to cook and serve courses for kitty with Nestle’s new MonPetit cat food—beginning with a prepared pouch of MonPetit maguro and bonito, then MonPetit soup with maguro, crab, and sardines, a main course of MonPetit roast chicken with vegetable sauce and a dessert of MonPetit seafood treats.

The human will not be fed cat food per se, but will be served dishes with similar ingredients.

The service is only available for the month of December and customers must live near Tokyo and be able to cover the 22,222 yen (US$180) price tag.

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