Nestle Japan is offering cat lovers the opportunity to take their relationship to the next level with a fancy meal prepared so you and your feline friend can dine together.


A chef will come to a customer’s house to cook and serve courses for kitty with Nestle’s new MonPetit cat food—beginning with a prepared pouch of MonPetit maguro and bonito, then MonPetit soup with maguro, crab, and sardines, a main course of MonPetit roast chicken with vegetable sauce and a dessert of MonPetit seafood treats.

The human will not be fed cat food per se, but will be served dishes with similar ingredients.

The service is only available for the month of December and customers must live near Tokyo and be able to cover the 22,222 yen (US$180) price tag.

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Dragon Ball fans might need to plan a trip to visit Danke Dinning. The Nagoya, Japan-based restaurant serves edible Dragon Balls. Who knew they were so easy to find?

The Dragon Balls are included in a hot-pot style meal called “Dragon Ball Nabe”. The restaurant makes the balls using collagen jelly and the tiny stars are made using carrots.

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In January, Nestle Japan is planning to release a limited edition series of 500 Kit-Kat bars wrapped in gold leaf. The $17 bars will be available exclusively at Nestle’s Kit-Kat specialty store “Chocolatory” in celebration of the store welcoming over a million visitors since opening last year.

If you’re lucky enough to nab one, maybe you should put it away for a rainy day. Wait for the price of gold to rise and sell it to some idiot on eBay and make your fortune.

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Have you ever noticed that fortune cookies rarely speculate on your future? More often than not it’s some sort of disappointing and confusing nugget of wisdom.

“Your ability for accomplishment will follow with success.”

Screw you fortune cookie. Good thing you’re delicious.

However, these fortune cookies by Felissimo are a different matter altogether. Their Hide-and-Seek Kittie Candies snack set feature two folded senbei rice crackers with a chubby cat figurine inside.

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back to the future food

Japan is famous for fandom-themed cafes, so it’s no surprise that multiple Back To The Future cafes have popped up to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the franchise. In fact, there are no less than five BTTF cafes with movie-inspired drinks, food, decor, and music. Even TV personality and film critic Kon Arimura got in the spirit with his Marty McFly jacket and hoverboard.

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The locations includeTrattoria Paradiso in Tokyo and Sweets Paradise restaurants in Chiba, Osaka, Hyogo, and Okayama.

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Keep your beverages safe with a Star Wars-themed cup clinger. These little guys are currently available at Village Vanguard stores throughout Japan, and they offer a number of different Star Wars characters to choose from, including Darth Vader, Boba Fett, a Stormtrooper and Yoda. There’s also a “mysterious” seventh character that hasn’t been revealed.

The clingers go for about 490 yen (or $4.10) each, and for a little extra fun, all the packages are the same, so you can never be quite sure which character you’re picking up.

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Feast your eyes on pastels and rainbows in a very colorful My Little Pony cafe in Harajuku, Japan. Every square inch of this bright pop-up restaurant is decorated with ponies, including the retro characters from our childhood. Even big plush ponies hang out while you gaze at the specialized MLP menu.

It may just be the most adorable cafe on earth. If you can get out there, make sure to check out the MLP cafe before it closes on November 29th.

Top Image: Omotesando Info

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It seems like every nation has their own unique traditions during New Year’s, and Japan is no exception. During New Year’s, it was often traditional for Japanese shops (including markets) to close down for the holiday. So, with dining-out options limited, folks would then dine on osechi ryouri over the course of several days. The dish, which is served in stackable bento boxes, features a cornucopia of symbolic goodies–for instance, shrimp typically represents the elderly (because they’re hunched over).

Interestingly, Nintendo is coming out with their own osechi ryouri for 2016 to be sold in Japanese department store Takashimaya. Nintendo’s version is Super Mario-themed, and it comes with special cards. The price is pretty steep ($225), but since it’s meant to last a few days, it might be worth the price.

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As you probably know, Japan is the home to a number of bizarre yet intriguing Kit Kat concoctions. Now a coffeehouse called “Pronto” has endeavored to take things to the next level by offering Kit Kat croissants.

The two offerings currently available include milk chocolate and matcha green tea-flavored Kit Kats in the center of a baked croissant. The flavors have been described as “a great contrast to the bitterness of a cup of coffee”. It can also be heated to get it all melty up in there.

Both examples are priced at 170 yen (US$1.40) and are reportedly available at all Pronto location from 7 am to 5:30 pm. However, they will only be around for a limited time.

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panda1 copy

Hot and buttery.

Thanks to Village Vanguard, you can celebrate all things toasty and doughy with their newest line of bread-inspired cushions, slippers and backpacks. The Japanese novelty company will be releasing the bread-themed goodies this November, but you can check out some of their offerings after the break.

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