Legend of Zelda

zelda wine charms 1

It’s dangerous to drink alone! So, take these Legend of Zelda wine charms to a party or invite people over to join you. The five piece set includes Link, Link wearing Ezlo, Zelda, Vaati, and Belari depicted in metal and displayed as charms on hoops with Swarovski crystals. They loop around the bottom of a wine glass, or you can even use them on a coffee mug handle. They would make a great housewarming present for the Zelda fan in your life!

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legend of zelda pizza 1

The Legend of Zelda was first released on Feburary 21, 1986. We’re a few days late with our birthday wishes, but hopefully Link doesn’t mind. Blogger denacem celebrated the day by assembling an impressive Link pizza. It looks like olives were used for the words, green peppers for the hood, and you can also spot ham, bacon, and maybe pineapple? I don’t know if Link has ever looked so tasty.

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Zeth of Hyrule is a loyal Zelda fan, and he created a Tumblr that’s dedicated to the baddest Hylian warrior of all time and his mostly unheard of adventures. Zeth posted a series of pics that document Link’s, uh, latest odd quest: The time that he took on a bunch of Super Mario gummies.

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This extremely detailed Legend of Zelda Cake by Karolina Cake Designer, is so well done that it makes me want to get in touch with my inner Link: Rescue a princess. Take up the ocarina. Maybe fling a cucco or two against a wall. Oh, I miss my N64.

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zelda mugs 1

If you spend several of your waking hours thinking about The Legend of Zelda, then you should definitely start your day with a custom Ocarina of Time mug. Etsy seller FusRoDraw takes a song of your choosing and adds a decal to a ceramic mug. If you have an ocarina, you can play the tune while you go about your morning. Just remember: no one likes ocarina music before 7am. Not even your pets.

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hyrule tavern

What if Link was actually a bar wench? This fun t-shirt design by WinterArtwork imagines a comfortable and cozy tavern in Hyrule with a familiar looking server. This cute Link-lookalike waitress has a Triforce on her sleeve and plenty of beer. You’ll need it after a day of adventuring!

Product Page ($19.95 via Shirtoid)

zelda cake top

One-year-olds get all the best things these days, it’s not fair. For example, just look at this cake! The talented Nerdache Cakes made this gorgeous Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker cake for a 1st birthday! It’s vanilla chocolate chip with vanilla and almond buttercream and it has a layer of crushed sugar cookies and white ganache. Holy crap. Yes, I’m jealous of a baby. I can’t get over the details on the boat and costumes and dragon; I especially love all the rolled fondant waves. Lucky kid!

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gaming cake

This wedding cake is too pretty to cut! Twitter use TawnyPixie photographed this epic gaming masterpiece at a friend’s wedding recently. It features Mario riding Yoshi facing down Bowser, Link in mid-battle, and Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man going after treats. I can’t get over the details and colors and overall fabulous-ness put into this edible art.

(via Tawny Pixie)

hyrule coffee

The product description of this Hyrule Coffee mug over on Etsy pretty much says it all:

An exclusive drink served at The Milk Bar and Latte located in the home of East Clock Town. This is only available to members and must have proof of membership to purchase such a fine beverage- made with only the finest Chateau Romani (an expensive vintage milk) at a price of 200 rupees per serving. :)

I’ll take two, please.

Product Page ($11 via it8bit)

zelda teapot top

Etsy seller Lauren Russell is offering these handmade Legend of Zelda teapots which feature a golden triforce on one side and the logo from Twilight Princess on the other.

It is made from white earthenware clay, and glazed using non-toxic glazes. A small flange on the lid keeps the lid in place during pouring. This teapot holds about 5 cups and is dishwasher, microwave and food safe. It is NOT stove top safe.

There you have it. The only problem is that as of this writing the product is sold out, but she does take custom orders.

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