Well, this Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask Cake is definitely one of the most unique nerdy cakes we’ve ever seen.

Crafted by Las tartas del cachorro for the Game On Cake Collaboration, you can tell that a lot of thought went into the design. I love how it looks like Link’s popping out of the TV, ready to take on Skull Kid. And that tiny N64? Please. I’m sold. I need this cake, ASAP.

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legend of zelda pizza 1

The Legend of Zelda was first released on Feburary 21, 1986. We’re a few days late with our birthday wishes, but hopefully Link doesn’t mind. Blogger denacem celebrated the day by assembling an impressive Link pizza. It looks like olives were used for the words, green peppers for the hood, and you can also spot ham, bacon, and maybe pineapple? I don’t know if Link has ever looked so tasty.

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Zeth of Hyrule is a loyal Zelda fan, and he created a Tumblr that’s dedicated to the baddest Hylian warrior of all time and his mostly unheard of adventures. Zeth posted a series of pics that document Link’s, uh, latest odd quest: The time that he took on a bunch of Super Mario gummies.

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This extremely detailed Legend of Zelda Cake by Karolina Cake Designer, is so well done that it makes me want to get in touch with my inner Link: Rescue a princess. Take up the ocarina. Maybe fling a cucco or two against a wall. Oh, I miss my N64.

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This little Link was created by deviantArtist Emma-Is-A-Leaf for her brother’s wedding cake. It started life as just a torso since his legs were hiding under the wedding cake, but when the day was over, she decided to finish him up and give him a whole body. She then sent Link on his way with her brother and his new wife as a souvenir of the day as they started their new life together.

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twist tie link

Link made entirely out of twist ties created by justjake54. Check out the 10th and 11th Doctor version after the break.

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If this doesn’t get the kids to eat their fruit salad, then nothing will.

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A Legendary Link Apron

Are you worthy to posess the Triforce of Cooking (Grilling, Baking and Mixology)? Grab this apron and fulfill your destiny.

Product Page ($30)

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