In a moment of brilliance, Lollyphile transformed pizza into lollipop form and presented it to the masses. It’s pizza…on a stick…with sugar. The ultimate food.

The pops are available in groups of 4, 12 or 36, with prices ranging from $8 to $54. Check out an additional pic below. [click to continue…]

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Artist and sculptor Shinri Tezuka specializes in a unique medium: he transforms candy into stunning works of art. In the past, we’ve featured his stunning lollipop animals.

As you can see above, his latest creation for the summer season is lollipops that are designed to resemble uchiwa fans. If you’d like to pick up one of these artistic treats, your best bet is to head to Tokyo and visit one of his stores between now and the end of August. [click to continue…]


We’ve seen space-themed lollipops in the past, but ThinkGeek is offering an entire solar system’s worth for $29.99.

How many licks it takes to get to the center of the Earth? Let’s find out.

Flavors include:

Sun – Marshmallow, Mercury – Tropical Punch, Venus – Cherry, Earth – Cotton Candy, Mars – Pear, Jupiter – Key Lime, Saturn – Guava, Uranus – Blackberry, Neptune – Mango, Pluto – Strawberry / Kiwi

Handmade Planetary Lollipops ($29.99)


It can be hard to find the time to prepare breakfast in the morning. Sometimes even popping a frozen waffle in the toaster is more work than I want to do. These new breakfast lollipops from ThinkGeek could save the day though.

The set has bacon, donut, and waffle lollipops, and their flavors pretty much match their titles. According to ThinkGeek, “The bacon tastes like bacon; the donut tastes like coconut (with strawberry frosting); and the waffle tastes like delicious maple syrup.” All you have to do is unwrap the suckers and destroy a tasty, if nutritionally poor, breakfast.

Product Page ($9.99)


You might not be able to drink a beer any old time you like, but you probably can suck on a beer-flavored lollipop without getting fired from your job. These lollipops by Lollyphile come in three beer flavors of Lager, Stout and IPA and are true to the beers for which they are named. This isn’t Lollyphile’s first foray into the world of odd lollipop flavors. We’ve previously featured lollipops with flavors like Sriracha Bacon and Bleu Cheese.

You can get yourself some beer flavored lollipops online, and if you use the code BEERBREAK at checkout then you’ll get 50% off of your whole order, no matter which flavors you choose.

Product Page ($10 For Four)


War may be hell but these Star Wars Rebel and Imperial lollipops will make the fight for the galaxy a heck of a lot sweeter. They are handmade and flavored tasty Bavarian Cream by Designer Lollipops. You can buy them in packs of six so you’ll have plenty of time to savor their Star Wars goodness.

Product Page ($16 via Laughing Squid)

blue cheese lollipop

When you’re in the business of making bizarre lollipop flavors, you’ve got to think outside of the norm. Lollyphile, the makers of the Sriracha lollipop, have outdone themselves in the bizarre category with their latest release – blue cheese lollipops.

It apparently started off as a joke and the owner of the company, Jason Darling, was hesitant to even try them. He was wrong though; he tried the finished product and the flavors work. Like they point out, blue cheese is often paired with honey so making it into a sugary treat is a natural choice. In theory.

Would you guys try a blue cheese lollipop?

Product Page ($10 and up)

Undead Rabbit Pops

Would you eat a dead rabbit? Unless it’s in my grandmother’s special rabbit stew, I wouldn’t. But I’ll have to add another exception to the list: these gory-looking red and green zombie bunny lollipops from ThinkGeek. They don’t look particularly appetizing, but you’ll be happy to know that they come in yummy cotton candy flavor and are available in packs of four.

Product Page ($9.99)

Eye of Sauron Lollipops


Etsy user “designerlollipop” created these ball-shaped hard candy Eye of Sauron lollipops by encasing an image made from a proprietary blend of Isomalt, Sugar and Corn Syrup inside a candy shell. $13 will get you a pack of six – all of which will be cherry-flavored.

Product Page: ($13 via TH)

Chupa Chups Design Wood Cases

I can say that I’ve dropped lollipops on the ground or into puddles of water more times than I’d like in my lifetime. I hate seeing good candy go to waste, but no one wants to eat shattered bits of lollies or lick candy that was dipped in dirty water.

If you feel the same way and are looking for a way to protect your lollipops, then you’ll like the Chupa Chups Design Wood Cases. These are crafted out from African Mahogany, and apparently, they’re virtually unbreakable.

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