This wonderful mashup cake by Little Cherry Cake Company has Mario characters standing in for everyone in The Nightmare Before Christmas. There’s Jack and Sally as Mario and Peach, Oogie Boogie as Yoshi, Lock Shock and Barrel as Shy Guys, Boo Ghosts, Zero, Dry Bones, Yoshi eggs and Tim Burton style-Piranha plants all beautifully rendered. It’s a cake made in gamer heaven, or is that gamer Halloween?

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What you’re looking at is a fan tribute to Super Mario Bros. that is made entirely out of toothpicks. It was built by BB Korry who used 140,000 toothpicks, carefully stacked and held together with glue and colored with spray paint.

When all was said and done, took a total of five days to build at a cost of $100. Could there be a better use for time and money? Absolutely—but were glad that there are people out there driven to make stuff like this.

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Every Halloween I attempt to carve a simple, smiley-faced pumpkin, and you know what happens? It never turns out how I want it to look. The smile’s totally off every time–it looks like the pumpkin took a hockey puck to the face. But this year is going to be different. has a bunch of free pumpkin printable stencils that you can use when you’re carving your pumpkin including the Captain America logo, the House Stark sigil, the Ghostbuster logo and more. The best one is the Luigi death stare though. So go on and start carving some nerdy pumpkins!

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wolverine pop

Whenever I see ice cream vendors with cartoon and geek themed popsicles, I’m always tempted to fork over money. It’s like some kind of instinct. I should know better though because the contents of the package rarely offer what’s advertised; instead, the eyes are wonky, the colors are melted together, etc. It might be traumatic for children.

Dorkly’s rounded up some cartoon popsicles that didn’t get it quite right, and the list features characters like Tweety Bird, Pikachu, Batman, and more. The pictures are fabulous and a little scary.

Top image via thedorkdaddy.

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Super Mario Bros. Wedding Cake by Naera.

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Mario Kart fans will be pleased to know that McDonald’s recently announced that its next round of Happy Meal toys will feature a new line of Mario Kart 8 figures. Mario, Luigi, Bowser, Toad, Donkey Kong, Yoshi and Princess Peach will all be present and accounted for–and plus you’ll get a sweet new visor too. As long as you can get over that somewhat-maniacal grin on the side of the Happy Meal box, you should be good to pick up some new Mario toys. Hooray!

(McDonalds via Kotaku)

super mario mint warp pipe cookies

I’m constantly amazed by the things people can do with cookies and cakes these days. As a kid, I never saw things like these Super Mario Mint Cookie Warp Pipes by Jennifer Imhoff-Dousharm and, to be honest, I feel a little deprived when it comes to my childhood.

Not only are these cookies, but Jennifer suggests you fill the pipes with ice cream, whipped cream, or your favorite dessert filling. I’m thinking Nutella and ice cream.

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When it comes to Mario’s power-ups, the fire flower is one of the best. I mean, tossing fireballs around is something I’d love to try out for myself but, sadly, that kind of activity is frowned upon. To make matters worse, I can’t seem to find any fire flowers anywhere.

But not to worry! Jennifer over on Kitchen Overlord found a way to make a fire flower of her very own. Sure, it’s not an actual flower, but her Nutella and raspberry cream cheese brioche bread fire flower is shaped like one at least… and it looks pretty darn delicious to boot. It features a whole lot of cream cheese, Nutella and raspberry spread and it’s actually simple to make on your own.

Check out her full recipe at Kitchen Overlord.


Did you know that Nintendo has been making games in one form or another since 1889? The company’s a cultural icon in Japan, and to celebrate one of the company’s most famous video games,  McDonald’s chains throughout the country are offering a line of Super Mario toys with their Happy Meals. Like usual, the US is going to be left out of the fun. What do we have going on right now? NFL-themed toys. Pfft.

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1UP For Pancakes


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