Did you know that Nintendo has been making games in one form or another since 1889? The company’s a cultural icon in Japan, and to celebrate one of the company’s most famous video games,  McDonald’s chains throughout the country are offering a line of Super Mario toys with their Happy Meals. Like usual, the US is going to be left out of the fun. What do we have going on right now? NFL-themed toys. Pfft.

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1UP For Pancakes


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Poor Mario. He’s always in the wrong castle. He’s not going to get the princess at this one, but maybe he will be able to get a tasty burger.

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Young Tyler Crocket has a different vision of Mario than most.

Apparently, in his world, Mario’s a staggering drunk. But you can tell the kids that he just gets an oogy tummy from all that jumping around.

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Mario Cookies were made by Craft Me a Cookie.

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Mario Golf In Cake Form


This incredibly detailed Mario golf cake was created by Mike’s Amazing Cakes.

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This is the perfect snack to break out for your next game night. They’re individual pizza rolls made to look like little 1-Up mushrooms. You can fill them with any topping you like, although, it’ll be tough biting into them and destroying their precious faces.

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8-Bit Mario Cake


Created by DeviantArt user I-Am-Ginger-Pops as “a combination of 8-bit and modern Mario bro’s style with a yummy dense Vanilla fudge cake on the inside”.

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Mario Wedding Cake

mario wedding cake

This Mario cake was part of an amazing geek wedding put together by Jane and Neil. Geeks have the best noms.

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Its unclear whether this massive Mario canned food sculpture was built with a specific purpose (besides awesomeness), but if you’re anywhere near Calgary, Canada, you can catch it in all its 3D glory at South Center Mall.

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