Forget the Iron Throne: I want to rule this Bacon Meatloaf Throne with my mouth.

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I have Chicago’s The Meatloaf Bakery to thank for my newfound craving for a Loaf-A-Roma, which is described thusly:

Gooey fresh mozzarella cheese, sun dried tomatoes, fresh basil, and a splash of red wine make this beef and Italian sausage meatloaf a favorite. Topped with a swirl of angel hair pasta and served with our own marinara sauce. Featured on Cooking Channel’s Food(ography).

But that’t not all. They also have an entire selection of meaty cupcakes that come in bite-sized, cupcake-sized and pie/loaf/cake/tart-sized versions. You can even get meatloaf shipped in the mail if you live anywhere in the continental U.S.

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Meatloaf Donuts

There’s no reason why you should suspect that those round things with holes in them in the Dunkin’ Donuts box aren’t really donuts. Unless you live with a particularly cruel prankster or unless it’s April Fool’s day.

These are actually meatloaf donuts prepared by Kitchen Fun With My Three Sons, and they only got the ‘donut’ part of their name because of how they look. Trust me, these taste nothing like donuts. The frosting isn’t sugar, but mashed potatoes and cream cheese. The donut itself isn’t even made of dough; rather, it’s molded from onion and pepper meatloaf.

I’d avoid donuts next Monday if I were you.

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Charles Phoenix’s latest culinary adventure—a meatloaf lambcake for Easter.

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Meatloaf sandwich topped with smoked cheddar cheese, buttermilk fried onion rings and smoked ketchup.

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Freshly ground chuck meatloaf topped with country bacon glazed with a tomato brown sugar soy reduction – whatever that is.

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