pizza hut Sweet Sriracha Dynamite

Things are getting fancier and weirder at Pizza Hut as of November 19th. The franchise is releasing a brand new menu with new sauces, new “premium” ingredients, and even different crust flavors. You can mix and match them to suit your tastes or order some of their special combinations like BBQ Bacon Cheeseburger, Sweet Sriracha Dynamite (pictured above), Pretzel Piggy, and Cock-A-Doodle Bacon. Who’s naming these things?

Here are the new additions in all their glory:

Ingredients: Sliced Banana Peppers, Peruvian Cherry Peppers, Fresh Spinach, Premium Salami, Classic Meatball

Crust Flavors: Hut Favorite, Toasted Asiago, Honey Sriracha, Salted Pretzel, Toasted Parmesan, Fiery Red Pepper, Toasted Cheddar, Garlic Buttery Blend, Ginger Boom Boom, Get Curried Away

Sauces: Classic Marinara, Premium Crushed Tomato, Garlic Parmesan, Buffalo, Barbeque, Honey Sriracha

Drizzles: Balsamic, Honey Sriracha, Barbeque, Buffalo

What does “Ginger Boom Boom” even mean? I can get behind the garlic flavored crust, but I don’t know how I feel about the rest. I wouldn’t order a whole pizza with the bizarre flavors unless I could try samples.

More pictures of the new pizzas after the break.

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The first Denny’s in Manhattan is opening this Friday and besides swank decor, they’re offering craft cocktails. No, seriously. The location’s owner, Rahul Marwah, told Good Morning America that they wanted to serve the higher-end clientele in the Financial District nearby. To that end, they put together the $300 Grand Cru Slam. It includes the infamous Grand Slam entree for 2 and a bottle of 2003 Dom Perignon champagne. Let’s not forget that the price tag also includes a high-five from the bartender.

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We all love food and drinks with nerdy themes, especially when it comes from an equally geeky establishment. Unfortunately, going out to eat and being greeted by a nerdy menu is still something of a rare event. We don’t know why, but many places still choose to use the rather boring menu format without a themed-item in sight!

To fulfill our craving for creatively geeky menus, we conducted a search around the world. Here are nine of the nerdiest menus from the United States and abroad. See the menus and some of their deliciously nerdy food and drink after the break!

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This handy Venn diagram breaks down the menu options at Giddyup Coffee in London so that you’ll be able to order even before that first cup of coffee. If only everything in life could be so neatly ordered.

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Somewhere in East London coffee snobs are ordering drinks from a menu that lists options by the ratios of ingredients present in the beverage.

It may be a way to test customer knowledge, or a way to prevent the ignorant from ordering a cappuccino an then saying it has too much foam. So, the question is, could you order properly using this menu?

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Starting today, Taco Bell will be rolling out new dessert selections that will be a permanent addition to their menu. They include:

Caramel Apple Empanada – A crispy golden pastry pocket filled with chunks of warm apples in creamy caramel sauce.
Churro – Taco Bell’s version of the Mexican donut, dusted in cinnamon sugar and served warm.
Cookie Sandwich – Two golden, delicious triangle-shaped chocolate chip cookies with vanilla cream filling in between.

For a limited time, a Strawberry and Mango Crème Frutista Freeze will also be available.

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Burger King is trying hard to recover from its horrendous “King” years, which reduced their sales and knocked them out of the number two sales spot for hamburger chains.

the latest efforts resulted in a new menu with healthier options and snackable items aimed at moms, families and seniors – including chicken strips with 100% white meat, new salads, smoothies, frappes and snack wraps. The chain’s iconic Whopper will also receive a makeover, with thicker cheese and a return to cardboard box packaging.

Steve Wiborg, executive vice president and president of North American operations, stated that “this is the biggest change in scope in the history of the brand,” as well as “the chain’s largest investment in a one-year time frame”. Will the changes work? Only time will tell…

Hit the jump to check out a USA Today video outlining some of the new products.

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Throw caution to the wind at the Clinton Station Diner in Clinton, NJ.

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A Drink Menu of Memes

AFK Taven in Washington State has a drink menu filled with memes. Though a shot of Bear Grylls piss is noticeably absent.

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The Russian designers at Art Lebedev are known for their gadgets, but their passion is for pastry. That’s why they have created a photo-centric cafe menu. Good thing it fans out because the treats are so good, you’ll be gettin’ the vapors.

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