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Add some color and adorableness to your kitchen with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic aprons! My experience is you can never have too many aprons, and I love wearing ones that make cooking even more fun. Pettanko Princess’s cutie mark aprons would do just that. They are made to order and feature not only the cutie mark of your favorite pony but also coordinating colors and buttons. For example, the Fluttershy apron has butterfly buttons. Awww!

Choose from the Mane Six or Celestia, Luna, Vinyl Scratch, and more!

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Raise your hand if you’ve done something unwise after having one too many drinks. Looks like most of you, but I bet none of you can say you stole a huge, wooden, My Little Pony statue. That’s what a couple of guys in Denmark did but they didn’t get away with the prank. The brony who made the pony, Thomas Dambo came looking for it the next day, and he caught the whole exchange on video. It’s kind of magical.

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mlp cupcakes

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mlp cake 1

If you don’t find My Little Pony to be one of the most adorable things ever, I’m a little worried about you. The characters are funny and so cute you could eat them, and baker Marzia Caruso captured them perfectly in this beautiful cake. Sculpting seems to be one of her specialties and it shows – Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, and Pinkie Pie look so good they good be action figures.

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sw cookie pops 3

Maria over at Amigalletas has a thing for nerd cookie pops. These Star Wars cookie pops are just part of the bigger cookie pop basket of awesome, but we’re only gonna show off a selection because, well, I’m already licking the screen and I have stuff to do.

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My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic may be the most adorable animated series currently on television and are therefore meant to be cute desserts. Baker Zoey Cakes really captured the Mane Six and a few of their friends in these fantastic cupcakes she made for a birthday party. She even included Doctor Hooves!

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My Little Pony Cake

The highlight of every birthday party is most often the cake—especially if it’s kid’s birthday party. What better way to make a cake magical than by baking a My Little Pony-themed cake? This particular one made by Jeni from Grand Elegance Cakes features Pinkie Pie lying by her pink and purple cottage.

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My Lidl Pony

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This is Ponyville recreated from the perspective DeviantArt artist Artist Liebatron using gingerbread and loads of icing to hold everything together. It’s madness.

You can find several of the ponies, including Cheerilee and Twilight Sparkle, prancing about the village, because of course it wouldn’t be Ponyville without the actual ponies (not edible—don’t eat the ponies).

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