neil armstrong

Next time you prepare astronaut fare such as thermo-stabilized cheddar cheese spread or rehydratable peas, strap on this 100% kona cotton Apollo 11 apron and take one giant leap for novelty aprons. This offering from Etsy seller jordandene pays tribute to the Apollo 11 mission and its most famous participant, Neil Armstrong. However, men need not apply, because it is only available in a women’s one-size-fits-most style… bummer.

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Two guys named Thomas and Quentin grew bored of random lunch foods and decided to combine their creative forces to improve, and experiment with, the conventional burger. The results are inspired by everyday headlines and recent events – including an homage to Neil Armstrong which consists of an all-white burger in a sesame-seed sky topped with coconut shavings. The team also commemorated the 50th anniversary of the James Bond franchise with a “Bun, James Bun” burger.

They hope to hook up with more restaurants and magazines as they push the burger boundary. Hit the jump for additional pics.

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