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dnd cake

As you probably know, Vin Diesel is a big D&D fan. So it’s not surprising that he celebrated his birthday with a Dungeons and Dragons cake that looks both accurate and delicious.

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What is surprising is that turned 48. Seriously?!

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Fans of Tim Burton’s take on Alice in Wonderland will undoubtedly love this cake. It’s the work of Galia Hristova and the details are pretty astounding to say the least.

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This Doctor Who-themed wedding cake is the work of The Giant Cupcake Shop. It’s a beautiful and elegant white wedding cake on one side, but spin it around and it’s a Dalek ready to ruin the wedding.

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For a moment, you might think that this cake from Estrele Cakes was a classic (but beautiful) four-tiered wedding cake. But once you turn it around, you’ll see that that the back of the cake features a fun SpongeBob scene.

I have to say, these surprise/compromise cakes are quickly becoming our favorite kind of wedding cake.

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deadpool cake

Ant Roman of Nerdache Cakes does it again with this spectacular Deadpool cake. Go ahead and take a bite—Deadpool wants you to.

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elsa cake

You may have seen this side by side picture of an Elsa cake going around, but it turns out there’s more to the story than people thought. While McGreevy Cakes is listed on the original picture, McGreevy didn’t make the cake on the right. They offer tips and tutorials on cake design. The Elsa cake that came out…different appears to have been made as part of Icing Smiles, “a nonprofit organization that provides custom celebration cakes and other treats to families impacted by the critical illness of a child”.

So, this cake was made out of kindness—for no profit. The Internet probably feels so bad right now.

The baker who made the original design even weighed in to remind people that, while the cake wasn’t perfect, someone worked hard to make it.

And this is the little girl that got the cake. Looks like she’s all smiles.

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harley cake

Margot Robbie celebrated her birthday on the set of Suicide Squad with a superbly detailed Harley Quinn comic book cake. Something tells me that Harley Quinn would be delighted by the Inception-like quality of eating a Harley Quinn cake.

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Hulk Cake: Smashed It!


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If this cake doesn’t make you want to run off and immediately watch Big Hero 6, then you’re probably a robot (and not a friendly one like Baymax). This cake, made by I Love Cakes By Sheila, features a whole bunch of lovely details, including a cake topper that depicts Baymax hugging it out with Hiro Hamada.

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gremlins cake

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