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doctor who candy cake

Getting married is all about making compromises, and it starts with the ceremony. So, if one half of the couple wants candy on the wedding cake, and the other half wants to feature Doctor Who, you just make it work. Lucy Partridge made this sweet time-traveling dessert, and I like all the adornments on both the candy and Who sides. All it needs is a Fourth Doctor posed beside it with jelly babies.

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cap and yoda cake 1

What to do when you can’t decide between characters to feature on a birthday cake? Easy! Make a double-sided cake. Baker Augustus Gloop Chocolate Fountains & Cakes combined Captain America and Yoda in an unlikely but rather awesome combination. Cap and stars and stripes decorate one side of the cake, and Yoda and the galaxy appears on the other. Since both franchises are owned by Disney, they make a perfect pair.

This is not only a good dessert solution for the indecisive – it works well for joint birthdays.

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dragon egg cake

Made by attackofthecakes.

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vanellope cake main

This Wreck-It-Ralph Princess Vanellope Von Schweetz cake was made by Ant over at Nerdache Cakes and, while it’s adorable, it’s also made with Character Death by Chocolate cake and Vanilla Buttercream, which means it’s probably delicious.

Ant says that Vanellope’s torso, head and arms are sculpted fondant and it was a super fun cake to make.

I bet it’s a super fun cake to eat.

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These nerdy yet delicious treats are the work of Heartache Cakes which is based in the UK. First Ellie comes up with the recipes and then Rozie gets to decorating. There are darling little treats like these Harry Potter cupcakes, but also creepier delicacies like monkey brain cakes.

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belle cake

This Belle cake by My Sweet Obsession both delights and terrifies me. The detail and the painting on the base of the cake are lovely and I love the book, but the doll arms and head mean you have to pull her apart to eat her and that’s just disturbing.

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nerd cake - d&d manual

A new baker of nerd-flavored treats has come onto our radar, and we’re in love. Stefania of Sweet & Geek has a dazzling array of creative cakes and cookies on her blog including the Dungeons and Dragons 3.5 Manual pictured above. That cake was made from sponge cake soaked in limoncello and stuffed with lemon filling; she created the book and decorations with sugar paste. Each gem and attachment was painted by hand. Wow.

Stefania gives that level of attention to each of her creations and you’ll find she’s made Doctor Who cupcakes, Bag End, baked Cthulhu, 1up mushrooms, and so much more. It’s easy to lose hours flipping through the treats on her blog.

Check out more of her geek themed desserts after the break.

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A Sugar Art Narnia Cake

narnia cake

Made by Michelle Sugar Art

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text message cake

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