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The Weeping Angels are one of the more terrifying creatures in the Doctor Who universe, but everyone knows their secret at this point. Unfortunately, they’ve adapted and started hiding in cake. How can you possibly resist taking your eyes off the angel to take a bite?

Indeed, The Kitchen Overlord baked a cake with the silhouette of a Weeping Angle hidden inside.

It’s just one of the recipes you can find in her cookbook, Dining With the Doctor: Regenerated. It’s currently up for funding on kickstarter where a pledge of $29 will get you all the Whovian recipes you can handle.

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Need a good landspeeder to navigate the treacherous deserts of Tatooine? Well, the X-34 is a solid choice, but I wouldn’t go with the version pictured above–mostly because it’s actually a cake.

Made by Les Gâteaux de Gilles, this particular cake features a stunning amount of detail.

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It’s always nice when we get tips on awesome new creations from Cakes Cove, and this one is extra special because it’s Star Wars-themed for a geeky May the 4th wedding.

I particularly like the Rebel and Empire logos in the flowers. Little touches like that always make me smile –– but then, I’m an unabashed fan of her work.

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extinction cake

Redditor ChristineHMcConnell took Earth Day to dark places by sharing the “Extinction Cake” she made a few months back. It accurately depicts the impact of the Chicxulub asteroid 66 million years ago—the event that many believe is responsible for wiping out most of the dinosaurs.

Not only are the contents geologically accurate, the inside is also properly layered. Check out more pics after the break…

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If you want to see a little bit of edible perfection, you don’t have to look much further than this My Neighbor Totoro cake by Rozie Powell of Cinnamon Square.

The gang’s all here and everyone’s so cute that I wish I could be miniaturized to go live in this cake. Well, at least until the eating started.

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This crazy realistic NES cake was made by Cara Mia Cake in Australia for Vanessa and Chris Harding’s wedding. The couple chose this as their wedding cake because it was one of their first common hobbies. She even still has the NES she played as a child. According to the Herald Sun:

We spent hours playing Tetris when we first started dating 10 years ago. But our favourite game would have to be Super Mario Bros.

It might look like a game console, but it was filled with a cookies and cream white chocolate ganache that was undoubtedly much tastier.

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kaiju cake

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sailor moon dessert

Redditor CakeforReddit has compiled a series of ten spectacular Sailor Moon-inspired desserts (one for each of the ten major Senshi).

As you’ll see in the gallery after the break, the desserts are gorgeous and do a fantastic job of representing their respective characters.

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richard iii cake

Richard III cake by Conjuror’s Kitchen.

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snape cake 1

Neha, the baker behind BlueBay Desserts, is a fan of Harry Potter. Her take on a Severus Snape cake is inspired by how the character looked in the “How It Should Have Ended” take on the franchise, and I have to say that her sculpture is a close match. Besides making Snape, she crafted a potions bottle, a bit of parchment, the Slytherin symbol, and an Advanced Potion Making book to add to the cake. She put a silver doe on the side of the cake because “always.” Sniffle.

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