Nerd Cakes

We’ve seen a lot of Star Wars cakes over the years, but this wedding renewal cake by cakeguy555 is unique. I can’t read the entire crawl, but there’s words like “cherish” and “love” in there, so I assume that the next movie in this couple’s series is going to be awesome . However, as you’ll see in the picture below, making the cake proved to be a bit challenging: [click to continue…]

French chef Cédric Grolet has put a fun spin on the petit four by stacking the tiny cakes into edible Rubik’s Cubes. [click to continue…]

Want to make a cake that will blow everyone away at a birthday party? A LEGO Batman cake certainly fits the bill, and Ashlee Marie Cakes is about to show you how. In the following video, she covers everything from planning to building the internal structure to adding eyes that glow. Yes, cake eyes that GLOW. [click to continue…]

Imgur user Pedagiggle crafted this space cake for a very lucky 4-year old. However, this space cake is special because it’s extra space-y. There’s space on the inside and the outside. Also, the universe tastes like vanilla apparently. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Cake Pops Now Come In Unicorn

You can add these adorable unicorn cake pops by Just Add Sugar to a collection that includes unicorn macarons, unicorn hot chocolate, and even unicorn toast.

(via Cake Wrecks)

Not much is known about this Minas Tirith Lord of the Rings cake, except that Redditor f00dnetw0rk worked on it “for a super stoked bride who was a huge LOTR fan”. [click to continue…]

Tara Strong—you may know her as the voice of pretty much every beloved animated female character in history. Well, many of them anyway—including My Little Pony‘s Twilight Sparkle. This is the highly disturbing cake Tara’s husband got for her birthday. Check out the entire cake in her tweet below. [click to continue…]

I think Archie McPhee hit the nail on the head when they compared the work of Tim Burton to this Mud Cake Monster by Mélanie Launay. It’s made with chocolate, coffee and coco mud cake, dark chocolate ganache and coconut flakes. The video below shows you how it was done. [click to continue…]

Yes, you can have a classy cake and still make it fun—this Star Wars-themed cake from Cakes Cove is yet another example. A dash of Star Wars is all it needed. Check out the entire cake below. [click to continue…]

From Star Wars to Disney Princesses, Japan’s Ginza Cozy Corner has been systematically transforming Disney characters (and their butts) into cute treats. This time, the’ve assembled the Avengers into a nine-piece Tsum Tsum-inspired cake set. [click to continue…]