Nerd Cakes


Well, now you can cross it off your bucket list.

The Sweet Spot, an Arizona-based bakery, crafted this impressive, chibi-style cake of everyone’s favorite Toydarian, Watto.

The cake stands at 16″, and it features a what was undoubtedly a tasty cinnamon buttercream filling and a cinnamon white chocolate ganache for icing. The Sweet Spot made the cake for the May the Sugar Force Be With You collaboration, which focused on creating fun sugar art pieces in honor of Star Wars Day.

Check out an additional, in your face pic below.

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Going toe-to-toe with a Rancor will usually end up with you being eaten. Well, thanks to this Star Wars-themed cake by Ana Remigio with Cupcakes & Dreams Portugal, the tables have been turned—now it’s your turn to eat a Rancor! Sure, this Rancor is made from frosting and cake batter, but you get my point.

Check out more pics below.

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Pei of Cumberclay can whip up Benedict Cumberbatch cake toppers like nobody’s business. This is an important skill, as Cumberbatching desserts is a very big thing these days.

Not surprisingly, some of his new toppers feature Cumberbatch in his latest role as Doctor Strange and Stephen Strange.

Check out the latter version below.

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pixar cakes

There’s some new Disney deliciousness coming from Ginza Cozy Corner for Children’s Day in Japan and it’s just as delightful as their Disney Princess cakes.

This limited edition box set of nine cakes features some of your favorite Pixar characters. Boo is adorable. I also love Sully. Actually, I love them all and they sound scrumptious.

Check out more pics and details below.

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So far, 2016 has been a good year for spaceflight. For example: Astronaut Scott Kelly spent a year in space, and SpaceX finally landed a rocket on a floating barge. Seems like a good time to celebrate all things space with this Black Velvet Nebula Cake from SprinkleBakes.

Wait until you see it sliced…

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In between breaks from playing Neko Atsume, cat lovers in Tokyo’s Ikebukuro neighborhoood have created yet another adorable way to celebrate kitties in food form.

Tokyu Hands, a store that sells fashionable home goods, holds an annual event called Neko Roji at its Ikebukuro store where everything is cat-themed — from household appliances to yummy foods.

In collaboration with Patisserie Swallowtail, a local confectionery that’s made headlines in the past thanks to their animal and anime-themed sweets, Tokyu Hands is releasing cakes based on six cats—each with different ingredients.

Check out the cakes in detail below.

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loki and elsa top

Hmmm. Loki and Elsa eh? Sounds like the foundation for some incredible fan fiction.

Still, I don’t see this union working out. That having been said, it seems pretty ballsy to put them on top of your own wedding cake. Then again, this clay topper from Asia World is pretty adorable.

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Baker and dedicated sugar artist Rose Macefield created two life-size cakes in honor of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice for last weekend’s Cake International Exhibition.

She told BBC News that it took her an incredible 200 hours to prepare these mind blowing cakes.

Check out more pics below.

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Minions Cosplay On Cake

minion cakes top

The talented folks at Sugar & Spice Gourmandise Gifts created these two birthday cakes with adorable cosplaying Minions!

Check out more pics of Batminion and Spider-Minion below.

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work cake

Jake is leaving for a new job, so his co-workers got him a cake. I’ll bet he seasoned it with his tears.

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