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i am groot cake 1

The beauty of Groot’s “I am Groot” is that it can mean anything, including “Happy Birthday!” The baker behind Between the Pages made a baby Groot cake for that occasion and used modeling chocolate to build Groot around a wooden dowel base. The letters were cut from fondant, and the white flower pot is five eight inch round cakes that were sculpted.

The Guardians of the Galaxy-inspired design is creative and since it included crushed Oreo cookies (for the dirt), buttercream icing, and chocolate ganache, it was probably delicious too.

See a close-up of Groot after the break.

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Library Cake

I never imagined I would want to live in a cake, but this library design by Kathy Knaus has changed my mind. There are a mind-blowing number of details on this cake. The front features the entrance to the library, complete with potted plants. The inside of the library is on the other side, and there are dozens of books on the shelves, a little globe, and a desk with gumdrop lamps covered in papers. I believe the entire thing is edible. If I can’t move in, maybe I could just curl up next to it with my book and eat it.

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httyd 2 cake 1

The popularity of the How to Train Your Dragon franchise in recent years means some bakers have become exceptionally skilled at sculpting dragons. Art Cakes Bg has done a few cakes with characters from the movies and TV show, but this one has five (!) dragons. She included Toothless, of course, but also Barf and Belch, Hookfang, Meatlug, and Stormfly. She did such a great job with the shading and details on each of the adorable little creatures.

Hit the break to see more pics of the dragons.

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LEGO cake 1

Eating a piece of soft LEGO cake is a much less painful experience than stepping on real LEGO bricks. Cakes by Carol made the entire thing from chocolate sponge and buttercream cake topped with chocolate ganache. Everything you see is edible. I can’t believe she had the patience to create all those little dots!

Check out a couple more pics of the cake after the break.

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luna ball cupcakes

Ant Roman of Nerdache Cakes is a favorite of ours and, with videos like this one on her Luna Ball Cupcakes, it’s pretty easy to see why.

Not only did she put her hair up in Usagi buns for the video, she uses terms like “piping tippy thing” and does a very cool time lapse of her building her fondant Luna Ball.

Check it out after the break.

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teeny sugar party

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frozen cake 1

One lucky five-year-old recently got a birthday cake inspired by Disney’s Frozen. Cake Central member motowifey created the dessert, and I love the icy blue colors. She sculpted Elsa, Anna, and Olaf to go with the cake, and if you can believe it, this was the first time she’d ever done figure modeling. That’s impressive.

See a couple of detail shots after the break.

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zelda wedding table 1

Looking for some gaming flair for a wedding or party? Etsy seller Just a Level has you covered if you’re a Legend of Zelda fan. She’s come up with treasure boxes for favors and cupcake toppers inspired by the Zelda games. The toppers feature the Triforce, rupees, and hearts from the life meter. They’re made from Perler beads, and since they’re not edible, the tokens could be a neat keepsake. Orders are shipped within 3-5 business days.

See a couple more pics of the entire Zelda spread after the break.

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adipose cover

Food blogger Kimberly Chapman wanted to make a cake for a Doctor Who fan and thought she’d have a bit of fun with an Adipose Cake.

She started with two 5″ pans, a 4″ pan, chocolate cake mix and buttercream. Once the cakes were baked, she stacked them up and then then carved out an Adipose shape (the Adipose was seated so she didn’t have to worry about it having to be held up). Then she added a buttercream cover and let it firm up in the fridge.

From there, it was all about giving the Adipose a shape with a 50/50 mix of modeling chocolate and fondant.

As a bonus, when Kimberly had too much batter, she decided to make little mini Adipose. Needless to say, it ended up being the cutest edible Adipose invasion you ever saw.

If you want the full run down on this Adipose Cake, you can find it over at Eat The Evidence.

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warcraft stein cake

Made by Cup A Dee Cakes.

(via Between The Pages)