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Show off your love for old-school arcade games in a stylish and functional way with these engraved retro gaming aluminum coasters from Etsy seller VectorEngrave. The coasters come in a pack of four designs based on Space Invaders, Pac-Man, Donkey Kong and Tetris. They’re handmade, and the $24 price tag for the set is pretty darn reasonable.

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Clever Pac-Man Cookies


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mcdonalds batman and joker

I’m about to surprise you: McDonald’s has released a commercial that’s worth watching. It’s all about bringing archenemies together over, you guessed it, a helping of McDonald’s. The illustrations are charming, and they feature a plethora of nerdy characters including Batman and the Joker, Bowser and Mario, Pac-Man, and more! The best part? It doesn’t even make you crave McDonald’s. Well played for getting me to watch an ad McDonald’s, but it fails on the inspiring me to stuff fast food into my face front. I’m okay with that.

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It might be a little hard to believe, but Pac-Man is getting his own restaurant. We don’t know much about the restaurant, which is going to be called Level 257, other than the following description: “Introducing a unique dining, entertainment & social experience inspired by PAC-MAN.

The restaurant is slated to open next year, and it will be located in the suburb of Schaumburg, just outside of Chicago. It will feature 40,000 square feet of space with a 300-seat suite, as well as cocktail lounges and a 16-lane bowling alley. Hopefully, they will have some old-school Pac-Man arcade games for diners to play too.

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gaming cake

This wedding cake is too pretty to cut! Twitter use TawnyPixie photographed this epic gaming masterpiece at a friend’s wedding recently. It features Mario riding Yoshi facing down Bowser, Link in mid-battle, and Mr. and Ms. Pac-Man going after treats. I can’t get over the details and colors and overall fabulous-ness put into this edible art.

(via Tawny Pixie)

space invaders breakfast

Playing with your food is always a good idea, and Dina Belenko has taken it to a whole other level. She’s used tea time as an excuse to make sugar cube art. Her 8-Bit tea time series features Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Tetris unraveling in sugar cubes, cereal flakes, spoons, and desserts. The shots look like they took a lot of time to set up. If I tried to do something like this, I’d just end up eating all of my supplies.

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You may remember our previous coverage of this Pac Man cabinet, which is now available along with a Space Invaders version. Each measures 1″ x 2″ x 3.25″ and packs approx. 30 pieces of candy. Here’s an overly enthusiastic description from the product page:

Each tin is shaped like an arcade cabinet, like the ones you lovingly fed coins. And inside each tin of Arcade Cabinet Candy is (you guessed it) candy! More specifically: Pac-Man or Space Invaders candy – whichever one you chose! And what do they taste like? Well, Pac-Man tastes like strawberry, just like the real Pac-Man (long story; trust us), while the Space Invaders taste like other-worldly sour apple. Best of all, once you eat the candy, you can keep neato things in the empty tin. Might we suggest quarters? Then you’ll be the coolest kid at the arcade! All thanks to Arcade Cabinet Candy. Yay!

Product Page: ($4)

Nicole of Cake Haute Couture received a request for a cake that celebrated “old school” video games. She figured including just one game wasn’t enough. Instead, she came up with a perfect design that included Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Frogger, and Tetris. It’s obviously a fun cake, but it also looks classy. That couldn’t have been easy to pull off.

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Our favorite nerdy characters take on the role of Pac-Man and enjoy their favorite power pellets in this graphic by Redditor yougruesomehare.

Pac-Cream [T-Shirt]

With a cherry on top!

Product Page ($20 via Shirtoid)