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The Happy Egg Company created this Wallace and Gromit-inspired “Pancake-omatic” that required 200 hours to build and 100 hours to test. Although there’s no word on the taste of the final product, the device obviously performed well, beginning with its ability to steal an egg from a hen.

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Bacon Cheeseburger Pancakes

Bacon Cheeseburger Cake

Cheeseburgers are normally frowned upon at the breakfast table, but bacon cheeseburger pancakes? Yes, please. I don’t think you can say no to pancakes stuffed with beef, bacon, and cheese and drizzled with barbecue sauce all over, right?

This awesome creation was put together by Fritos and Foie Gras and you can check out the recipe here.

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Hostess Cupcake Pancakes

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Seven teens in California decided to test Denny’s “all you can eat” deal by wedging themselves into a booth for 24 hours straight and gorging on 301 pancakes.

In the process, each diner consumed about 43 pancakes, or roughly 14,000 calories. The restaurant ran out of pancake mix, and one of the teens almost fell asleep on the toilet… All that for only 5 bucks each.

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I’ve never tried Dunkin’ Donuts new Meat Munchkins, but if you ask Seth from the young and hungry, they are pretty gross. So it shouldn’t be surprising that you can make better versions at home using a quick and easy recipe devised by chef Joe Dobias of JoeDoe’s restaurant in Manhattan.

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When we say everything, we mean EVERYTHING… lettuce, refried beans, cheese, tortillas, meat – all pancakes… Pass the syrup.

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Petar Kormushev and Sylvain Calinon of the Italian Institute of Technology recently taught a robot built by Barrett Technology to flip a pancake. The experiment was related to “the application of algorithms that help learn by imitation and reinforcement”, and required 50 trials before success was achieved.

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