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Step aside Fancy Feast. IHOP is what the cats crave.

Indeed, Chase Stout decided to prepare his kitten, Mr. Wilson, a delicacy in the form of a mini stack of pancakes – much to the delight of social media. The move came when his girlfriend went out of town, leaving him with a reminder to feed the cat. He clearly answered the call, with the resulting fare being handmade and topped off with a dollop of butter. However, a text between the two led some to worry that chocolate, which is poisonous to cats, had found it’s way into the batter, prompting Chase to deliver a follow up tweet to set minds at ease. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


YouTuber Parry Gripp was so inspired by the deliciousness of pancakes that he dedicated an entire song to them. Specifically, it tells the story of a wandering robot whose sole purpose is to flap the jacks anywhere and everywhere in a variety of flavors.

Here’s a taste:

The pancake robot is here at last
His flapjacks are flying supersonically fast
With his maple syrup cannon, and his butter pat blaster
He’s gonna feed the world, cause he’s the pancake master!

Check out the video below, but beware that this song will likely take up permanent residence in your noggin. [click to continue…]

Carbfull Whisper

pancake sax

I would really love to see Jake do something with this as a sequel to Bacon Pancakes.

(via marcbernardin)


Pizzarest is for tourists. Real adventures know that the ultimate challenge lies in conquering the dreaded Pancake Mountain. Here we see Deadpool in his moment of triumph. They even made a shirt to commemorate the occasion.

Deadpool Pancake Mountain T-Shirt ($19.99)

donaldduckpancake copy

Chris Pratt recently tried making a Donald Duck pancake for his three-year-old son, Jack. As you’ll see in the video below, Jack was quick to point out that his Dad needs a little bit of practice with his pancakes. He was being nice—the creature above is an abomination.

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When is pancake flipping better than pancake eating? When the flipping is done by “Mike D” of the Nipomo Firefighters Association. At their recent community pancake breakfast, Mike demonstrated his skills with precision and pomp, which included bagpipe accompaniment.

Check out the video below. [click to continue…]

deadpool spatula

There’s only one right way to make pancakes, and it involves this Deadpool spatula.

It also works great for flipping chimichangas. I even scratched my back with it one time and Deadpool still said “Mmm, Pancakes”. I’m pretty sure my back doesn’t taste like pancakes, so I don’t know what’s up with that. Maybe Deadpool thinks everything tastes like pancakes. Maybe he’s a liar. We’ll have to sauté some vegetables to find out for sure.

Deadpool Pancakes Spatula ($15.99)


This year, Nestle will use Easter as an excuse to give Japan more of the unusual food it craves – in this case, pancake-flavored Kit Kats.

What do pancakes have to do with Easter? Who the hell knows? But they do appear to carry rabbit ear designs and wishes for a “Lucky Easter” – so that’s something.

Unfortunately, it seems that this brilliantly bizarre combination will be confined to Japan – so the rest of us will only be able to imagine what these things taste like. Though, I would hope they taste like, you know…pancakes.

(Twitter via Eater)


Researchers from University College London have finally tackled the physics of perfect pancakes and have published their results in Mathematics TODAY.

The study compared 14 different pancakes from around the globe, analyzing their aspect ratio (the diameter of a pancake to the third power and the volume of the batter), and “baker’s percentage” (the ratio of liquid to flour – a lower aspect ratio will result in a thicker pancake, while a higher baker’s percentage results in thinner batter).

Researchers found that aspect ratio varied dramatically based on the recipe. Thick Dutch poffertjes were found to have an aspect ratio of 3 while thin crêpes had an aspect ratio of 300. Baker’s percentage provided noticeable differences in browning but remained relatively steady throughout, with all pancakes ranging between 100 and 225. This is all due to how the water escapes while cooking.

As, uh, interesting as all of this is, the study actually has a far deeper and more important purpose: treating glaucoma. Since glaucoma is the result of liquid building up and becoming trapped in an eye, discovering how liquid can escape through or around a thin surface could hold tremendous value in treating the disease.

Check out the video below for a demonstration.

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If you lack the time or artistic chops to make Star Wars pancakes like these, you can still greet the dawn with BB-8 thanks to a simple new recipe from Disney.

The quick concoction only requires a large and medium pancake, orange slices, powdered sugar and blueberries. Check out more on the recipe in the video below.

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