Japanese Denny’s restaurants are making breakfast more fun with the introduction of new pancakes, including this one with Pikachu. It looks absolutely delicious, but you can only get them in Japan and only if you’re a kid.

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free pancakes

Today is National Pancake Day! We are shocked that you didn’t get this momentous holiday off from work. However, all is not lost because you can score a free short stack from IHOP simply by showing up between the hours of 7am to 10pm (one buttermilk short stack per guest).

IHOP will also be accepting donations to Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals and local charities. So, if you do decide to spend the $5 equivalent for the pancakes, you know it’s for a worthy cause. Guests who make a $5 donation will also receive a $5 off coupon for their next visit.

More details at the Children’s Miracle Network website.

man bear pig pancakes

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root beer pancakes

Root beer. On the few occasions that I indulge in soda, root beer is often my go-to selection. I wouldn’t necessarily think of putting root beer into pancake batter, but it sounds like a tasty pairing. Fantastic Sharing posted about the treat, and though it requires you to make pancake batter by hand instead of using a box mix, it’s not complicated and would be a perfect Saturday breakfast-dessert.

Get the full recipe and instructions at Fantastical Sharing.

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demonpancakes copy

Apparently, when you push down on a pancake while it’s on the stove, you can hear all the pancake demons screaming while they’re being burned alive. Yeah… I’ll do my best to resurrect them with some maple syrup.

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shield pancakes

Pancakes with logos are cooler than any other pancakes. It’s a fact. And this SHIELD pancake may be the coolest because you can picture Coulson sitting down and eating this for breakfast in Tahiti. SHIELD seems like the kind of organization that would slap their logo on all the things, even edibles.

This treat was actually made for @chaosbria by her mom as an early birthday surprise. Her mom rocks! If you want to create your own secret government agency pancake, print out the logo, cut out the emblem, place the stencil over your pancake, and dust with powdered sugar.

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pan cake cupcake-3

Maple syrup goes well with pancakes so it stands to reason that maple flavored cupcakes topped with tiny pancakes would be a perfect match. Plus? It looks freaking adorable. The Moonblush Baker came up with the combination and made it better by topping the maple cupcakes with a pecan butter cream and stacking a yellow piece of candy (like a Starburst) on top of everything so that it looks like a proper stack of pancakes.

The recipe and construction are a little time consuming and you have to be very careful when making the miniature pancakes, but the actual ingredients seem straightforward. It would be a fun project for a weekend morning.

Get the full recipe at The Moonblush Baker.

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fractal pancakes

Pancake creativity is its own category these days. Much of the time, it’s Nathan Shields behind it. We’ve seen all sorts of intricate pancake designs from him before like Nintendo characters and dinosaurs. Those were something to look at, but check out these fractal designs! The level of detail in ones like the star fractal is mind-blowing. I would ruin so much pancake batter attempting these.

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All you need to do to make your breakfast extreme is to stuff things. Stuffed pancakes, stuffed french toast, you get the idea. But what about french toast stuffed with pancakes? That’s what Dude Foods did, and it actually sounds tasty. You just need to cut a hole out of the french toast and cook pancake batter in said hole. Yum.

As one commenter pointed out, this creation would be improved by bacon. I say, why stop there? Take one of every possible breakfast food and put it all in french toast and call it a day!

Check out all the details at Dude Foods.

1UP For Pancakes


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