Hello lover.

This burrito body pillow is handmade with plenty of guac, sour cream, and cheese and even comes wrapped in a silver “wrapper” just like a real burrito. This one is a lot bigger at 38″ long x 12″ in diameter and will be the perfect thing to snuggle up with on the couch. Who needs a boyfriend or girlfriend when you have a burrito?

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There’s nothing quite like snuggling up to your favorite pillow, especially when it’s shaped like a carrot. This body pillow for “loneliness” measures 4′ long and is made of orange fleece and filled with polyester fibers and beanbag filler. The green leaves on top add another 2′ of length making this a carrot fit for a monster of a bunny. From the description:

Yes, it is 4 feet long. Made of super-soft orange fleece and filled with polyester fibers and bean bag filler, it is a huggable “body pillow” and molds to your embrace. The carrot tops are whisper soft, and at almost 2 feet long wrap them around yourself and pretend they belong to someone else.

Do you still long for the carrot that got away? Its earthy smell and soft, fluttery leaves? When you were together, you felt so grounded. It was a healthy relationship.

But now it is over.

Curl up with a carrot or impress all the kids at the Easter egg hunt with this amazing giant vegetable.

I admit. Sometimes I do lie awake at night thinking about the carrot that got away.

Product Page ($88 via Neatorama)

Although it looks legit, this cupcake is in fact a 100% polyester impostor. Hopefully your pets will realize that before they rip it to shreds.

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If looking at a pig leg gets you all sleepy, then check out this ham pillow. Besides having a convincing appearance, it’s also full size – meaning your dog will likely devour it before it can feel your meat-loving embrace.

Product Page: (about $22 via IT)

Yes, you really can wake up with the King.

Last night I was watching South Park when a bizarre Burger King commercial came on claiming to sell pillowcases promoting the new breakfast menu. Sure enough, you can actually buy them for only $6.

And if that wasn’t weird enough, the flipside features a scale image of the King’s head—so you can wake up and cuddle up with the King.

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