When I first read “pizza latte”, I was thinking that some crazy person made a pizza-flavored latte. Thankfully, Michael Breach, aka Baristart only made a latte that looks like a pizza. “Whew” right? Haha…hmmmm. I wonder what a pizza latte would taste like. [click to continue…]

If the picture above makes you angry, you are not alone. Many, many people have shared strong opinions on the photo, which was shared by Twitter user @hyrulecitizen. Much of the outrage was tongue-in-cheek, but there was plenty of the real, irrational anger that the internet is famous for—which is why hyrulecitizen to set her account to private. [click to continue…]

Stunt gadgets and wacky wearables are all the rage in the pizza industry right now. Domino’s has been leading the charge in this area, but Pizza Hut has fired back with a stupid thing of its own—sneakers that will actually place an order for you. They’re called Pie Tops (ugh), are best described as Reebok Pumps for pizza. [click to continue…]

Over the busy New Year’s holiday, Domino’s U.K. unveiled “the world’s first ‘wipeable’ onesie” complete with two giant pockets “to store dips and drinks” and “stain proof fabric with soft velveteen for comfort and resilience”. It is the perfect attire for lounging around, eating pizza, and not bathing.

In other words, it’s the most important innovation in clothing since the loincloth.

The Domino’s onesie is the work fashion designer Charlotte Denn, who managed to crank out the first prototype in a mere 13 hours. They were (and, perhaps, still are) available in U.K. restaurants for £25 with all proceeds going to charities including Teenage Cancer Trust. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]

Hakki Akdeniz, owner of Champion Pizza in New York City told ABC News that watching Star Wars helped him learn English. So, when he heard of Carrie Fisher’s passing, he felt compelled to hold a event in her honor. His idea was to offer a free slice to anyone who came into the restaurant wearing a Star Wars costume and a free pie to anyone wearing a Princess Leia costume. [click to continue…]

I’m getting heartburn just looking at this.

The Flamin’ Hot Cheetos Pizza is the brainchild of California’s Ameci Pizza Kitchen, and it is not only topped with Cheetos, but also features crushed Cheetos baked into the cheese. Check out more pics and videos from Instagram below if you can handle it. We understand if it’s a bit much for a Monday morning after you gorged yourself at a Christmas party. [click to continue…]


I’m guessing that 90% of you will be filling your ice dispenser with pizza rolls after seeing the video below. It just makes too much sense. [click to continue…]


Rocket Design has made a pizza cutter for hipsters and DJs by making it look like a turntable. Clearly, this is a product the world desperately needed.

Just don’t confuse “beats” with “beets”, because laying down the latter on your pizza is not acceptable.

Turntable Pizza Cutter ($24.99)

(via Geekologie)


Sarah Collins will be celebrating Christmas this year with her one true love: pizza. In fact, her affection and dedication was deep enough for the world’s most perfect food to make an appearance on her Christmas card.

“I chose pizza because it’s [sic] always answers my calls, comforts me when I need it, and gives my stomach a warm hug. I foresee that Pizza and I will be together for a long time to come. Even if I find another love I believe that pizza and I will keep an open relationship.”

Since the signs are so good, we expect that Sarah may next follow in the footsteps of Nicole Larson, who recently posed for engagement photos with her Pizza Hut fiancé.

(Reddit via Elite Daily)


On Wednesday, Domino’s Pizza succeeded in transporting two pizzas to a customer in Whangaparaoa, New Zealand by drone thanks to a partnership with UAV delivery service Flirtey. Domino’s Group CEO Don Meij notes:

“We invested in this partnership, and technology, because we believe drone delivery will be an essential component of our pizza deliveries, so even more customers can receive the freshest, hottest pizza we can offer. I am proud of this partnership that has not only delivered this momentous event, but is leading the world for this important technology.”

The company is hoping to expand the service in the future, but it is currently only available to customers living within 1.5 kilometers of its Whangaparaoa store. Watch the drone delivery below. [click to continue…]