Vegemite is definitely an acquired taste that people outside of Australia don’t seem to appreciate. So, Pizza Hut has introduced a pizza with a vegemite-filled crust just for the Aussie’s. It looks kind of gross and the reactions of non-Australians taking a bite seem to support that. This is definitely not one of those foods from another country that I wish they’d bring to the US. You can keep this one all to yourself, Australia.

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Way back in May of 2013, Sir Patrick Stewart tweeted about having his first ever pizza “slice.” During a recent appearance on Conan, the host asked him to clarify what he meant. It turns out the slice wasn’t the first time he’d ever eaten pizza (though he didn’t know what pizza was until he was 22), just the first time he’d ordered a single slice. He wasn’t familiar with the concept of going into a restaurant and ordering a single slice. Then he goes on to admit he prefers to use a knife and fork to eat his pizza even though he knows it’s a “social abhorrence.”

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If you’ve ever had to work in a tip based job, you know how much you rely on those tips and that, sometimes, people can be jerks when it comes to tipping.

This little bit of Schadenfreude is for you, my friends.

Here’s the story:

A Massachusetts car dealership recently ordered pizza and, when the pizzas came, they gave the driver $50 bucks in the form of two $20’s and 2 $5’s. Like any rational person, the delivery guy asked if they wanted change, they said it was all good and off he went.

Then the dealership not only called the pizza place to complain that the driver took the extra money, but they demanded that he drive back out to give them the change and then, when he returned, they hassled him.

The driver, quite rightly, asked the guy why he’d give him the extra $5 bill and, while he says something, it’s looking like they all think this sort of thing is funny and that they like messing with pizza guys.

Here’s the ONYD part of this — the dealership not only videotaped the entire thing, they posted it online as if the delivery driver was the jerk here.

Well, that kinda backfired. Not only did they end up coming off as total jerks, but the Internet decided to give them a little payback in the form of an avalanche of phone calls and negative Yelp and Google reviews. Now the guys at the dealership are crying uncle and apologizing all over the place. The owner of the dealership even visited the pizza store in person to apologize, and the manager accepted.

It just goes to show you that, sometimes, karma really is a bitch and it’s glorious.

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stealpizza copy

Sure, you love your friends and family, but when it comes to pizza, you’d sell your brother for a two-for-one coupon. So, the next time everyone decides to order a pizza, use YouTuber Dave Hax’s sneaky method of secretly swiping pizza to score yourself a few extra slices.

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There’s likely some subtle marketing genius behind what Dunkin’ Donuts is calling the “Tomato Mozzarella Supreme Bagel.” The rest of us would call this a pizza bagel, but Dunkin’s version is clearly above the name the rest of the planet uses for a bagel covered with tomato sauce and cheese. It will be available at select locations for a limited time and it looks quite tasty no matter what they call the thing.

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bobross car wrap

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Oh, Pizza Hut, we already loved you and now this? They’ve introduced a crust that is covered with Doritos. They’ve also stuffed that crust with mozzarella cheese. You can only get this awesome concoction in Australia, unless the Pizza Hut people take pity on us and bring it to the US. It’s definitely more exciting that some of the new stuff on their menu.

Pretty please, Pizza Hut, can we have Doritos pizza crust?

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Godzilla has a truly monstrous appetite. If Godzilla wanted a pizza, he’d probably have to order one that was roughly the size of a city block. So, if you have a Kaiju-sized pizza that you need to slice up, consider pre-ordering this Godzilla 2000 Pizza Cutter.

It’s also fierce-looking, so when somebody tries to snatch up an extra slice, you can scare them off. No, you’ve already had two slices! Godzilla 2000 Pizza Cutter says back off!

Product Page: ($11.99)


Pizza Hut wants to make it easier for you to figure out what to order by reading your mind, or at least your eyes. They’re currently testing a retina-scanning system that will scan your eyes as they roam over the menu and pick up on the items where your eyes linger. A “subconscious menu” if you will.

So if you’re thinking about extra cheese, the system will notice and make the choice for you. Make sure you don’t linger on the anchovies.

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