Domino’s is introducing a new ordering system on May 20th which will allow customers to order a pizza by tweeting an emoji to @Dominos on twitter. Their CEO told USA Today:

It’s the epitome of convenience…we’ve got this down to a five-second exchange.

Details on how they’ll know exactly what kind of pizza you want or where you live haven’t been announced. I just hope setting things up isn’t too complicated. After all, I’m way too lazy to order a pizza over the phone or through an app.

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Avengers: Age of Ultron opens this week and a Captain America pizza is the perfect way to celebrate. Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies has made everything from Kingdom Hearts popsicles to Sailor Moon transformation brooch cookies, but this time she’ll show you how to make a super easy pizza that looks like Cap’s shield. Pepperoni, assemble!

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pizza throne

The question is, would you rather rule from a pizza throne or a bacon meatloaf throne?

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Enjoy a compilation of kitty kleptos after the break. They fearlessly employ swift, but entirely unsubtle, measures to partake in history’s greatest food.

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Generally speaking, Albuquerque, New Mexico, has enjoyed most of the publicity that Breaking Bad has bestowed upon it. However, Albuquerque isn’t jazzed about all of the Breaking Bad tourists, as there have been a few jokesters that mimicked a scene in the show by throwing pizza onto the roof of Walter White’s fictional home—annoying it’s real life occupants in the process.

During an interview on the Better Caul Saul Insider podcast, the show’s creator Vince Gilligan said enough is enough.

Gilligan noted on the podcast that the gag wasn’t funny.

“They’re throwing pizzas on roofs and stuff like that. Let me tell you: There is nothing funny or original or cool about throwing pizzas on this lady’s roof,” he said. “It is just not funny. It’s been done before. You’re not the first.”

Jonathan Banks plays Mike Ehrmantraut on Breaking Bad / Better Call Saul went a step further saying:

“And if I catch you doing it, I will hunt you down.”

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As the image above illustrates, fitness doesn’t have a universal meaning. For food fanatics, the best workout involves the taste buds and is capped off by unbuckling a belt and unleashing an expanded gut. If you subscribe to this lesser-known definition, you can advertise the fact with this shirt, which is available in both baseball and conventional t-shirt styles.

Product Pages: (T-Shirt $28/ Baseball Tee $19.99)

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This may look like just another pizza box, but it’s actually a little pizza oven. It’s made of stainless steel and has a 1200-watt heating element on the top and bottom so that it will cook a 12″ pizza to perfection. You can set the temperature and time with the dials, and there’s even a rotating disc that spins your pizza to ensure even cooking.

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milennium falcon pizza

She’s got it where it counts alright.

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If you don’t understand the appeal of floating around on a pool toy that’s shaped like a giant slice of pizza, then I’m pretty sure you’re a robot. So, if you aren’t a robot, then consider picking up this nifty slice of pizza pool float which will be available for purchase some time this April.

Product Page ($29.99)


You’ve probably had bacon on your pizza, but now Little Caesars is wrapping bacon around your pizza. This limited-time offering is a regular deep-dish pizza with 3.5 feet of bacon wrapped around the crust. From USA Today:

“Every time you take a bite out of the crust, you’ll get bacon,” says David Scrivano, CEO at Little Caesars. The pizza also comes with pepperoni and has bacon sprinkled on top. The promotion replaces the chain’s Soft Pretzel Crust Pizza.

Now, all you have to do is order your bacon-wrapped pizza with extra bacon topping and your heart attack for dinner will be complete.

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