We’ve seen many variations on the pizza burger theme over the years, but I believe HellthyJunkFood is the first to cram a pizza inside a burger that has pizzas for buns. [click to continue…]

The only scenario that I can envision where someone wearing artist Olivia Mears‘ pizza gown doesn’t become prom queen is if another person showed up in Mears’ Taco Belle dress. It would be a real clash of the titans. [click to continue…]

Hoboken, New Jersey’s Tony Baloney’s is setting itself apart from other pizzerias with this massive pizza that’s topped with tacos and guacamole. Naturally, it was inspired by stoners. [click to continue…]

Which is worse/better? Peeps on a pizza or Cadbury Creme Eggs on a pizza? This isn’t the first time we’ve seen the latter option, but London pizzeria Crust Bros and the online delivery service Deliveroo are taking the concept to another level. [click to continue…]

Pineapple pizza is one thing, but Peeps on pizza? I’m firmly in the “madness” category on this one. [click to continue…]

Nothing signals the return of spring like the annual swarm of cherry blossom/sakura-related offerings that spread across Japan. This year foodies will be able to partake in a new thin-crust pizza topped with cherry blossom cotton candy and honey-ginger sauce. [click to continue…]

BB-8 is a droid of many talents in the kitchen. He can be a measuring cup set, he can make you tea and waffles, and now he can slice your pizza. Is there anything he can’t do?

When I first read “pizza latte”, I was thinking that some crazy person made a pizza-flavored latte. Thankfully, Michael Breach, aka Baristart only made a latte that looks like a pizza. “Whew” right? Haha…hmmmm. I wonder what a pizza latte would taste like. [click to continue…]

If the picture above makes you angry, you are not alone. Many, many people have shared strong opinions on the photo, which was shared by Twitter user @hyrulecitizen. Much of the outrage was tongue-in-cheek, but there was plenty of the real, irrational anger that the internet is famous for—which is why hyrulecitizen to set her account to private. [click to continue…]

Stunt gadgets and wacky wearables are all the rage in the pizza industry right now. Domino’s has been leading the charge in this area, but Pizza Hut has fired back with a stupid thing of its own—sneakers that will actually place an order for you. They’re called Pie Tops (ugh), are best described as Reebok Pumps for pizza. [click to continue…]