Domino’s is making pizza ordering even simpler by launching one-click ordering in the UK. Basically, it’s an official version of that Amazon Dash button pizza hack we featured back in September.

“The Easy Order” is available as both a physical button (paired with an app over Bluetooth) and a virtual button. Customers can simply save their data on the Domino’s website and click the button like its a Life Alert for your appetite.

The physical buttons will debut in the UK in December by way of a “socially led” competition, followed by a second release in February. Meanwhile, the digital Easy Order button sits inside the official Domino’s app and is available for use immediately.

There’s no word on if or when the button might be available in the states.

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weird pizza party

Maymo the lemon beagle and his little sister Penny have been invited to a pizza party that’s as weird as pizza parties can get.

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This holiday season, Pizza Hut is rolling out three layers of pizza porn with their Triple Treat Box. It contains two medium one-topping pizzas, breadsticks and a giant chocolate chip cookie. As if that’s not enough, it’s presented triple decker box that’s like a jewelry box, only filled with meat and cheese.

The Triple Treat Box is now available for $19.99. In case you need some more convincing, you can check out the commercial from Pizza Hut’s TTB rollout in the Middle East after the jump.

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drake cec

These Drake memes are getting better and better. Here’s the story:

MRW I score big at skee-ball and get overly excited and tell my date to wait on eating pizza because I am going to purchase a prize for her.

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Nicole Larson has found her one true love, and its name is pizza.

To take the relationship to the next level, she recently posed for a series of engagement photos taken by professional photographer Miriam Ott. She also explained her infatuation to Mashable by stating:

“Pizza will never let you down. It always makes me smile and it doesn’t even have to say/do anything! There is also an underlying message about body positivity that I hope reaches some ladies my age”.

Hopefully there’s not an underlying message about Pizza Hut as well.

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Domino’s recently unveiled their Domino’s Delivery Expert (DXP)—a rather unique ride that’s designed to keep your pizzas toasty in transit. The DXP is meant to be used for larger delivery orders or longer trips, and the car (it’s a Chevrolet Spark) only features a single seat. Within the vehicle, there are special storage areas designed to keep food items stable, and behind the driver’s door there’s a warming oven. In total, the car can haul up to 80 pizzas along with other menu items.

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Stupidiotic has provided an essential piece of survival gear for pizza fanatics in the form of a portable pouch that can be worn around your neck.

However, with its proximity to your mouth and nostrils, this thing will almost certainly serve as a constant temptation that will never be full long enough to serve its intended purpose.

Product Page: ($8 via Neatorama)


HellthyJunkFood is showing us all how we can live the dream and eat pizza and cake for breakfast. This appropriately named “Breakfast Pizza Cake” is made using pizza crust, Bisquick, eggs, milk and whatever toppings you find appetizing.

While the recipe is open to modification, you can get the basics with the step by step video after the jump.

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Brody Berson put his engineering skills to work bettering the human condition by hacking an Amazon Dash button so it will order pizza from Domino’s whenever it’s pressed.

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The effort was reportedly accomplished by reprogramming a Dash button that had been disconnected from his Amazon account with a specific order and an API that could send payment information to a pizza delivery service.

The job took about 10 minutes to pull off, plus another 30 for delivery, and is demonstrated in the video after the jump.

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These Takeaway Marshmallow Pizzas looks like typical margherita, pepperoni, Hawaiian or vegetarian pizzas, but are in reality vanilla flavored marshmallows.

Available in 8″ or 12″ sizes, the products also arrive in a pizza box to help enhance the illusion and confuse your taste buds. Customers can even add an optional, personalized message on the inside of the lid.

Giant pizza s’mores anyone?

Product Page: ($20)