Nike is following up its recent Chicken and Waffles sneaker with an SB Janoski “Pepperoni Pizza” shoe.

The weirdness was created along with Skate Mental and consists of a canvas material emblazoned with a hyper-realistic pizza print and red piping accents. The result is footwear that will be perfect for any guy that’s named Daniel and works at Dominos.

A release date has not yet been announced.

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Beginning this week, Pizza Hut UK will test beer-infused pizza at a London Pizza Hut outpost. Customers will be able to partake in the mashup by visiting the location on Friday and mentioning the secret phrase “I like it hop” to their server.

The new offering consists of craft beer-infused pizza dough and will be available in two flavors – Steak Feast and The American Hot. Specifics on those flavors are still unknown, but Kathryn Austin, Pizza Hut’s director of marketing, did explain what inspired the choice to The Mirror:

“We know that craft beers are really popular right now and we’re celebrating this not just by adding craft beers to our menus, but also by adding this to our pizza dough. It took our team many hours to perfect the recipes and flavor combinations, but all of their hard work definitely paid off as we’re thrilled with the results and can’t wait for our customers to try them.”

If customers take a liking to the beer pizza, it will reportedly be offered at locations around the UK. There’s no word on whether it could eventually spread to the states, or if you will need ID to eat it.

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pizza ring box

Recently, Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn went viral with their pizza box made of pizza. It was so well received that they’ve gone and made a mini version for people “on the go”.

They also suggest that you can use it as a ring box to propose to someone. Who could say no to that?

What’s next – a lunch box made of pizza? Oh man, now I hope they do that!

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LEGO bricks come with a clear warning that they’re a choking hazard, but when they’re crafted into awesome replicas of delicious food and snacks, it almost seems worth the risk.

LEGO artist Tary has recreated some of the most famous snacks around the world in a series of brick sculptures with vibrant, awesome colors.

The artist’s most popular LEGO food creation is definitely the pizza slice, but there are many others. In fact, Tary’s take on shrimp tempura won first place in a recent LEGO building contest.

Check out more examples below.

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A place in Korea, apparently called “The Place”, is taking pizza eating to an extreme new level with this Korean Bomb Pizza.

The offering consists of a (weird looking) pizza concealed inside a dough bubble that is doused with oil and set ablaze. Afterward, the bubble is removed with scissors and the pizza is cut into slices.

If you’re having trouble getting a picture in your mind, you’re in luck, because there’s a video of the process below.

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Vinnie’s Pizzeria in Brooklyn has actually created what many of us could only dream of: a pizza served inside a box made of pizza.

The box, which is made from Sicilian pizza and garlic bread, was the result of co-owner Sean Berthiaume getting “ticked off” when people ask for a box while eating in. Instead of creating needless waste, he decided to just create an edible box.

The new offering debuted as an off-menu item on April 27th at a cost $40 each. So far, Berthiaume has made them all himself, although he expects to have to train employees in the art as demand increases—which it most certainly will.

(Vinnie’s Pizzeria via Buzzfeed)

pizza face stuffing

I’ve seen my hero and she is a pizza goddess. When this pizza-nomming gal found herself in the shot on the kiss cam, she went to TOWN on not one, but two slices of pizza.

You tomato saucy minx, you.

Whoever you are, I love you. Also, your friend is adorable. Also, the guy in the bottom of the frame wants some of your pizza.

Watch the video below.

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Pizza’s history of awesomeness has led to a multitude of different variations being created around the world. Food Republic compiled 40 such examples into an infographic that serves as a pizza bucket list for those who like to experiment with flavors.

Check out the entire graphic below.

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The creators of the Push For Pizza app have partnered with the Nikolas Gregory Studio to produce a pizza box with a built-in weed pipe. That’s right, the pizza box has a perforated cardboard flap which can be rolled up into a pipe and sealed with a ceramic stand.

This makes a lot of sense when you think about it.

Right now, the box exists solely as a proof-of-concept, but apparently you can make your smoke-weed-out-of-a-pizza-box-pipe dreams come true by downloading the app for your iPhone and supporting the movement.

Okay. Well, if you’re still reading this – indeed, if you’re still able to read this – check out more photos of the pizza box below.

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Most of us have an obsession with pizza since it is the world’s most awesome food, but how many actually know its history? Mike Rugnetta of the PBS Idea Channel decided to offer a lesson on the topic, outlining its beginnings in ancient times, through its many transformations including the Sicilian, Chicago and New York City slices and even the foil-wrapped leftovers.

However, it should be noted that since the video is rife with pizza, you will likely be unable to make it through the entire thing without calling for delivery.

Watch it below.

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