You can’t fault KFC Hong Kong for attempting to combine two of the world’s favorite foods, pizza and fried chicken, into one insane product. But they were so preoccupied with whether or not they could that they didn’t stop to think if they should.

Details on the “Napoli Crispy Pizza Chicken” are scarce, but I’m sure it would run amok on your taste buds.

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We’ve previously featured Ivan Owen of MechMadnessDesigns for his crazy cereal-eating machine. This time he had a little fun at the expense of the local pizza delivery guy.

Owen and his daughter built air-powered musical stairs with pressure plates and antique organ pipes. They look just like normal stairs, but when you step on them it’s a musical medley that caught the delivery guy by surprise.

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Topping areas are limited on a traditional pizza, but one brilliant man in Pitea, Sweden has come up with a solution. Halmat Givara has created the “Vulkan” which you can buy at the Nya Gul & Bla pizzeria. It has little pods with pepperoni, steak bacon, and even french fries. The topping choices are up to you so you can make everyone happy for about £9 or $15.

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During the Expo Milano 2015 in Italy, a group of pizza makers broke the Guinness World Record for cooking up what’s officially the longest pizza ever. The pizza (a classic Margherita) clocked in at an astounding 1,595.45 meters in length, which is just under a mile long.

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Pizza is good. Dessert is good. Combining the two is great! It’s not delivery, it’s gummy:

Every ingredient that makes up this sweet pie is a unique gummy flavor, starting with the crust (orange) and cheese (berry blast), all the way to the toppings of pepperoni (cherry), green peppers (apple), and yellow peppers (lemon).

Each pizza measures 8″ in diameter and comes in a traditional pizza box.

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Grab some Pepto, and feast your eyes on the 30-pound grilled masterpiece that is the Beer Keg Bacon Burger Pizza. Grill master Charlie Sims was inspired by the TV show BBQPitBoys, especially the popular episode featuring the beer-can bacon burger. His competitive nature made him wonder how he could top that.

So he ran to the store to spend $110 on 17 pounds of 80/20 beef mixed with three pounds sausage, a pound each of ham and pepperoni, a gallon of homemade tomato sauce, green, yellow and red bell peppers, mushrooms and four kinds of cheese. He molded it around a beer keg and threw it on the grill for a gigantic carb-killing new invention.

He tells Nola:

“It was a huge hit. It made a little over 30 pieces, and we had about 20 people here. It was great. Everybody got destroyed.”

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The Roccbox is a (somewhat) portable stone bake oven that is capable of cooking a 12-inch pizza in only 90 seconds. Of course, that’s after it heats up to 500 degrees Celsius, which takes about 15 minutes. Still, that’s pretty impressive for a stove of this type.

The 45-pound unit features an insulated stone floor inside the oven, and the exterior finish comes in two varieties: stone grey or grass green. The oven also comes with gas or wood burners (smoker coming soon), a nifty recipe book and a pizza peel.

Product Page: ($533.00)

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Pizza Hut has been serving their hot dog stuffed crust pizza in Canada, the UK, and Australia since 2012. Now they’re bringing it to the U.S. starting on June 18th. It even comes with mustard, because every hot dog needs mustard. How anyone will be able to eat more than a slice or two of this beast is beyond me.

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Is your home theater experience not greasy enough? Enter the Blockbuster Box from ad agency Ogilvy & Mather Group HK for Pizza Hut in Hong Kong. The box includes a lens, so once you’ve eaten your pizza, you can place your smartphone inside the box on a plastic stand that doubles as structural support for the box in transit. Start playing a video, and the image will travel through the lens and project on a surface.

Try and wipe down your screen after that.

The boxes are even themed! Slice Night (horror), Anchovy Armageddon (sci-fi), Hot and Ready (porn… I mean romance) and Fully Loaded (action).

As noted, the promotion is only available in Hong Kong, but it’s kooky enough to go global.

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Through much of our lives, Patrick Stewart has been the voice of calm reason, but now he’s taken to doling out world altering questions on Twitter.

This one…it’s a koan, for sure.

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