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Oh, Pizza Hut, we already loved you and now this? They’ve introduced a crust that is covered with Doritos. They’ve also stuffed that crust with mozzarella cheese. You can only get this awesome concoction in Australia, unless the Pizza Hut people take pity on us and bring it to the US. It’s definitely more exciting that some of the new stuff on their menu.

Pretty please, Pizza Hut, can we have Doritos pizza crust?

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Godzilla has a truly monstrous appetite. If Godzilla wanted a pizza, he’d probably have to order one that was roughly the size of a city block. So, if you have a Kaiju-sized pizza that you need to slice up, consider pre-ordering this Godzilla 2000 Pizza Cutter.

It’s also fierce-looking, so when somebody tries to snatch up an extra slice, you can scare them off. No, you’ve already had two slices! Godzilla 2000 Pizza Cutter says back off!

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Pizza Hut wants to make it easier for you to figure out what to order by reading your mind, or at least your eyes. They’re currently testing a retina-scanning system that will scan your eyes as they roam over the menu and pick up on the items where your eyes linger. A “subconscious menu” if you will.

So if you’re thinking about extra cheese, the system will notice and make the choice for you. Make sure you don’t linger on the anchovies.

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Buzzfeed recently made a list of 50 Completely Unexplainable Stock Photos No One Will Ever Use and Totinos took up the challenge with their Buzzfeed’s 50 Unusable Stock Photos: Used!.

We’ve added some of our favorites after the break. I warn you that you may be disturbed. You have to give them props for taking on the challenge with this kind of commitment.

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Look, maybe I’m a weirdo, but I like a sweet pizza. It looks like the folks at Aoki’s Pizza, a Japanese pizza chain that’s based in the country’s Tokai region, are pretty fond of sweet pizzas too. They recently debuted a new pizza that is actually covered with broken-up chocolate bars and pineapple.

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Pizza made with Rice Krispie Treat crust? Sure, why not—there aren’t any rules when it comes to making food anymore. It was created by John Farrier for his ongoing food series over at Neatorama called, Don’t Eat That, John!

If you’d like to learn more about how this delicious dish was made, head on over to Neatorama.


On the fence about the usefulness of a smartwatch? Consider that debate settled because you can now use one to track the status of your Domino’s pizza order. They’ve teamed up with Pebble to create an app that will let you know how close you are to a hot slice of pepperoni. It alerts you to stops in the process including: Order Placed, Prep, Bake, Quality Check, and finally Out For Delivery so you know exactly when that delivery car is about to show up in your driveway. Who wants pizza tonight?

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Talk about the ultimate breakfast recipe! If you’re a fan of pizza and waffles, then you’ll most definitely love this super easy recipe by Holly Lofthouse for pizza-stuffed waffles. She used canned biscuit dough to make the waffles, adding a little pocket in each biscuit for some cheese and pepperoni slices.

If you’d like to check out the full recipe, head on over to Pillsbury.

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Once upon a time, this pizza bedding was just a dream, but now it’s a reality. It’s a great time to be alive folks.

The set includes a pepperoni pizza blanket with two matching personal pan pizza pillow covers. And just like that, we’re all ordering pizza for dinner tonight.

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