Stupidiotic has provided an essential piece of survival gear for pizza fanatics in the form of a portable pouch that can be worn around your neck.

However, with its proximity to your mouth and nostrils, this thing will almost certainly serve as a constant temptation that will never be full long enough to serve its intended purpose.

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HellthyJunkFood is showing us all how we can live the dream and eat pizza and cake for breakfast. This appropriately named “Breakfast Pizza Cake” is made using pizza crust, Bisquick, eggs, milk and whatever toppings you find appetizing.

While the recipe is open to modification, you can get the basics with the step by step video after the jump.

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Brody Berson put his engineering skills to work bettering the human condition by hacking an Amazon Dash button so it will order pizza from Domino’s whenever it’s pressed.

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The effort was reportedly accomplished by reprogramming a Dash button that had been disconnected from his Amazon account with a specific order and an API that could send payment information to a pizza delivery service.

The job took about 10 minutes to pull off, plus another 30 for delivery, and is demonstrated in the video after the jump.

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These Takeaway Marshmallow Pizzas looks like typical margherita, pepperoni, Hawaiian or vegetarian pizzas, but are in reality vanilla flavored marshmallows.

Available in 8″ or 12″ sizes, the products also arrive in a pizza box to help enhance the illusion and confuse your taste buds. Customers can even add an optional, personalized message on the inside of the lid.

Giant pizza s’mores anyone?

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If you find yourself eternally irked by uneven pizza slice sizes, or continually bickering over who gets the biggest one, you need the pizza protractor.

The protractor features a guide to measure out either six or eight perfectly-proportioned slices as well as a cutting blade – all in a one-piece, easy to clean device.

The pizza protractor is currently available for pre-order, although a release date hasn’t yet been announced.

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NYC comedian Matt Little probably didn’t know how much he was about to affect the Internet when he posted video of a rat trying abscond with a slice of pizza in the subway. However, after millions of views and a newly christened “Pizza Rat” meme, he surely realizes that it was a great career move.

The rat on the other hand is completely unaware of its newfound fame, and wasn’t even able to make his getaway with the slice.

Check it out after the jump.

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What happens when you combine a large cheese pizza, two pounds of bacon and three Chipotle burritos? Explosive diarrhea? Surely. You also get a Pizza Burrito / Burizza / Pizzarito.

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See how it’s made after the break.

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triforce of pizza

The Triforce Of Pizza!

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British pizza fan, Dan May, responded to a contest tweet from his phone company about getting free delivery. When they didn’t respond, he tweeted again and threatened to jump ship to the competition. Suddenly, the two companies were fighting over Dan and it snowballed into free pizza for a year!

Check out the amazing Twitter customer service battle after the break.

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