play with your food

You can easily play the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 soundtrack on your streaming service of choice, but will it taste as good as it does on a Doritos bag? I think not. [click to continue…]

This tiny cup of coffee wouldn’t be much of an eye-opener, but I do appreciate the trouble that Lucas Zanotto went through for something so pointless. Watch the brew process below. [click to continue…]

The only scenario that I can envision where someone wearing artist Olivia Mears‘ pizza gown doesn’t become prom queen is if another person showed up in Mears’ Taco Belle dress. It would be a real clash of the titans. [click to continue…]

Our greatest minds have struggled for centuries to figure out how to make nerdy pies taller and more dramatic. Without height, how could pies ever hope to take on the mighty cake? Jessica from Pies Are Awesome has finally cracked the code with the Kraken Piescraper. Amazingly, she was willing to share this breakthrough with us in the video below. [click to continue…]

Jessica of luxeandthelady is tremendously gifted when it comes to making cute, nerdy food. The unicorn Pusheen donut pictured above is one example, but there’s more where that came from. Check out character smoothies, cupcakes, toasts, pops and more below. [click to continue…]

YouTuber PeterSripol has repurposed the iconic KFC bucket into a flying machine by using two of them as Flettner rotors on an RC model airplane. The design employs a phenomenon known as the Magnus Effect, which generates lift by putting a backspin on a cylinder or sphere.

As the video below details, the process was a blur of crashes, repairs and a complete redesign – and in the end, the model only flew a little better than an actual chicken. [click to continue…]

Laura Miller of Sugar Spice Cakes has created a tutorial for an elaborate chocolate baby Groot sculpture that has earned the James Gunn seal of approval: [click to continue…]

You are about to see a step-by-step video of pastry chef Amaury Guichon creating the stunning “Nautilus” chocolate sculpture pictured above. The subject isn’t exactly appetizing, but I’ll be dammed if Guichon’s work isn’t impressive. [click to continue…]

We’ve seen plenty of geode cakes, but Alex O’Brien Yeatts (a baking and pastry student at the Culinary Institute of America in New York) and Abby Lee Wilcox (a cake decorator at Turning Stone Casino) elevated the concept to a more geologically accurate level. Watch as he cracks open a giant chocolate boulder to reveal the sweet, sugary geodes inside. [click to continue…]

What’s that? You want to watch something stupid? We’ve got you covered my friends. I think that forming Vin Diesel (with giant moobs) out of ham and cheese slices with a laser cutter certainly fits the bill—and then some. [click to continue…]