Is that life-size R2-D2 fridge to rich for your blood? Not to worry. The R2-D2 or BB-8 Mini Fridge (pictured below) can chill the same amount of beer. It also has a warm setting.

Sure, it won’t bring beers to you like the life-size version, but it does cost about $8,830 less.

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Back in July we posted about this awesome R2-D2 remote controlled fridge that can personally deliver the beverage you’re looking for. Well, we finally found out the price tag for this functional fridge droid, and it’s more expensive than we imagined. $8,900 (1,077,840 yen) to be exact. It’s also only available in Japan.

Okay now that the initial shock is out of the way, you have to decide whether or not having R2-D2 bring beers to you is worth that kind of investment. The officially licensed 1:1 scale fridge can keep drinks cold and has lighting and sound effects that are true to the movies. And don’t forget that it’s remote controlled.

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Finally, the perfect bowls for your Star Wars cereal.

Wouldn’t it be great to have R2-D2 and C-3PO helping you around the kitchen? Well, until some scientist gets around to inventing actual sentient droids, you’ll just have to settle for these R2-D2 and C-3PO ceramic bowls. R2-D2 can hold 4 and 3/4 cups while C-3PO can hold about 3 and 1/4 cups.

Product Page: ($19.99)

They’re perfect for cereal, chips and more. Just make sure to avoid the Doritos Death Star.


R2-D2 makes a muffin top look gooood.

This set of 4 R2-D2 Cupcake Molds is ready for your baking prowess. Just mix up some cake batter and pour it directly into our favorite little astromech’s body. Bake according to the instructions on whatever recipe you’re using. Once these come out of the oven and cool, you can decorate and serve these up right in the mold. We’ve used fondant in our photo to achieve R2’s iconic dome, but these would be a lot of fun if you let kids decorate them with frosting and candies. Freeform R2 units! Or go wild and fill them with a scoop of vanilla ice cream and sprinkles.

Product Page ($19.99)



Now I really want an R2-D2 wine chiller. Get on that ThinkGeek.

(Scott Beale via Laughing Squid)

tg star wars releases

Think Geek has unveiled their collection of new Star Wars stuff for Force Friday, and an awesome R2-D2 Bento Box and Millennium Falcon serving tray are among the releases.

Other new food-related goodies include Rebel Friends Cookie Cutters and a Darth Vader metal can cooler.

You can check out their entire Star Wars collection here.


Now you can add R2-D2 to the list of Star Wars can huggers we recently featured. We think it’s the best one of the bunch for your beer.

If you want to go all out, you could step right up to a stein.

Product Page ($11.99)


This R2-D2 mug holds 20oz of your favorite beverage (coffee in the a.m.) and includes a dome to help keep said beverage (beer in the p.m.) at the proper temperature.

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Man, we’ve seen a lot of Star Wars stuff for the kitchen lately—from pizza cutters to containers to Death Star kitchen timers. Enter these R2-D2 and C-3PO spice shakers. Features include:

-Star Wars R2-D2 & C3PO Spice Shaker Set
-Officially-licensed Star Wars merchandise
-A ThinkGeek creation & exclusive
-Capacity: Holds approximately 1 cup
-Materials: Metal with enamel coating
-Dimensions: 2 1/2″ diameter x 3 3/4″ tall
-Weight: 4 oz. each
-Not dishwasher safe
-Not microwave safe

The spice must flow. That’s from Dune but whatever.

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A Han Solo in carbonite fridge is cool, but not as cool as an R2-D2 fridge that rolls right over to deliver your drinks. It was designed by Haeir Asia’s Aqua brand and will be available for sale next year.

It’s the exact same size as R2-D2 and is detailed with lights and sounds. R2 holds about a dozen cans that he will happily deliver to you via remote control on whatever sail barge you happen to be lounging on at the time. No idea how much this will cost, but you can bet it’ll be pricey (but totally worth every penny).

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