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You can buy an official Game of Thrones cookbook, but that didn’t stop Andrew Rea of Binging With Babish from putting his spin on dishes inspired by the show. Recipes for Purple Wedding Pigeon Pie, Dothraki Blood Pie, and lemon cakes can be found in the video below. [click to continue…]

Rosanna Pansino of Nerdy Nummies is here to help you make a cherry-flavored Spider-Man cake that looks a lot fancier than it actually is. The video below shows you how it’s done. [click to continue…]

Jessica from Pies Are Awesome clearly believes that anything you can do with cake you can do with pie. In this case, the doll cake has been conquered, and she slayed it with Wonder Woman. See how the pie came together in the video below. [click to continue…]

Andrew Rea of Binging with Babish is back to teach you how to make two of Robert Freeman soul food specialties as featured in “The Itis” episode of The Boondocks: fried chicken lasagna and The Luther Burger.

Robert Freeman is a man with strong opinions, a hair trigger on his belt, and a penchant for foods so fatty they put you to sleep. The Itis, Robert’s catastrophic soul food franchise, so effectively renders its selfsame phenomenon that it nearly destroys the town. Food from the Freeman menu is best consumed annually.

If you think you can survive these meals, check out the video below. [click to continue…]

In the latest video from Binging with Babish, Andrew Rea will show you how to craft cocktails featured in classic movies like the Vesper from Casino Royale, a White Russian from The Big Lebowski, Sweet Vermouth, Rocks, with a Twist from Groundhog Day, a French 75 from Casablanca, and more. [click to continue…]

Binging with Babish is entering into some disgusting new territory with a cake recipe inspired by Danny DeVito’s 1996 movie Matilda. You know, the gigantic cake that Trunchbull forced the kid to eat in front of all the students. Unfortunately, they took the claim that the cook’s “sweat and blood” went into the cake quite literally. Still, if you can watch it without gagging, there’s a pretty good cake recipe to be found in the video below. [click to continue…]

Once again, Binging With Babish is here to teach you how to eat like your favorite fictional characters. This time, you’ll have the pleasure of eating like a sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea. Plus, there’s a bonus recipe that will teach you how to eat BETTER than a sponge that lives in a pineapple under the sea. [click to continue…]

To celebrate the debut of Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales, Rosanna Pansino whipped up a fun chicken pot pie recipe that’s pretty easy to make (as far as pirate-themed pies go). Needs more rum though. [click to continue…]

Unfortunately, making Brimstone Bread outside of Hell means that you won’t be able to replicate the hint of sulfury sadness that the bread is known for, but it will retain that wonderful crunchy and chewy texture.

When I make this in Hell, I like to roll my dough in the deep pits of sulfur and soul dust and cook them in the hot brimstone vents. Unfortunately, as you are mortal and have neither access to soul dust or brimstone vents, I’ve had to make a few adjustments to the recipe for you.

To get that recipe, head on over to The Necro-Nom-Nom-Nomicon.

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When it comes to Alien-themed treats, desserts like this series from Christine McConnell might be outside the reach of mere mortals. Rosanna Pansino’s Alien Cake Balls, on the other hand, are fun and fairly easy to make. See how it’s done in the video below. [click to continue…]