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The eateries of Japan are about to be joined by another cute establishment. A limited time “Pikachu Cafe” will be offering a variety of food from burgers to mango pudding to curry rice shaped like the character.

The cafe will open in Roppongi Hills this Saturday and keep its doors open through August 31st; it seems to be happening in conjunction with an art exhibit titled Pikachu the Movie XY Exhibit. If you’re a Pokémon fan, it seems like a must-see and must-eat.

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We all love food and drinks with nerdy themes, especially when it comes from an equally geeky establishment. Unfortunately, going out to eat and being greeted by a nerdy menu is still something of a rare event. We don’t know why, but many places still choose to use the rather boring menu format without a themed-item in sight!

To fulfill our craving for creatively geeky menus, we conducted a search around the world. Here are nine of the nerdiest menus from the United States and abroad. See the menus and some of their deliciously nerdy food and drink after the break!

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Drone delivery might be the wave of the future, but Jafflechutes in Melbourne, Australia is using parachutes to deliver food to its customers seven stories down. The name comes from the word “jaffie” which is Australian slang for sandwich, combined with “chutes” from parachutes.

Customers order their sandwich online, pay with PayPal, and when their sandwich is ready they stand on a chalk “X” on the sidewalk and their sandwich floats down. The concept may seem silly, but it’s practical since it’s much cheaper to rent space above street level. Although currently only in Australia, they hope to expand into New York City this June.

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Much like Mario, I too enjoy balancing my dinner on my tummy like some lounge chair-loafing otter. But thanks to Fafa the groundhog, I now know that my favorite food-related pastime is generally frowned upon when eating out at a restaurant. Thank you, oh wise ground rodent, for showing me the error of my ways.

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Stuffed crust pizzas are a big thing with Pizza Hut, but the fillings are usually normal pizza toppings like cheese and meat. Not so if you live in New Zealand. They’ve introduced a cheese and Marmite stuffed crust. Marmite is a yeast-based spread similar to Vegemite that they say is an acquired taste, and if you’ve ever tried the stuff then you’ll understand why. Ew, New Zealand, this just looks nasty.

(Brand Eating via Consumerist)


You can only find a Pizza Hut like this in Tokyo, Japan where this Kanda neighborhood location has become the “Otonokizaka branch.” This is all in honor of a popular anime series called Love Live!

The whole restaurant has been themed as well as their delivery bikes and even the pizzas boxes. The promotion is only for a limited time and this Pizza Hut will return to normal on March 30th.

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Cat people are a special breed, and now they have their very own restaurant. Nestle Purina PetCare Company is opening a restaurant called Restaurant Mon Petit named after the Japanese version of Fancy Feast. It will be open only through Monday and will serve human food that looks like cat food. It’ll also have a whole cat-themed experience with necomini headgear and real-time motion-capture that turns you into a cat.

The restaurant opens on February 22nd which is the unofficial Cat Day in Japan. It will serve a full course French style meal designed by Chef Philippe Batton and will include delicacies like turkey terrine that looks just like cat food, seafood soup, grilled fish, and beef. Unfortunately, it’s not open to the public. Mon Petit held a lottery for 160 patrons and is releasing just 15 more reservations for this Friday and Saturday.

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There’s going to be a Dark Souls café opening in Roppongi, Tokyo this January and there’s even a menu online as proof. All the food and drinks on the menu are straight out of the game with things like Soul Arrow, Estus Flasks and Arm of Black Dragon Kalameet. Sounds tasty! If you happen to live in Japan and are feeling lucky, there’s even a lottery to enter for a chance to attend the grand opening feast.

(CVG via IGN)


It pays to be nice if you’re ordering at this café in Nice. The price of a cup of coffee goes down the more nicely you order. Rudely say “Coffee,” and you’re going to pay €7. Make it nicer by asking, “Coffee, please,” and the price drops to €4.25. Be down right sociable and say, “Hello, coffee, please,” and you’ll pay just €1.40. According to the restaurant owner, the whole thing started as a joke, but now it’s a permanent part of the menu.

“It started as a joke because at lunchtime people would come in very stressed and were sometimes rude to us when they ordered a coffee. I know people say that French service can be rude but it’s also true that customers can be rude when they’re busy.”

He says he has yet to charge anyone the highest rate and that now many of his customers are being super nice and calling him “your greatness.” Well-played, French coffee shop owner, well-played.

(Eater via Consumerist)

ninja restaurant 1

Ninja waiters, you’re doing it wrong.

Some customers of a female ninja themed restaurant in Tokyo (you read that correctly) aren’t happy with appearance of the wait staff. Men no Sato (Noodle Village) employs women who dress like sword-wielding ninjas. They don’t do any stunts, they just look the part. However, people always complain and some have noted that they don’t like the fact that the waitresses have light colored hair to go with their Naruto-inspired costumes. Somehow that makes them less ninja-like. Sigh. I hope the staff doesn’t keep their swords sharpened.

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