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Police in Guangzhou, China recently moved in to apprehend a Ronald McDonald statue that was loitering in front of his fast food restaurant.

The statue was considered an obstruction and the restaurant reportedly ignored instructions to send Ronald packing, so the cops decided to haul him away. During the scuffle, his massive red shoes were left behind as a tragic reminder of what once was.

Truly a sad day for corporate mascots everywhere. Watch Ronald McDonald hit rock bottom in the video below.

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The Train Of Terror

ronald mcdonald terror

I’ll take the bus thank you very much.

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Ronald McDonald Thor

Mash-up costumes seem to be increasingly popular, and cosplayers continually surprise me with something new. Like Ronald McDonald Thor. The McDonald’s mascot has gotten his greasy fingerprints all over Mjölnir, and he’s probably going to take over all the fast food joints on the planet. Loki help us.

This cosplayer was spotted at New York Comic Con and photographed by Otakus & Geeks.

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The Internet’s practically over-flowing with videos of folks (ranging from Oprah to Chris Pratt) pouring ice water over their heads in the name of charity. The videos are meant to raise awareness about Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS), which is also known as Lou Gehrig’s Disease. Because of these videos, the ALS association has raised over $15 million.

Now that’s all good and fine, but things got downright creepy when Wendy Clark, the senior vice president of integrated marketing at Coca-Cola Co., challenged Ronald McDonald to take the ice bucket challenge. As you’ll see in the following video, Ronald is a little too enthusiastic about the whole thing, and to top it off, he challenges all the gingers of the world to take the ice bucket challenge too.

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Taco Bell is getting crafty in targeting McDonald’s with their latest ad campaign for their breakfast menu. They’ve even got Ronald McDonald saying how much he loves their food. Technically, they’ve got many Ronald McDonalds saying how much they love their food, but not a single one is a clown. How’d they do it? They managed to find a whole bunch of real folks named after the famous clown and got them all together to say how much they love Taco Bell. Your move, McDonald’s.

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Surely these things exist to do the bidding of their boss, Evil Ronald McDonald.

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evil ronald

…So that’s where the Joker came from.

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If you’ve always wanted to peer inside of Ronald McDonald, you now have the chance thanks to this “Super-Sized” figure that was recently added to the stream of weird crap coming out of Japan. For roughly $116, you can own a transparent, neckless clown with glow in the dark innards that apparently serves no purpose other than to baffle you with its existence – and possibly serve as the origin of someone’s Coulrophobia.

Product Page: ($115 IS via Technabob)

Because those two fast food clowns weren’t scary enough already.

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The King takes on Ronald McDonald in an epic fast food fight. Needless to say, go for the combos. It’s cheaper that way.

This shirt is currently on sale for only $10. Better hurry though—the deal is good for today only!

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