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Kosaka Daimaou (aka Piko Taro) has become a sensation following his delightfully weird ditty “Pen-Pineapple Apple-Pen” (PPAP), which actually became the shortest song to ever reach the US Billboard Hot 100 charts.

His newfound fame brought Piko Taro to the Japanese version of Sesame Street, where he joined Elmo and Cookie Monster to pay musical tribute to the cookie with “Cookie-Butter-Choco-Cookie” (CBCC). Watch the video below. [click to continue…]


Laleh of Jacob’s Food Diaries has taken to creating a daily serving of food art for her son. Using a variety of colorful and healthy ingredients including whole grains and vegetables, Laleh stacks and arranges food into a bevy of well-known characters.

Characters from Disney/Pixar and Sesame Street are well represented and masterfully created. We also assume that they are delicious. Check out more examples below. [click to continue…]


You had better start picking up all of your food with your mouth, because your hands will betray you while wearing these Cookie Monster Fingerless Gloves.

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In Nosh of the Titans, Cookie Monster and his trusty…flying fish need to outsmart Moo-Dusa so Cookie Monster can meet his father at the Mount Olympus Diner.

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Can Cookie Monster focus on the task at hand, or will he be turned to stone forever?

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Hidden in the depths of the Pacific, beneath rolling waves of darkness, lies true terror. Some say that he can be summoned if you say “Chips Ahoy” three times.

I’m talking about, of course, the Cthookie Monster. If you want to keep your cookies safe, show your allegiance to the ancient but adorable monster with this t-shirt.

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jurassic cookie

Cookie Monster becomes John Hammond in this fun spoof of Jurassic Park. A piece of cookie trapped inside a zillion-year old rock helps Cookie create bigger cookies for his theme park. One thing leads to another until, inevitably, a giant gingerbread T-Rex sends Cookie and his pals running for their lives. It happens.

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Sesame Street does it again, this time with a parody of Avengers: Age Of Ultron.

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With vegetables all over the world under siege by Bon Bon, Cookie Monster and the Aveggies can save the day if they can just…focus.

Cookie Monster? Focus? This might not end well.

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Cookie Monster is known primarily for stuffing his face full of cookies every chance he gets. This video shows the more thoughtful side of the furry blue monster as he shares his deep thoughts about food. It was inspired by the r/ShowerThoughts reddit and it will definitely make you laugh. Onion rings are vegetable donuts? This is brilliant!

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sesame street ian mckellen

The Cookie Monster isn’t the fastest learner when it comes to techniques for curbing his craving. He wants cookies immediately and all the time. I don’t blame him. This time, Sir Ian McKellen stopped by Sesame Street to teach Cookie Monster the meaning of the word “resist.” He uses an example from Lord of the Rings, and it’s the most charming thing I’ve seen this week.

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There are some things you just don’t do, and one of those things is let poor Cookie Monster think your country doesn’t eat cookies. That’s exactly what happens in this video starring the furry blue muppet and John Oliver. In the midst of reassuring Cookie that he’ll be just fine in the UK, Oliver mentions that they don’t have cookies, just biscuits. Poor Cookie Monster may never be the same.

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