If you fear spicy foods, then this bag of Ghost Pepper Cheddar Popcorn is most definitely not for you. Just FYI, the Ghost Pepper (Bhut Jolokia) is one of the hottest peppers in the world. It’s overall heat rating is around 850,000-1,400,000 SHU, and just for some proper context, a jalapeño pepper has a heat rating of round 3500 SHU. So yeah, this cheesy-but-spicy popcorn is only for folks with tastebuds that can handle extreme, borderline-insane spiciness.

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food and comics paintings 1

If you take a quick glance at the image above and didn’t read the title of this post closely, you probably wouldn’t guess it’s an oil painting. This incredible photorealistic art is the work of Doug Bloodworth, and it hurts my head to think about how much time he spends creating images like this. Apparently, he works with grids and can spend more than two months on each painting.

One of Bloodworth’s series is focused on comics and snacks. He recreates the covers of the comics in perfect detail, and he makes the food look so real that it makes me hungry. The images also make me feel a little anxious because who would put cookies and potato chips on top of their comics?!

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the ultimate fish taco

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Getting that last chip at the bottom of the Pringles can is rather difficult. But it wouldn’t be tough at all for a mutant—one swipe of Wolverine’s blades, or one gust of wind from Storm, and that chip would be out of the can in no time!

The folks at Pringles decided to do a little experiment to see what would happen if Wolverine, Storm and Magneto pooled their powers together to get that last chip out of the Pringles can. They built a machine that utilizes each of their powers, and once they turned it on, the results were pretty entertaining.

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Oreos are pretty great on their own, but a couple of expert chefs have teamed up with Oreo to find casual “hack” recipes to make the delicious cookies even better.

For their ongoing “Snack Hack” series, Oreo asked chefs Roy Choi, Michael Voltaggio, and Nguyen Tran to create Oreo-based recipes that are simple and creative. The resulting dishes are very tasty-looking too: Choi came up with a Golden Oreo cookie and panko-breaded chicken recipe, Tran made bread pudding and Voltaggio made nachos and Lemon Oreo shandies.

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The wondrous things they do with Doritos will never cease. This time it’s Dorito Loaded which were spotted at a 7-Eleven in Washington, D.C. by Kevin Cobb. He bought the creation which looks to be a cheese triangle covered with Dorito breading and then fried.

Cobb told Yahoo “they tasted like Nacho Cheese Doritos dipped in queso.” He also noted that they were good enough to consider buying again.

7-Eleven says the product is in testing right now but won’t say if or when it’ll roll out in other areas.

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It’s almost Super Bowl Sunday and that means parties with the tastiest, most delicious, incredibly bad for you treats. A perfect example is Doritostix which consist of homemade cheese sticks filled with pepper jack cheese and coated in Doritos. Instructables user Pat Sheldon explains her creation:

When combined together in your mouth, you basically get the sensation of crispy Doritos and creamy cheese with a kick. I guarantee it will be the first item grabbed at your Superbowl party, and will be gone in 10 min or less depending on how many hungry fans are there.

You can read the detailed instructions here and then whip up a batch for your friends. Just be sure to make enough for everyone.

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There are all sorts of crazy Doritos flavors out there but this latest one might be the weirdest. It’s a new limited edition shrimp mayonnaise flavor that’s available through the middle of March. As you’ve probably guessed, you can only get them in Japan.

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mtn dew cheetos

If ever there was a food mash-up worthy of a gamer it’s Mountain Dew flavored Cheetos. You won’t be surprised to know they’re being sold in Japan, but this is one that you can actually get shipped to the US and elsewhere through some specialty retailers. They’re not a true Cheeto since there’s no cheese, but more of a lemon-lime flavored corn snack. They sound both disgusting and amazing. I may have to buy a package.

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