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A new Star Trek-themed dunkelweizen (or dark wheat) beer called Klingon Warnog is set to beam down to stores near you. It will be the first Star Trek beer to be available commercially here in the States.

It’s brewed by Indiana-based Tin Man Brewery for the Federation of Beer–the Federation was also behind the Vulcan Ale, which came out last year.

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klingon blood orange

One thing you’ve got to love about science fiction, it’s full of symbols. Star Trek has its share of them, and the Klingon design translates well to carbs. The talented folks over at Kitchen Overlord have taken inspiration from it and created Klingon Blood Orange Pull Apart Rolls. Tasty and doesn’t include real blood – it’s pretty much the best combination ever. The recipe definitely takes some elbow grease and time, but come on, Worf could do it, and so can you!

Get the full recipe at Kitchen Overlord.


Sir Patrick Stewart tried his first pizza “slice” seven months ago, and he must have liked it. He recently posted an Instagram video of what looks like freshly baked, homemade pizza being cut by ThinkGeek’s Star Trek Enterprise pizza cutter. It doesn’t look like he’s the one wielding it or the person singing the Star Trek theme in the video, but here’s hoping the cutter belongs to him – because it’s just too perfect.

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It’s hard to give a casserole the Vulcan nerve pinch with a regular oven mitt, so it’s only logical that you buy this Spock version. However, the best part is that it is currently on sale for just $11.99!

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Star Trek

Picard loved the sweets by Cakes Cove, but he clearly asked for tea. Earl Grey. Hot.


These Star Trek: The Original Series glasses are sure to impress all your guests this holiday season. Each glass in the set of four is etched with the Starfleet Command Division insignia and USS Enterprise NCC-1701. They’re officially licensed Star Trek products and are both microwave and dishwasher safe.

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Now you can drink, show your love for Star Trek, and inform people when you’ve gone from nice to naughty with the “Mirror, Mirror” episode-inspired Good Spock and Evil Spock Pint Glass!

It’s coming in December and you can pre-order order it in our Nerd Approved Store for holiday delivery.

Good Spock and Evil Spock Pint Glass ($8)


Be Captain of your kitchen with this Captain Kirk apron. He’s even got his phaser ready to fend off anyone who dares mess with your cooking. One size fits all. Preorder now for delivery in November.

Product Page ($20.99)

borg wine stopper 1

It’s futile to resist good wine, and this Borg Cube wine stopper will help you keep your open bottles fresher for longer. The spaceship is sculpted and painted by hand, and it lights up. Yep! You’ll be able to spot your bottle of wine in the dark by its creepy green glow (batteries included). Buying this is one of the few times I’d invite the Borg into my home.

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