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Odds are the photo of the Starship Gingerprise already made you smile, but Redditor nicholmikey just had to go and edit the ship into Star Trek Generations. It was a rush job, but still hilarious. Watch it below. [click to continue…]


Chef Mitchie of Mitchies Munchies created this amazing Star Trek tridimensional chess set as part of the Simi Torch Team Collaboration; a group of cake decorators and sugar artists who use isomalt to make gorgeous creations.

Oh, and they use blowtorches, which is always cool.

It’s also a lot easier to play than the real thing. Just eat your way to victory. Check out more pics below. [click to continue…]


The Enterprise and a Klingon Bird of Prey have traveled to an unknown planet covered in some sort of fabric with odd round platforms and structures that look like vessels of fluid. They do battle over giant slabs of meat.

This is the weirdest Star Trek episode I have ever seen.

These ThinkGeek exclusive Star Trek salt and pepper starships have handy bottom plugs for filling and are hand wash only. Since they are steel they have quite a heft even when empty, so they’ll hold their ground, even in the Neutral Zone.

Star Trek Steel Salt and Pepper Shaker Starships ($59.99)


Poor bastard just spontaneously combusted. Done in by his own inner flame. Tragic. What’s his name again? Anyway, So-and-So will be missed. Now, there isn’t much to eat around here, and ordinarily I frown upon cannibalism, but we shouldn’t let a good toasted pumpkin go to waste. Good ol’ So-and-So would have wanted it that way. [click to continue…]


With these Star Trek LCARS and Isolinear Chip Magnets you can access important data like grocery lists, “A” papers, and adorable / disturbing drawings of you as a redshirt on some distant planet with blood spouting out of your body in all directions. Helpfully, “Dad” was scribbled above with arrows pointing to the corpse just so there’s no confusion.

Product Pages: Star Trek Isolinear Chip Magnets / Star Trek LCARS Magnets ($9.99)

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As part of the recent “Cake: The Final Frontier – A Celebration of 50 Years of Star Trek Collaboration”, Margi Chambers of CakeArt by Margi Chambers created this incredible Phaser, Tricorder, and Communicator Cake.

Margi states that the edible items are fashioned entirely from gum paste and fondant while staying as close to original specs as possible. It was one of many amazing Star Trek creations present at the Las Vegas event. Check out additional pics below. [click to continue…]


Few season finales are as memorable as Star Trek: The Next Generation‘s season 3 closer, “The Best of Both Worlds“. Not only did it reinvent the Borg, but it ended on a high-stakes cliffhanger with Captain Picard having been assimilated into the Borg Collective and Riker giving the order to fire on his now-former commanding officer and friend. It’s a sizzling bit of telly even now, and it elevated The Next Generation from being thought of by fans as “that other Star Trek show” to being considered… well, Star Trek.

A perfect moment, then for Paul Redmond of Purple Feather Cake Design to immortalize in cake form for his entry to the Cake: The Final Frontier celebration (the same celebration that gave us that awesome chocolate Scotty bust). Opting to recreate the head of Locutus – Captain Picard’s Borg alter ego – this thing is so detailed that when the page first loaded on my computer I thought I might be looking at a makeup test from the show itself, applied to a dummy or prop head. But nope! That’s the cake!

Paul had some trouble getting the cake to Las Vegas for this year’s official Star Trek convention. ” I shipped my piece over but alas transwarp conduits haven’t been discovered yet and he didn’t quite materialize in one piece.” A shame. Good thing it didn’t happen to the real Locutus. He’ll bite your head clean off, man. Check out more photos of the cake below. [click to continue…]


These Star Trek LCARS coasters are awesome. Now, if you throw these Isolinear Chip coasters into the mix you’ll have the most advanced coffee table in the fleet.

Star Trek LCARS Coaster 2-Pack ($14.99)

(via Geek Alerts)


Paul Joachim with The Chocolate Genius made this toothsome tribute to the greatest Starfleet engineer of all-time.

Sure, this edible bust of Montgomery Scott from Star Trek might look like it’s made from bronze, but it’s actually made from chocolate! Joachim made the sculpture for the Cake: The Final Frontier collaboration, which celebrates Star Trek‘s 50th anniversary. Check out additional pics below. [click to continue…]


In the Star Trek universe, Isolinear chips are perfect for storing large amounts of data, but they make terrible drink coasters. I mean, if you spill a little Andorian Ale on a chip, and all is lost. So, play it safe, and use these isolinear chip coasters instead. They look just like the real thing, and they’ll help prevent water rings on your captain’s chair.

Star Trek Isolinear Chip Coaster 2-Pack: ($14.99)

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