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There is already a line of Star Trek wines so it only seems right that the Klingons get into the act with an official Bloodwine. It’s billed as being twice as strong as whiskey in the Star Trek universe, but this version is less likely to kill you with a 13% ABV. From the product page:

The 2012 Klingon Bloodwine is a medium-bodied red blend of Malbec, Syrah and Petit Verdot from the Paso Robles AVA in California. Klingon Bloodwine can be enjoyed with grilled meats and mature cheeses, or traditional Klingon fare such as Heart of Targ.

You can order it now and enjoy some Bloodwine at your next celebratory feast.

Product Page ($19.99 via io9)

borgcake copy

The great thing about Rosanna Pansino’s Nerdy Nummies baking videos is that she makes everything seem pretty easy to do. For example, this Borg cube cake looks kind of complicated to make, but after watching the video I think even I could accomplish it–and I’m useless the kitchen.

On a side note, Pansino wears some cool Seven of Nine cosplay during the video, and at the end of the clip, she explains how the cosplay was made.

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Divine Nerd Wedding Cake

In just under two weeks, Olga Philips of Divine Cakes made us all extremely jealous of her creativity and talent by creating a 6′ tall wedding cake that reveals itself to be “nerdy on the inside.” The happy couple came to Philips with a short deadline and very specific requests concerning what fun things would be referenced in their cake.

To her credit, she was able to pull off the assignment (and then some), delivering a cake that includes the starship Enterprise, the One Ring to rule them all, the smuggling ship known as Serenity, the Doctor’s TARDIS, a certain astromech droid, a Hippogriff from Harry Potter, a unicorn from a certain Harrison Ford film, a nod to Game of Thrones, and, of course, the iconic symbol of Batman.

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borg cube fridge 1

ThinkGeek has taken the Borg Cube where it’s never gone before: into the realm of kitchen appliances! The cube shaped ship makes a perfect mini refrigerator. It’s lit with green on the inside and looks sufficiently ominous. It will hold nine cans of soda and has a 12V DC power cord in case you’d like to plug it into your car. The portable fridge would be perfect for a roadtrip!

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Boldly season your food with these Star Trek: The Next Generation salt and pepper shakers. You can choose from Worf and Data or Picard and Riker in 4″ ceramic sets. Preorder now for delivery this August.

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Borg whiskey chillers

The Borg were never trying to destory the crew of the starship Enterprise, they were trying to show them a better way to chill their whiskey. The cube shape of their metallic ships is suited for the task. Luckily, ThinkGeek’s figured it out. They’ve put together a package of six steel cubes etched with the Borg insignia that you can use to keep your adult beverages icy cold without watering them down. Come on, you know you want to be assimilated.

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The United Federation of Planets and the Romulan Star Empire generally don’t get along. But if they ever decided to bury the proverbial type 3 disruptor, then I imagine both sides would celebrate long and hard with more than a few boozy shots. So, make a toast to peace in space with these Star Trek Ceramic Shot Glasses. Two feature the U.S.S. Enterprise (with the Command delta shield on the reverse side) and the other two feature a Romulan Bird-of-Prey (with the Star Trek logo on the reverse). Make it so, and pour me some whiskey!

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A new Star Trek-themed dunkelweizen (or dark wheat) beer called Klingon Warnog is set to beam down to stores near you. It will be the first Star Trek beer to be available commercially here in the States.

It’s brewed by Indiana-based Tin Man Brewery for the Federation of Beer–the Federation was also behind the Vulcan Ale, which came out last year.

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