star wars


Now you can tilt back a cold one from the throat of Darth Vader, Boba Fett or R2-D2 with these Star Wars Signature Steins by Underground Toys.

Each stein is 9″ tall and can hold up to 22 ounces of any beverage. They’re made of high quality ceramic and feature a head-hinged lid with genuine pewter.

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hot topic aprons

Aprons are one of those things that you should definitely have if you like to cook. So, if you’re going to wear one, then shouldn’t it be a cool apron that shows off your style and originality?

Plus, if you wear these, you can make appropriate pew pew noises while you cook and pretend to be Luke Skywalker or Boba Fett. I mean, I wouldn’t be the only Star Wars fan to do that, right?

Product Pages: Boba Fett Character Apron / Luke Skywalker X-Wing Pilot Character Apron ($19.95)


Chewbacca isn’t what you would call “cute”, but Mew-bacca is just adorable. This little cat version of the wookiee even has a bandoleer. He probably has a bowcaster hidden in his fur and should someone try and steal you coffee, he’ll be right there to defend you and claw their arms out of their sockets.

Product Page ($11.99 via GeekAlerts)

pan solo

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millennium falcon pie 1

Need a savory pie to keep you sustained while escaping through an asteroid field? This zucchini and cheese pie by Sweet and Geek will do the trick. Bonus: it looks like the Millennium Falcon. The pizza dough was simply cut into shape before baking, and the ingredients are sealed inside. If zucchini and cheese aren’t your thing, you can try other savory ingredients – it should work as long as there isn’t too much liquid.

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These gingerbread cookie cutters are way more exciting than the standard ones with the little girl and boy. Now you can have Darth Vader, Chewbacca, C-3PO, Boba Fett, Yoda and a Stormtrooper as tasty gingerbread treats. Just think how cool these guys will look running around the yard of your gingerbread house. Each measures 4″ tall x 3 1/4″ wide and is an officially licensed Star Wars product.

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When the R2-D2 Measuring cup set came out, I thought it was cute and I love R2, but I’ve always been a fan of black R2 units and black goes way better with my kitchen.

Luckily, ThinkGeek has this exclusive Star Wars R2-Q5 Measuring Cup Set. The body is built from 4 measuring cups and the utility arms detach into measuring spoons. The dome can measure out both a 1/2 cup and 1 tablespoon.

I think my kitchen is going to get some upgrades this holiday.

Product Page ($19.99)

baked potato taun taun 1

Have you ever looked at a baked potato and thought it would make a great tauntaun? Me either, but one enterprising individual did and is trying to fund “Baked Potauntauns” on Indiegogo. The idea is that you stick a tauntaun headpiece and two haunches onto a baked potato, fill the potato with Luke Skywalker made from butter (the mold is provided), and then cut it open with a lightsaber knife. Because, why not?

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jabbas platter

Having seen this shirt, I now wish such a thing actually existed. Can you imagine the variety of pictures you’d see on the “wall of winners” for this kind of challenge?

It comes in both men and women’s sizes and it’s in stock now.

Product Page ($20 via Shirtoid)


These ridiculously cute Jawa brownies are the work of Yummy Crumble (who also made that Sarlacc bunt cake we posted last month) and they’re perfect for the Christmas season. They’re super easy to make and start with your favorite boxed brownie mix. Once they’re baked, let them cool and use a Jawa cookie cutter to cut them out and give them their faces. Melt some chocolate flavored with a little peppermint extract, add yellow icing eyes, and you’ve got the cutest brownies in the galaxy.

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