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R2-D2 is one very advanced droid: he can navigate an X-wing, patch into the Death Star’s super computer and, surprisingly, break down into a bunch of nifty measuring cups.

There are four measuring cups and four measuring spoons in all. Just remember, this officially licensed Lucasfilm product is highly sought after by chefs of the Empire, so act fast, and don’t tell those stormtroopers nothin’.

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It’s clear that Michelle Clausen enjoys tinkering with treats and turning them into little pieces of pop culture art. Case in point: Stormtrooper Peeps. She uses a variety of melted candies, chips and bark to create the troopers, along with candy wafers or food gels to add in any extra details.

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ackbar drink holder

Don’t burn your hands! Let Ackbar keep you protected with his face. This crocheted cup sleeve won’t be scared of traps or beverages of any temperature, and Ackbar’s googly eyes will watch you while you drink – in a friendly, non-creepy way. Flickr user Overweight glob of grease crafted this Mon Calamari and mentions that this free octopus coffee cup sleeve pattern will help you craft an Ackbar of your own.

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Quick heads up: If you plan on inviting a certain Sith lord over for dinner, you should know that he has a thing for pepper. If you run out, he may find your lack of pepper… disturbing. So make sure to stock up on plenty of the spicy stuff by getting this Darth Vader pepper shaker.

Naturally, every Sith lord needs a good minion, so the set comes complete with a companion Stormtrooper saltshaker.

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death star cupcakes 1

The domed tops of cupcakes are the perfect shape to become a Death Star. This take on the powerful battle station by Stuffed Cakes is sugary and not quite as intimidating. These delicious-looking desserts are almost as detailed as the ship; you can spot the familiar lines and the all important laser dish. However, I can’t spot any thermal exhaust port flaws in this design.

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yoda can't believe it's not butter

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Image via Richard Ellis, California Institute of Technology

This delicious spread of Star Wars food was recently featured at the UC Berkeley Astronomy Tea. Credit for the idea goes to Chelsea Harris who is a Berkeley Astrophysics graduate student, a Department of Energy Computational Science Graduate Fellow, and a big Star Wars fan. She got the idea when it occurred to her that the Death Star looks an awful lot like a honeydew melon.

She then went to work making a honeydew melon Death Star with scone asteroids, some chocolate Han Solo in carbonite treats, and an unbelievable sculpted bread Jabba the Hutt. The finishing touch was playing music from soundtrack throughout the event.

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cap and yoda cake 1

What to do when you can’t decide between characters to feature on a birthday cake? Easy! Make a double-sided cake. Baker Augustus Gloop Chocolate Fountains & Cakes combined Captain America and Yoda in an unlikely but rather awesome combination. Cap and stars and stripes decorate one side of the cake, and Yoda and the galaxy appears on the other. Since both franchises are owned by Disney, they make a perfect pair.

This is not only a good dessert solution for the indecisive – it works well for joint birthdays.

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This Darth Vader toaster will turn your breakfast into a Dark Side feast. It will leave the image of the Dark Lord of the Sith and the Star Wars logo on your toast, but the best part is the toaster itself. It’s shaped just like Darth Vader’s helmet. Preorder now for delivery this July.

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light up chop sabers sushi

We’ve written about these lightsaber chopsticks before, but now that they’re in stock for less at ThinkGeek, we definitely wanted to share them again.

How cool will it be to go to a restaurant and eat your sushi with officially licensed Star Wars light-up lightsaber chopsticks? Would you ever use regular chopsticks again?

These Chop Sabers come in Darth Vader’s red or Luke Skywalker’s blue and are priced low enough that you can probably get both and have some epic sushi battles.

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