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Phillip Figueroa loves pizza and Star Wars so he made this Domino’s pizza box stormtrooper armor for a fashion show. Then Domino’s caught wind of it. According to their press release:

“When I saw the artwork on Instagram, I knew we had to have it,” said Amanda Platt, Domino’s spokesperson. “It’s not everyday you see our brand combined with one of Hollywood’s most iconic series. We’re very excited to display this expression of Domino’s fandom at our headquarters.”

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Figueroa is very happy that he was able to create a piece of artwork that blends two huge franchises and puts the spotlight on recycling. It will be on display at Domino’s World Resource Center in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

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Boba Fett: Pizza Hunter


Pizza is the most wanted food in the galaxy, so there’s only one slicer for the job (well, maybe two). The Boba Fett pizza slicer. It even has sound effects!

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If your kitchen is a little unorganized, these droids can help.

You can easily store away your favorite tea, coffee or spices inside these droids to keep them safe from the Empire. After all, the Empire is forever stealing sugar for those cookies we hear so much about.

Product Page: ($26.99)


I’m genuinely afraid to find out what will happen to my casserole when this Death Star kitchen timer reaches zero.

Product Page ($23.99)


Lord Vader’s lightsaber slices pizza with awesome sound effects…and without mercy. I am bursting with puns, but the product description sums it up best:

“There’s been no better time to join the dark slice!”

Product Page ($17.99)


Prepare for the awesomeness of these Star Wars steins featuring Darth Vader, Boba Fett, and R2-D2. Use them for beer or stuff like change, pens and dice. They could also just sit around looking pretty. Because they do, indeed, look pretty.

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These Star Wars tumblers and water bottles are as functional as they are fun. The water bottles look like lightsaber hilts while the tumblers are made to look like R2-D2, C-3PO, or a Stormtrooper.

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Being a dad and a full-time inter-galactic bounty hunter is tough work. First you’re taking down rebel scum all morning, and then you’re heading off to a soccer game in the afternoon–there’s always just so much to do.

This Boba Fett Apron and Tong set would be a great gift for any nerdy dad. The tongs are perfect for grilling wampa, and he can use the apron to protect his armor from stains (unfortunately, the apron does not protect against laser burns).

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Do I really need to tell you why I love this Star Wars Stormtrooper Helmet can hugger? How often do I get to say things like “Let a Buckethead hold your beer”?

A warning to the guys: be careful when you use it because I have no idea if bad aim is a side effect. You know, because beer makes you pee.

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Last month, I wrote about the new Star Wars cereal and I think my excitement showed through because General Mills was kind enough to send me a sample.

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