star wars


This cake may not look like much…oh wait, yes it does.

Cat Cakes crafted this beauty of a cake, and it’s split into two distinct layers. The cake itself is meant to represent Mos Eisley, while the top is, of course, the Millennium Falcon (Rice Krispies treats wrapped in fondant). Thanks to Cat Cakes, I’m convinced I need a Falcon cake for my birthday.

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I like Star Wars and I like cookies and it’s neat that you get your choice of Darth Vader’s breathing noises or R2’s beeps and boops when opening these jars, but this seems like an alarm system to me. R2 or Vader will narc on you when you get a cookie and that is so totally Dark Side.

Product Pages: Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet Cookie Jar with Sound / Star Wars R2-D2 Cookie Jar with Sound ($39.99)

star wars campbells

It has begun.

Apparently, Star Wars-themed Campbell’s soup also comes in Darth Vader, Stormtrooper, Yoda, and R2-D2 versions. And if you thought that was a weird tie-in, check out what’s after the break…

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force awakens coffee

This needs to be real.

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Now you can add R2-D2 to the list of Star Wars can huggers we recently featured. We think it’s the best one of the bunch for your beer.

If you want to go all out, you could step right up to a stein.

Product Page ($11.99)


Watch out! This 3D printed coffee cup has teeth and may bite. Caffeine addict and 3D artist Daniel Liljar, from Trondheim, Norway, wanted to make an interesting cup design while pushing the limits of the technology. He tells 3D Print:

“This cup was so much fun to make and get it 3D printed. It would be almost impossible to create something like this by hand. I decided to make this cup because I wanted to test out the porcelain pilot material, which [became] available to me through a beta phase testing on Shapeways.”

“I might also have been ‘slightly’ inspired by the ‘sarlacc’ from the Star Wars movies. There was no room for BobaFett though!”

Star Wars—I knew it!

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The hotter it gets, the cooler your drinks need to be, so I think it’s great that these new Star Wars can huggers are cool in more ways than one.

I mean, you can stick a can in Boba Fett’s head. You gotta like that.

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It’s survival 101: if you’re stuck on Hoth, and you’re freezing to death, your tauntaun can be a lifesaver. But, let’s face it, cutting open an actual tauntaun isn’t for the squeamish.

Not so with these tauntaun cookies. They’re packed with delicious gummy worm innards!

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This handsome Millennium Falcon snack tray is the chip and dip holder you’ve been looking for. Etsy shop artisan Wood By Hand created this piece as “homage to a franchise I have grown up with.” Each Falcon is carefully crafted from domestic and exotic hardwoods, finished with multiple layers of food-grade mineral oil, and sealed with wax for the ultimate protection. So basically this tray could serve chips and survive a trip through an asteroid field. Probably.

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This R2-D2 mug holds 20oz of your favorite beverage (coffee in the a.m.) and includes a dome to help keep said beverage (beer in the p.m.) at the proper temperature.

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