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As both a Star Wars fan and a whiskey fan, I am absolutely delighted to learn of the existence of a blogger who goes by the name of Scotchtrooper.

There’s also an Instagram account with, wait for it…whiskey and Star Wars-themed photos.

This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. See more after the break…


Baker and sugar artist Mike McCarey–owner of Mike’s Amazing Cakes–crafted this fun mashup-cake inspired by Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

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As you can see, each layer features a different character: the bottom layer is Kylo Ren, the middle is Rey, and the top one is BB-8.

(via Between The Pages)

Jabba The Tart


Piemaker Jessica Leigh Clark-Bojin made these snazzy-looking apple turnovers in the shape of the most visually inconsistent Star Wars character across the entire saga. No, not Yoda (seriously, what was up with his mouth in the prequels?), but… y’know. Jabba The Hutt.

Using just two apples, some patsry and a hint of cinnamon, Jessica has created a version of Jabba the Hutt even Han Solo wouldn’t object to. I mean, probably.

Check out more pics below.

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Chef Marc Marrone of the Arlington Club in New York City is the genius behind this giant S’moretrooper dessert. There aren’t any details on how the stormtrooper was sculpted, but there’s no shortage of nerdy ice trays/molds out there that could be used for something like this.

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Well, now you can cross it off your bucket list.

The Sweet Spot, an Arizona-based bakery, crafted this impressive, chibi-style cake of everyone’s favorite Toydarian, Watto.

The cake stands at 16″, and it features a what was undoubtedly a tasty cinnamon buttercream filling and a cinnamon white chocolate ganache for icing. The Sweet Spot made the cake for the May the Sugar Force Be With You collaboration, which focused on creating fun sugar art pieces in honor of Star Wars Day.

Check out an additional, in your face pic below.

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A tiki bar is opening up in Mos Eisley and, by the looks of these mugs, they’re going to give the Cantina a run for their money.

Strangely enough, rogues LOVE umbrellas in fruity drinks.

Take a closer look below.

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Going toe-to-toe with a Rancor will usually end up with you being eaten. Well, thanks to this Star Wars-themed cake by Ana Remigio with Cupcakes & Dreams Portugal, the tables have been turned—now it’s your turn to eat a Rancor! Sure, this Rancor is made from frosting and cake batter, but you get my point.

Check out more pics below.

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death star breakfast

This delicious Death Star was destroyed by Allie Wojtaszek at the the Yellow Door Bistro during the Calgary Expo this past weekend. Fortunately, the Empire will never stop making Death Star waffles.

Darth Grater

darth grater

The circle is now complete. When I left you, I was but the cheddar. Now I am the grater.

Star Wars Darth Vader Silicone Cheese Grater ($17.99)

latte cat

Mobile gaming sensation Neko Atsume is spreading throughout culture like wildfire, inspiring costumes, memes and even food in its never-ending barrage of adorable feline friends. Now, in addition to mountains of merchandise and fan art, cat lovers can indulge in adorable, yummy lattes (or, at least, photos of them) based off of the game’s iconic kitties.

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Latte artist NowToo has (temporarily) immortalized characters like Tubbs in fizzy, flavorful goodness.

Check out more examples below.

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