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The Star Wars fan and ice cream cone fan in me is getting mixed up and I’m squeeing and hungry at the same time! But seriously, how adorable is this R2-D2 sundae necklace?

Hand sculpted from polymer clay and then glazed for that delicious shine, the 2″ pendant hangs from a 18″ nickle-free silver chain. For such a little droid, the detailing is amazing. The dome, complete with holographic projector, radar eye, and logic display, looks like it’s a silvery scoop melting onto a cone body. It really couldn’t get any cuter unless it had a cherry on top…oh wait, it totally does.

Product Page ($23.00)


I have no idea why these awesome Batmobile and Millennium Falcon mint cases (with sound) needed to be made, but I guess there’s a mint needing nerd demographic out there and these fit the bill for that very niche market.

Then again, they’re actually called “Crazy Cases” and are made by Bandai, who also made these epic DeLorean and Batmobile iPhone cases.

Now that I think about it, you could put other things in them besides mints. I would have loved to see Morpheus whip one of these out for the pill challenge.

Go down the rabbit hole and watch the promotional videos after the break. You life will never be the same.

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The world likes molding food into shapes, so it’s a good thing companies keep coming out with new shapes to mold things into. This time around, you can turn your ice/gelatin/chocolate/etc into your favorite Star Wars ships or characters from both the Dark and Light sides of the Force.

Extra points to people who make grand ship battles out of chocolate, complete with pew pew noises.

Product Pages: Star Wars Spacecraft Ice Cube Tray / Star Wars Dark Side vs. Light Side Ice Cube Tray ($9.99)


People collect all sorts of things, and when you’re talking Star Wars, the list is very long. It may even include a box of Pepperidge Farm Star Wars cookies from 1983. They came as Rebel Allliance I (vanilla), Rebel Alliance II (peanut butter), and Imperial Forces (chocolate). I can personally vouch for the fact that they were delicious as a snack in your lunchbox.

Matt Dracula of came upon a box that had a sealed package of the chocolate cookies still inside and he was daring enough to open them up. Turns out, he did not release a virulent plaque on mankind and that the cookies held up pretty well for their age.

And no, he didn’t eat them because, you know, virulent plague.

See a picture of the cookies and the original commercial after break.

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Leaving the fridge door open for too long is a waste of energy and not at all good for your food. This little gadget can help you remember to shut that door. He’s called “R2-D2 Talking Fridge Gadget (R2-D2TFG)” and he’s currently part of a crowdfunding campaign on Japanese site Makuake. He swivels his head when you open the door and will beep if you don’t shut the door promptly. He will also greet you with his bleeps and bloops every time you open the door to get a snack.

I’m sure it won’t be long before your mind translates those beeps into sentences like: “What, again?” and “Weren’t you supposed to be on a diet?”

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These wondrous Star Wars sandwich makers are from Kotobukiya. They don’t just cut the bread—they seal them to make little pockets. No stray jelly is getting out of these things! You can preoder your choice of a Stormtrooper, Darth Vader, or R2-D2 with delivery expected in July.

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It can be difficult to decide on a theme for your birthday cake, especially if you love science fiction. Apparently Neal decided to have Regali Kitchen combine all the sci-fi in one, glorious cake. There’s the Millennium Falcon and Death Star from Star Wars along with the Enterprise and a Klingon Bird of Prey from Star Trek.

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Firefly‘s Serenity is also there with a transport ship, as is the TARDIS from Doctor Who and a Dalek ship. There are even lighted effects to the ships’ engines or, in the case of the TARDIS, that little light on the roof.

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Tusken Raiders might be fierce creatures, but these cookie versions are nothing to fear unless you’re on a diet. They were made by Kathleen of Yummy Crumble and are vanilla Madeleine cookies with a peanut butter frosting.

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star wars growlers

Well, Ackbar’s Ale would have to be Trappist. So that’s probably out.

Whether you homebrew or you just like to drink beer, now you can do it in Star Wars style with this custom engraved beer growler.

You can have this 64oz beer growler engraved with a number of different Star Wars characters and logos from both the Rebel and Empire sides.

You also have a choice of adding pint glasses and a bottle opener to get all three.

Product Page: Growler ($26.99) / Full set ($49.99)


Your standard X-Wing fighter comes with it all: I’m talking proton torpedoes, an R2 unit and even a snazzy orange jumpsuit. But do you know what it doesn’t come with? A bottle opener. That’s crucial if the Death Star happens to be a beer.

It won’t be an easy mission though. There will be plenty of TIE fighter bottle openers blocking your path.

Product Page: ($15.99 / Pre-order for July 2015)