A new record has been set for the most expensive, single free Starbucks drink. The previous record, as we noted back in May, was a 128-ounce, $54 sexagintuple vanilla bean mocha frappuccino. The new record was set by a woman named Sameera, and she was able to come up with a drink that clocked in at a little over $60–a pretty incredible feat! After scanning her loyalty card the total came out to $57.75, which still snags the top prize.

Sameera went all out when she decided to claim the world record: she checked in with her local Starbucks beforehand, contacted local media outlets and she even brought some friends for support. She tells Consumerist:

“I waited ’till just before closing time so that I wouldn’t be inconveniencing the baristas while they’re attending to customers,” Sameera noted when she wrote in to the Consumerist. “They were really excited about making the drink as well, so that was pretty cool.”

However, Starbucks reached out to the Consumerist and noted that their official policy on the recent record-breaking drink trend is that it’s against the company’s policies to serve large, blended drinks “by the vat.” Apparently, a Frappuccino–which is what Sameera’s drink technically started as–can only be served in a container that’s no larger than 24-ounces. Their official statement is as follows:

With over 170,000 ways to customize beverages at Starbucks, we know that personalization is a big part of the Starbucks Experience for both our customers and our partners (employees), however this particular customization was excessive and something that we do not encourage. We want to ensure our customers receive the highest quality and most delicious tasting food or beverage products from us and, we don’t believe that this particular beverage choice was reflective of that.

Per our existing policy, beverages larger than Trenta size (31 oz.) cannot be made or served. This includes personal cups that exceed 31 oz (or a Trenta-sized cup). For blended beverages and espresso drinks, those cannot be made or served in sizes larger than a Venti (24 oz cold cup/20 oz hot cup).

Ah. Well, I guess Starbucks sure turned into a Debbie Downer of sorts. Is this the official end of the most-expensive-drink trend at Starbucks? Maybe, but I’m just waiting for someone to figure out another cool trend. It’s just a matter of time!

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Dany's coffee cup

Game of Thrones’ Daenerys Targaryen has an impressive (read: ridiculous) number of titles. Whenever she or Missandei rattles them all off it takes a full 30 seconds. So, just imagine if she went to Starbucks. She’d have to order a venti just to have room to fit everything.

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bane the barista

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The supposed world record for the most expensive drink possible at Starbucks was set this past weekend, and the resulting 128-ounce Sexagintuple Vanilla Bean Mocha Frappuccino came out to a grand total of $54.75.

That’s a lot of caffeine.

Andrew easily beat last year’s record, which was $47.30. As a Gold member of Starbucks’ loyalty program, Andrew is entitled to one free drink after every twelve he purchases. The only limitation is how patient a barista is willing to be when a program member decides to cook-up a complicated drink order. After watching last year’s quadringoctuple frap video involving a 48-shot drink, Andrew came up with a game plan. He wanted to create something that was both expensive and drinkable.

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sherlock coffee mug

I’d much rather have a Sherlocks every few blocks than a Starbucks. Wouldn’t you?

Check out more pictures of this reusable Sherlock coffee cup after the break.

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Gabriel Nkweti Lafitte, a Starbucks barista, transforms average Starbucks cups into brilliant works of art. He creates these intricately designed illustrations for people he’s served during his spare time. His cups are on display inside the Starbucks near the British Museum in London, and he receives daily requests from fans. Amazingly, his pieces sometimes take up to 40 hours to finish. In regards to why he does it, he told Metro: “I love seeing people’s reaction to my drawings. I enjoy the joy and surprise on their faces.”

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frozen starbucks

While you might think this was created by the people at Starbucks, it’s the adorable and caffeine deprived creation of director Olivia Mowry and singer/actress Jené Nicole Johnson.

This Frozen parody was their entry into a film contest at Point Loma Nazarene University and I’m guessing they consumed a lot of coffee during the making of it.

It’s very cute. Except for the ending, which is soooooo sad.

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starbucks truth

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starbucks firecracker

You know what’s not cool? Throwing a bunch of firecrackers into a Starbucks and scaring the ever living crap out of the poor people sitting inside the shop. That didn’t stop a Japanese guy named Nobu from doing exactly that and then streaming the whole thing online. He even had a friend with him, screaming through a bullhorn to compound the idiocy of it all.

And because committing a crime and streaming it online, with your faces clearly visible, is an act of brilliance, Tantei File is reporting that Nobu decided to turn himself in and his laptop has been confiscated by the police. This idiot also threw firecrackers into a train station and streamed that video, too.

Let’s hope the police stop this guy before someone gets hurt.

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