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stranger things

Stranger Things. Great sci-fi show. Excellent waffle commercial. So it only makes sense that someone would take the next step and fully waffle the intro. Watch it below. [click to continue…]

After the teaser trailer for Stranger Things Season 2 debuted during the Super Bowl, it became clear that the show is still obsessed with Eggo waffles. Naturally, Eggo chimed in. [click to continue…]

People are getting very creative with the concept of The Upside Down. This Halloween pumpkin is one example, and the gingerbread house pictured above is another. It was created by Redditor MemberOfInternet who notes:

“I used lollipop sticks as anchors attached to the inner walls of the upside-down house, passing the sticks through holes in the cardboard then making a 90 degree bend in each. Plus a lot of hot glue.”

(via GoA)


Stranger Things season 2 supposedly serves up some justice for Barb, but in the following video from Bodega Studios, Northern Lights, Mr. Wonderful, and SuperExploder, Barb gets revenge with a little help from a Marshmallow Marty McFly and a Ghostbuster. Yeah, it’s like the Strangest Things.

Watch it below. [click to continue…]


Even though Halloween is over, we would be remiss if we didn’t share this impossibly amazing Stranger Things Jack-o’-lantern. It’s the kind of pumpkin you might find at a legendary annual pumpkin carving contest held by a marketing agency (Jack Morton) where the contestants have won Emmys for set design work. The image above is just a taste though. A surprise awaits in the video below. [click to continue…]


Spoilers for Stranger Things follow but, even if you haven’t seen it (why haven’t you seen it?), you probably know something about Barb’s fate. Thanks to Netflix, Barb fans can now taste that moment with a soup recipe that’s as savory as it is savage.

This is not justice for Barb, Netflix.

I can’t believe that it exists, but you can check out the French Onion Barb recipe below along with a Demogorgon pie recipe that would have had top billing under normal circumstances. [click to continue…]

Stranger Burgers


Lucky Chip, a restaurant chain in England, came up with a clever way to take down the Demogorgon. They made it into a tasty burger! It features pickled onion, cheddar cheese, and a meat patty stuffed with gorgonzola.

There’s also an Eggo-themed burger that Eleven would love. It features waffles, American cheese, and peanut butter and jelly. The burgers will be available this month at the Lucky Chip locations in Dalston and Camden. Check out both burgers in the pics below. [click to continue…]


Oreo has revealed some pretty insane flavors over the last year or two, but they haven’t gone this far…yet. Honestly, people would lose their sh*t over Stranger Things Eggo-flavored Oreos.

Head on over to Dread Central to see more of the pop culture Oreo flavors dreamed up by Billy Polard.

stranger things cupcakes

Have you finished watching Stranger Things on Netflix yet? Only then can you fully appreciate the glory of these cupcakes from Redditor youdevillog. Check out the gallery below along with descriptions of the clever ingredients. Fair warning, some of them could be considered spoilery. That Barb cupcake tho. [click to continue…]