cupcake science

I think cupcakes are magic because I’ve been known to burn water. However, this t-shirt has revealed that there is actually a science to them.

Magic or science? Who knows? I just know that cupcakes are delicious.

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Bacon is as American as apple pie and smells even better, so creating a t-shirt with bacon and eggs styled as he United States flag is brilliant. Also, by using a special scented ink, the aroma of bacon will waft off of your shirt in a 6″ radius. It lasts for 20 washes and then it’s still a cool bacon shirt, but smells only of shirt.

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dark side cookies shirt

Darth Vader is just a big ol’ softy at heart. When he’s done slaying Jedi children and blowing up unsuspecting planets with moon-like space stations, he loves to bake chocolate chip cookies. Celebrate the kinder side of Darth Vader with this “You Can’t Resist The Force Of The Cookies” t-shirt, which is 100 percent cotton. Just remember, Darth Vader hates oatmeal cookies, so don’t bake those. If you do, he might think you’re part of the Rebel Alliance and a traitor, and he’ll have you taken away. Trust me, you don’t want that.

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I have one rule. Just one. I live my life by it. It’s my code, my personal creed of sorts.

Eat more pizza!

Yes, this shirt is a celebration of my one rule. It’s available for both men and women. And it is glorious.

Check out the guy’s version and a close-up pic after the break…

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So, can you guess what kind of beer Groot likes to drink? If you said, “I am Groot,” you’d be partially right, but the answer is actually Groot Beer. Now you can show off your love for Groot’s favorite beverage with this awesome Groot Beer T-shirt. And once you pick up the shirt, you can head to Knowhere for a quick pint with Groot himself. Sounds like a plan!

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Now we know what the drink of choice is at Torchwood. Captain Jack’s Original Hypervodka is likely to wash away a day’s worth of trouble, and possibly transport you to another place in time entirely.

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Caffeine keeps us all going, especially on those early mornings, and this little guy is ready for anything. Look at that fierce grimace. Nothing can stop you when caffeine is on the job.

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After a long day of questing, Link probably likes to take Epona through the ride-thru at HFC. Just like Kentucky Fried Chicken, Hyrule Fried Cucco offers up crispy and delicious pieces of cucco meat. Hey, eating them is better than getting attacked by them. If they saw this t-shirt though, they might go after Link without provocation. Best to keep the design a secret.

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Greyjoys Hot Dogs

If you’re visiting Westeros and someone tries to feed you a hot dog, just say no. You have no way of knowing where the “meat” in the food comes from, and it’s better to be safe than sorry. You should especially refuse if the vendor says the brand is Greyjoy’s Famous Hot Dogs. We don’t know what happened to Theon Greyjoy’s favorite toy, and it’s best not to risk it.

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Han risked it all smuggling goods right under the Empire's nose when he could have been going a much safer route with pizza delivery. Who wouldn't want pizza from the guy who delivers in 12 parsecs or less?

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