pop TARDIS tee

How would you like to try a timelord pastry? This t-shirt showcases the breakfast of champions on Gallifrey and beyond: Pop-TARDIS. It doesn’t matter what the flavor is because they look like a TARDIS on the outside, but they’re probably packed with some kind of fruity goodness. Maybe it tastes like jelly babies. Then again, I like that the tee advertises a new popular flavor: fishfingers and custard. I’d try them!

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It doesn’t matter what happens to the world, or its snacks. Twinkies are always still fresh and ready to eat—or fight off their stale zombie brethren.

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Hobbits take their mealtimes very, very seriously. So if you’re heading to the Shire, and you’re having a little trouble remembering when you’re supposed to sit down for Second Breakfast (um… 9 am, on the dot!), then this Hobbit Schedule T-shirt is perfect for you.

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hyrule tavern

What if Link was actually a bar wench? This fun t-shirt design by WinterArtwork imagines a comfortable and cozy tavern in Hyrule with a familiar looking server. This cute Link-lookalike waitress has a Triforce on her sleeve and plenty of beer. You’ll need it after a day of adventuring!

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howsmoresmadered_fullpic copy

The image above (which is on the front of a very cool T-shirt) demonstrates how we’d all like to imagine smores are made–i.e. lots of fun marshmallow pillow fights.

In reality, those cute little anthropomorphic treats are burned alive and smushed together. It’s kinda sad. But thankfully they’re really delicious!

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eagle with condiments

Standing on your back porch grilling meat and slathering it with ketchup and mustard feels very American. Artist Andy Pitts must have had that in mind when he created this epic t-shirt featuring an eagle made from hot dogs and hamburgers carrying ketchup and mustard. It’s so bad that it’s good. The only touch I would add in there somewhere is apple pie.

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Finally, Walter White and Jesse Pinkman are cooking up something that won’t get them arrested. This Baking Bread shirt has them working on a loaf of bread and a Crystal Blue Cupcake. I’ll take a dozen.

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Poor Mario. He’s always in the wrong castle. He’s not going to get the princess at this one, but maybe he will be able to get a tasty burger.

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It’s the ultimate shirt in the meme universe. Not just cats, but cats in space riding cheeseburger spaceships. There are also slices of pizza and tacos thrown in just for good measure.

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Well, this explains why stormtroopers miss so often. Personally, I’d be down to enjoy a couple Dewback Dry’s instead of going to work.

You can pick up this design called “A New Hop” as a t-shirt or a hoodie.

As usual with Shirt Woot, it’s available for a limited time only.

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