When next you sit down with your faithful companions to watch an episode of Doctor Who, you can impress them by bringing out drinks and snacks on this snazzy TARDIS tray. Available for pre-order at Urban Collector, the TARDIS tray is going for $24.99. Expect it to ship in October.


This beautiful wine gift box with the TARDIS on the front is the perfect way to gift the nerdy bride and groom with their favorite wines. It holds three bottles with adjustable dividers and can even be personalized with names and dates. This is the perfect twist on “something blue” and will likely be one of the gifts the bride and groom treasure for years.

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pop TARDIS tee

How would you like to try a timelord pastry? This t-shirt showcases the breakfast of champions on Gallifrey and beyond: Pop-TARDIS. It doesn’t matter what the flavor is because they look like a TARDIS on the outside, but they’re probably packed with some kind of fruity goodness. Maybe it tastes like jelly babies. Then again, I like that the tee advertises a new popular flavor: fishfingers and custard. I’d try them!

Product Page ($12 via TSL)

tardis cake 1

The best cakes are all about the details, and this Doctor Who cake wins in that category. The dessert by Devilish & Divine features the familiar blue box that is the TARDIS, and a handful of other nods to Matt Smith’s time as the 11th Doctor. There’s a fez, a Dalek, an arm covered in hash marks because of the Silence, Vincent van Gogh paintings, a bow tie, and small banners featuring quotes from the series. The cake even sits on a background that looks like space. I love all the little touches.

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Time travel is complicated. It involves all sorts of wibbly-wobbly, timey-wimey stuff that’s a little tough to understand. But do you know what isn’t complicated? Beer. And with this trusty TARDIS bottle opener, you can make popping open a bottle of your favorite brew as easy as flipping on your favorite episode of Doctor Who. The TARDIS opener is available for pre-order below, or if you feel like adding a more murderous, exterminate-y vibe to your brew, you can pre-order the Dalek bottle opener too.

Product Page: (£13.99 or $23.28 via Geekalerts)

tardis butter dish

Butter dishes used to be one of those kitchen items I just didn’t understand. However, once I grew up and had people over for dinner who actually like to put butter on things, it all made sense. And, if you have to use one, why not do what Twitter user @GenTheWise did and make it geeky and awesome?! She went to a paint-your-own ceramics shop called Mini Me over the weekend and whipped up a TARDIS butter dish. She did a great job painting the container – it’s making me want to paint a whole set of TARDIS dishes.

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This is the mug you want to use when you have fancy coffee or tea. It’s a new chrome version of the 3D TARDIS mug. This officially licensed Doctor Who product will hold 17 ounces of your favorite beverage and will add a little sparkle to your day.

It also matches perfectly with the TARDIS tea infuser.

Product Page ($29.99)


This Doctor Who TARDIS mug is bigger on the inside and the outside for those who aren’t messing around when it comes to their morning coffee. It holds 30 ounces of liquid which is three times a standard mug’s capacity. Think of all the time you’ll save going back to the kitchen for refills when this thing is taking up half your desk.

Product Page ($17.86 AUD or $15.87 via GeekAlerts)

gingerbread tardis

Geeks do amazing things with gingerbread. I am floored every year by the creative designs and decorations people come up with, and this TARDIS decorated for Christmas is freaking delightful. Redditor Fortunekitty is actually a cake artist who works at a bakery and that helps to explain why this spaceship looks so beautiful. She wrote a handy tutorial in case you’d like to put your own TARDIS together; as far as I’m concerned, gingerbread is year-round fun and not just limited to the holidays. Happy baking!

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Creeper TARDIS cake by Curiaussiety Custom Cakes.

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