You can steep your tea like a scientist with the beaker tea infuser. It looks just like a beaker you’d find in a lab, so you can imagine you’re about to stumble upon the next great scientific breakthrough while you’re prepping your morning tea. And just think how confused your coworkers will be when they see it sitting there on your desk.

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Steep your tea like a lumberjack with this axe tea infuser. It’s inspired by the story of the Honest Woodcutter.

The Honest Woodcutter accidently dropped his axe in the river and starts crying at his loss. Seeing him crying, the god of the mountain dives into the river and brings out a gold axe, offering it to the woodcutter. Being honest, he replies that it is not his axe. The god goes into the river again and brings out a silver woodcutter. Again, the woodcutter says that the silver axe is not his. As a reward for his honesty, the god gives the Honest Woodcutter both axes plus the one he lost.

It’s made of stainless steel and can hold tea, fruit, or spices.

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tea earl grey hot

Tattoo by Nic Lynds.

(via FYeah Tattoos)

be more tea

Look out, The Muppets have taken over New York City! In this ad for Lipton Tea, most of the residents of the Big Apple have been replaced with Animal. Kind of appropriate, right? Kermit wades through sea of yelling red muppets as calm as ever. His solution for keeping cool? To be more tea. That’s Lipton’s new global campaign.

To be honest, I don’t really care about Lipton’s message, but I’m happy to see the Muppets starring in such a tongue-in-cheek commercial.

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One of the best parts of eating cereal for breakfast is the milk at the bottom of the bowl that, depending on your cereal, is a mouthful of sugar-sweetened heaven. Well, now you can have just that with the cereal tea bag. Instructables user Aaron_Geman has made cereal tea bags that you can just dunk in the milk for flavor and then toss out the cereal. Brilliant!

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Star Trek

Picard loved the sweets by Cakes Cove, but he clearly asked for tea. Earl Grey. Hot.

shark tea infuser

I love the idea of this tea infuser. I love that it comes in both blue and grey. I love that you can drink tea and have a shark in the mug and how everyone will think it’s awesome and ask you where you got it.

I have one issue…

I’m pretty sure I’d never actually get to drink my tea because I’d be too busy doing the Jaws “dun UH dun UH” music under my breath the entire time.

Product Page $12


This is the 21st century, people, so if you’re big on tea you better drop that old school Victorian tea bag routine and get yourself some real science-y tea stuff: Case in point, this specialized Teatube test-tube infuser.

It’s actually pretty cool. All you do is add in some of your favorite loose-leaf tea, and the special glass casing acts as an infuser, turning a boring cup of hot water into a steaming cup of tasty tea goodness in no time.

Product Page: ($11.99)


If you dump spoonfuls of sugar into your coffee and tea, you may as well use a cool tool for the job. This sugar skull spoon design by Hundred Million could be the coolest utensil ever. It’s stainless steel and, besides the fact that it looks wicked, it might help you cut down your sugar intake a tiny bit. Some sugar will always fall through the eyes and nose holes.

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A new age has begun, an age of freedom from frappuccinos, and all will know that 300 Earl Grey Teas gave their last breath to defend it against the barbarian hordes of Starbucks!

Ah!!!!! Manly noises!!!!

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