nessie tea infuser

A new addition has been added to the Nessie family. Say hello to the Baby Nessie Tea Infuser (available in three different colors).

Apparently, your kitchen is the best place to spot the Loch Ness Monster.

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ottertea copy

We’ve seen some unique tea infusers in recent years, but the cuteness level of the Tea Otter is unmatched (with the possible exception of the sloth tea infuser).

Clearly, our future would be in tatters without this product. So, the key to our continued survival as a species is funding the Gama-Go Tea Otter Kickstarter.

Still not convinced? Remember that it does TWO things well:

-Looks cute
-Makes tea

Check out the project video below.

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Photographer Michael H. Davies decided to take advantage of the -40°C weather at Pangnirtung, near the Arctic Circle, by having his friend Markus heave hot tea into the air from a thermos.

The amazing photo that resulted gives new meaning to the term “iced tea”.

The shoot wasn’t spur of the moment either, and with only two hours of light during the day, a great deal of planning was needed for a favorable result. He told Colossal:

Nothing of this shot was to chance, I followed the temperature, watched for calm wind, and planned the shot and set it up. Even the sun in the middle of the spray was something I was hoping for, even though it’s impossible to control.

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Last we saw Geeky Hostess Tara Theoharis on the blog, we were talking about her Geeky Sprinkles.

Now that she’s conquered sprinkles, she’s taking on tea. She’s starting with three new blends: Doctor’s Blend, Lion’s Blend, and Mechanic’s Blend based on Doctor Who, Game Of Thrones and Firefly respectively.

You can get them individually or in a set. If they taste as good as they look, you should be very happy indeed. Oh, and each blend includes those sprinkles for an added hit of “sweetness and geekness”.

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tea with jean luc

We all know Jean-Luc Picard is very particular about his beverage choices. Tea. Earl Grey. Hot. However, it wasn’t until I saw this episode of Jan Van Den Hemel’s TNG Edit series titled Tea with Jean-Luc that I wondered what people did with the dishes the replicator…replicated.

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You know what goes great with a little Companion Cube tea? Cake.


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teadragons6 copy

If you’re a diehard tea-drinker, then a “tea dragon” would probably be your patronus. Created by Strangely Katie, an illustrator from New Zealand, tea dragons embody the particular characteristics of specific tea blends (e.g., the “Chamomile” dragon is always pretty sleepy).

Strangely Katie notes on her Tumblr that tea dragons are friendly critters, and have tea leaves actually sprout from their bodies (don’t worry, plucking the leaves doesn’t hurt them). However she does point out that the dragons “have been bred to the point that they rely completely on humans to survive. Seen as luxury pets, the number of humans willing to spend the time and effort to keep a spoiled, demanding and somewhat fragile creature alive in order to make a good cup of tea has dwindled…”

Well, drat. It looks like we’re going to have to start a tea dragon sanctuary. My, God, it’s going to be adorable! On that note, The tea dragons originally started as doodles, but Katie’s illustrations have proved popular so she decided to create a short, tea dragon-themed comic so fans can explore her caffeinated fictional world.

Check out some examples of her work after the break…

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Take you favorite loose-leaf tea where no tea has gone before with this Space Capsule Infuser. You simply it fill it with loose-leaf tea, drop it into some warm water, and you’ve got tasty tea in no time. The little astronaut also acts as a counterweight, safely securing your space capsule from drifting off and into the uncharted realms of your mug.

Product Page: ($9.99)

sherlocked mug

This heat changing Sherlock mug is a great way to enjoy Sherlock and a nice cup of tea at the same time. Plus, let’s face it, we all love Sherlock a little more when it heats up. Even Irene Adler’s secrets come out eventually.

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Those little paper bits attached to your tea bag are generally pretty boring. Etsy seller BigNerdWolf has designed some wonderfully nerdy variants that are sure to make your tea tastier. There are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Adventure Time, sci-fi characters, and more. You can either download the files to print or order your teabags premade with the hangers attached.

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