Take you favorite loose-leaf tea where no tea has gone before with this Space Capsule Infuser. You simply it fill it with loose-leaf tea, drop it into some warm water, and you’ve got tasty tea in no time. The little astronaut also acts as a counterweight, safely securing your space capsule from drifting off and into the uncharted realms of your mug.

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sherlocked mug

This heat changing Sherlock mug is a great way to enjoy Sherlock and a nice cup of tea at the same time. Plus, let’s face it, we all love Sherlock a little more when it heats up. Even Irene Adler’s secrets come out eventually.

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Those little paper bits attached to your tea bag are generally pretty boring. Etsy seller BigNerdWolf has designed some wonderfully nerdy variants that are sure to make your tea tastier. There are the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Adventure Time, sci-fi characters, and more. You can either download the files to print or order your teabags premade with the hangers attached.

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These bizarre teacups are the work of Etsy seller VoodooDelicious. Unfortunately, the handmade items cannot be used for drinking and exist merely to enhance your decor and allow you to start uncomfortable conversations by introducing your pet octopus/Kraken/Cthulhu that can only survive in tea.

Numerous colors and poses are available, from a simple tentacle wave to the bashful peek-a-boo seen above. Check out some additional pics after the jump.

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My belief that TeeFury is looking to take over the world is slowly coming to fruition. First t-shirts, then shoes, and now? Coffee mugs.

And not just any old mugs –– but mugs about our incessant need/craving/desire for all things hot and caffeinated.

The mugs are part of their “Caff-Fiends Collection” and, so far, the designs are pretty awesome. The mugs also include matching shirts.

Check out more designs after the break.

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nerdalicious gifts

We’ve compiled a whole bunch of nerdy gift ideas for beer, whiskey, coffee and tea lovers (with a little wine thrown in). So head after the break and prepare to toast to a nerdy new year.

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goldfish teabag 1

Until today I’ve only seen tea bags in two shapes: circles and squares. Charm Villa is making the product kitschy with their goldfish-shaped tea bags. The bags go through a 16 step manufacturing process and when they’re dunked in your mug of hot water, they actually look like swimming fish. The tea bags are beautiful and just a tiny bit weird.

Watch the tea bags swim around in a cuppa after the break.

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Have you ever grabbed a nerdy mug in the afternoon to make yourself a warm cup of tea and thought to yourself, “if only there was a way to make this geekier?” Well, there is thanks to Friday Afternoon Gourmet Teas! The Etsy shop specializes in creating tasty geeky tea blends and can even make you a nerdy custom blend if you have a particular theme in mind.

Their tea themes include Harry Potter, Alice in Wonderland, and more. All of their teas are loose leaf and they even sell geeky tea infusers too (like the above Star Trek and Doctor Who themed versions).

See some of Friday Afternoon’s geekiest teas after the break!

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Ahoy, mateys! There comes a time in every scallywag, salty sea dog or buccaneer’s life when he or she has to take a break from treasure hunting and relax with a nice cup of tea.

Now, if you’re a pirate who’s planning to brew up a spot of tea, you should probably pick up this T-Bones Tea Infuser. Now, the question is should you take that yoga class with your shipmate that has the peg leg? Yes. Yes you should.

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Make tea time more fun (and way more expensive) with this stunning wooden tea tray from Artonomos. The birch plywood design has been carved to look like a topographic map. If you spill any tea, it will drain into the middle of the tray to form a lake. You could even pour the tea into the indentation intentionally and drink it with a giant straw like some sort of god. A god that rules over a planet where it rains tea.

See more photos of the tray after the break.

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