Make tea time more fun (and way more expensive) with this stunning wooden tea tray from Artonomos. The birch plywood design has been carved to look like a topographic map. If you spill any tea, it will drain into the middle of the tray to form a lake. You could even pour the tea into the indentation intentionally and drink it with a giant straw like some sort of god. A god that rules over a planet where it rains tea.

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Who says you’re too old to use your imagination? Who says you can’t spend a good chunk of your day dreaming up a magical story about unicorns and a magical rainbow-filled land? Believing in the fantastic is a good thing, so celebrate your love for all things fantasy with this fun Unicorn Sprinkles Mug. It features a cupcake riding a unicorn and it’s glorious.

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Oh, dear. It appears that there’s a Grim in your tea cup. Drat. Well, if you’re not up-to-date on what a Grim is, it’s an omen of death, and it typically comes in the form of a black dog (Harry Potter once saw a grim in his tea cup too).

Don’t worry though. Etsy seller Crucify made this hand-painted tea cup with a Grim on the bottom, so you’re not actually witnessing a bad omen. Or are you? Maybe you should stay indoors for a while. Do try and stay away from sharp corners and don’t run with any scissors anytime soon.

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This Tea-Rex started out life as a simple teapot. A little customization by Neokentin has turned it into something amazing. This sculpture now barely resembles its former self with just a few bits in the design revealing its original life as a tea pot. You can imagine this as a vehicle in some sort of steampunk novel, coming in at the last moment to save the day.

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You can steep your tea like a scientist with the beaker tea infuser. It looks just like a beaker you’d find in a lab, so you can imagine you’re about to stumble upon the next great scientific breakthrough while you’re prepping your morning tea. And just think how confused your coworkers will be when they see it sitting there on your desk.

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Steep your tea like a lumberjack with this axe tea infuser. It’s inspired by the story of the Honest Woodcutter.

The Honest Woodcutter accidently dropped his axe in the river and starts crying at his loss. Seeing him crying, the god of the mountain dives into the river and brings out a gold axe, offering it to the woodcutter. Being honest, he replies that it is not his axe. The god goes into the river again and brings out a silver woodcutter. Again, the woodcutter says that the silver axe is not his. As a reward for his honesty, the god gives the Honest Woodcutter both axes plus the one he lost.

It’s made of stainless steel and can hold tea, fruit, or spices.

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tea earl grey hot

Tattoo by Nic Lynds.

(via FYeah Tattoos)

be more tea

Look out, The Muppets have taken over New York City! In this ad for Lipton Tea, most of the residents of the Big Apple have been replaced with Animal. Kind of appropriate, right? Kermit wades through sea of yelling red muppets as calm as ever. His solution for keeping cool? To be more tea. That’s Lipton’s new global campaign.

To be honest, I don’t really care about Lipton’s message, but I’m happy to see the Muppets starring in such a tongue-in-cheek commercial.

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One of the best parts of eating cereal for breakfast is the milk at the bottom of the bowl that, depending on your cereal, is a mouthful of sugar-sweetened heaven. Well, now you can have just that with the cereal tea bag. Instructables user Aaron_Geman has made cereal tea bags that you can just dunk in the milk for flavor and then toss out the cereal. Brilliant!

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Star Trek

Picard loved the sweets by Cakes Cove, but he clearly asked for tea. Earl Grey. Hot.