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Etsy shop owner The Back Pack Shoppe hand makes these fantastic wooden Tetris puzzle magnets which he says are perfect for “fridges, file cabinets, bionic arms, and race cars.” And race cars, woah.

The set comes with two of each laser cut style and can be assembled into a perfect 7 x 8 rectangle. So while you stand in front of the fridge figuring out what to eat, you can totally forget why you were there in the first place challenging yourself to assemble the blocks correctly.

I wonder if completing a layer will delete the rotting food from the fridge?

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Your fridge is a big appliance so why not take advantage of that huge surface by turning it into something cool? This 39″ x 19″ vinyl decal will turn your fridge into a game of Tetris on the Game Boy.

It can be applied to pretty much any fridge or you can take it out of the kitchen and use it on walls, mirrors, and most smooth, flat surfaces. The piece is actually three images placed near each other, so you can even reconfigure them to fit your fridge design.

Product Page ($19.74 This Is Why I’m Broke via technabob)


Yesterday we posted a picture of Tetris-shaped tater tots, and now we have information on where they came from—a company called Monarch.

That having been said, when I was a kid and I used to play the old-school Tetris on my Game Boy, I used to get so frustrated, especially when I couldn’t get that right piece to finish a line. So what happens when a kid gets frustrated with their “Totris” game? Eat the ends that don’t fit and get that straight line piece you so desperately need.

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Tetris Tots Anyone?

tetris tots

(via Pleated Jeans)


I’m not saying ThinkGeek’s Tetris Candy is the most fun you can have with your mouth, but I bet it’s the minty-est.

You can get 96 of these mini I’s, L’s, Z’s, and Ts in a reusable metal T. Also available in a three pack.

Product Page ($3 – $9 depending on order size)


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space invaders breakfast

Playing with your food is always a good idea, and Dina Belenko has taken it to a whole other level. She’s used tea time as an excuse to make sugar cube art. Her 8-Bit tea time series features Space Invaders, Pac-Man, and Tetris unraveling in sugar cubes, cereal flakes, spoons, and desserts. The shots look like they took a lot of time to set up. If I tried to do something like this, I’d just end up eating all of my supplies.

More impressive 8-bit sugar cube designs after the break.

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Although this product bears the name “Bites and Pieces”, we’ll call it by its obvious title: Sandwich TETRIS.

Get ready for the exciting game of peanut butter and jelly (or ham and cheese… whatever you’re in the mood for) sandwich. Every piece that comes down can be turned and moved side to side to make it the most delicious and puzzling sandwich experience that you’ve ever had! Just cut the shapes out with our Bites & Pieces Crust Cutter!

The best part about this game is that players can now cheat to create those long, rectangular tetromino that everyone needs, but rarely get.

Product Page: ($10 Pre-Order for April Release)

Nicole of Cake Haute Couture received a request for a cake that celebrated “old school” video games. She figured including just one game wasn’t enough. Instead, she came up with a perfect design that included Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Frogger, and Tetris. It’s obviously a fun cake, but it also looks classy. That couldn’t have been easy to pull off.

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Here’s something I bet they didn’t expect back in the days of hoop rolling and maypoles – a playable game of Tetris in a pumpkin. While in those days this would earn you a witch conviction and a swift death, today it is merely an interesting bit of nerdy fun that is apparently a huge pain in the ass to create:

I had a LOLShield I hadn’t assembled yet, and I knew that someone had already written Tetris for it, so I figured it would be a simple matter to poke some holes in the pumpkin to match the LEDs, make a controller, and be done. But oh no, that would be too simple, and would look kind of lame. Little tiny LEDs, all stuck together on a 2×3″ area? Nahhhh.

You get the idea. If you want a challenge and a tight timetable, clicking the link below will give you a lengthy tutorial on making your own. The rest of us can simply watch it in action after the jump.

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