Talk about Frankenstein-style pastries. Zucker Bakery created a special kind of pastry for Thanksgiving: It’s a traditional Jewish sufganiyah that’s stuffed with all the classic Thanksgiving foods.

There are four varieties: spiced pumpkin-flavored dough with a turkey and gravy filling; spiced pumpkin with a turkey and cranberry filling; spiced pumpkin with a cranberry filling and sweet potato with a toasted-marshmallow filling. Brilliant, I say! Keep up the good work, Zucker.

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Larry David is obviously disappointed that he wasn’t able to sit down with Dr. Katz to share stories about Thanksgiving with his neurotic, confrontational family. That must be why he created this sketch for Funny or Die that could have been lifted directly from Katz’ late 90s squigglevision cartoon series.

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Thanksgiving is that time of year when people visit with relatives they can’t stand in order to engage in awkward conversation while pretending to look interested. Why not use this reversible Hello Kitty to fill that time with plush magic tricks instead? turn her inside out and you end up with a plush turkey that will eat up valuable seconds on the way to dessert.

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Thanksgiving Dinner Cupcakes

Awesome Thanksgiving dinner cupcakes baked by Make.Bake.Celebrate. Find out how you can bake your own in the link below.

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“This pot pie is ready in 25 minutes with the help of puff pastry and leftovers like turkey, onions, butternut squash and cranberries.”

Check out the recipe here.

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Wondering what to do with all those Thanksgiving leftovers? How about frying up some mashed potatoes into donuts?

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Thanksgiving on the Death Star by artist Stephen Hayford. Click on the image to enlarge.

(Stephen Hayford via TOSWB)

At First Pumpkin Was Like…

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For Thanksgiving, the guys at Epic Meal Time went overboard and stuffed quail inside of a cornish hen, then stuffed that inside of a chicken, then a duck, then a turkey. Then they wrapped everything in bacon and stuffed it inside a pig. Did I mention they did all of this 10 times and strung the pigs together anus to mouth…anus to mouth…anus to mouth? Yeah.

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